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The Beginning and The End

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The beginning is sort of reminiscent of a Mevious puzzle and I give him credit for that. The end is... well it's The End.

Should you need it there's a walkthrough above. Don't look unless you're really stuck.

Thanks for playing and leave me a link to one of yours in your comments.
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stormsend  [author] Jun 1 @ 10:23pm 
Thanks mood3rd. Will be happy to have another of yours to play.
mood3rd Jun 1 @ 3:57pm 
another good map / puzzle.
I did the 1st part differently (spoiler screenshot)
from the area where the panel opens, you can just about make portals,
as in the screenshot.

but the rest, the same.
best part, was the last time I used the light bridge :)

please try my new map:
pass the lasers-glitch-demo-puzzle
as their are some unknown elements. their is a video if anyone gets stuck.
stormsend  [author] Apr 19 @ 6:17am 
Thank you very much. I don't know which map you mean but it's possible.
dire.fcs Apr 18 @ 9:37pm 
Great chamber! The first part if not difficult. The second part has mind working, well done. I think I played one of your previous chambers that has similiraties in this second part.
stormsend  [author] Apr 13 @ 9:15am 
Thank you.
The Cube of Hearts Apr 13 @ 5:08am 
Good chamber! The first puzzle had a nice "aha" moment whereas the second one had a slow and steady progression as you got closer and closer to solving it. I'm not sure the contrast I described was your plan, but both parts made me think without frusterating me. Good job!
stormsend  [author] Apr 6 @ 11:34pm 
You guys are the best. Come playtest my maps anytime.
Dragonfish37 Apr 6 @ 2:23pm 
This is fun, I got stuck in a few areas but it made me think and I like that. :) Very creative, Thanks!
Lawliet Apr 6 @ 6:12am 
Good one!
Andi Mar 31 @ 12:06pm 
Great chamber, it had me thinking every step of the way. Thumbs up.