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A Complete Guide to Hawken: Economy, Progression, Mechs, Maps & Lore
By Luminescent and 2 collaborators
This guide delves into the gritty details of Hawken's economy and progression systems, breaking them down in an easily understood manner but where all data is meticulously listed. Additionally, the varying play styles of different mechs and maps will be compared and contrasted. The chosen layout takes an alternate approach, relying on easy to read tables to convey important information over paragraphs of text. This minimalistic format should make it easier for to find the desired information with ease. Lastly, the lore of the Hawken universe has been compiled from multiple sources to make for an enjoyable read.
The guide is laid out in the following format:
  • Economy: Discusses the usability of Hawken Credits and Meteor Credits and addresses the different ways to obtain them
  • Progression: Examines the intricacies of Hawken's progression system, detailing the rewards/unlocks for increasing both Pilot Level and Mech Rank.
  • HC and XP Income Rates: Analyses the different HC/XP income rates for each game mode
  • Boosters: Details the costs involved for HC and XP boosters as well as their applicability.
  • Mechs: Overview: Gives a summary of mechs and the different rating systems that will be used to distinguish them.
  • A Class (Light) Mechs: Details the effective play-styles of the different A Class mechs and their weapons. (Incomplete - values are still being evaluated)
  • B Class (Medium) Mechs: Details the effective play-styles of the different B Class mechs and their weapons. (Incomplete - values are still being evaluated)
  • C Class (Heavy) Mechs: Details the effective play-styles of the different C Class mechs and their weapons. (Incomplete - values are still being evaluated)
  • Maps: Overview: Lists the different battle scenarios encountered on each map as well as supported game modes and rotation order.
  • Lore: Describes the different factions and gives background information about the mechs and maps of Hawken.
Economy - Part A
Hawken has two currencies, Hawken Credits (HC) which are earned in game and Meteor Credits (MC) which have to be purchased. Generally speaking, MC can be used to purchase anything that HC can buy, however, HC cannot purchase everything that MC can. Hawken Credits are given at the end of each match with reward amounts based on match time and team win/loss.

The following table breaks down the differences between what these two currencies can purchase. Unless specified with an *, everything in that category can be purchased if it has a . This means every mech, weapon, item and internal can be obtained with HC. However, in some instances you must reach a certain Pilot Level or Mech Rank before you are able to buy them with HC. Features with an * next to them are purely cosmetic and do not impact gameplay. Features that are global can be applied or are accessible on all mechs once purchased.

Feature HC MC Global
Mechs -
Early Unlocks
HC & XP Boosters
Co-Op Consumables
Holo Emotes*
Mech Emotes*
Pilot Emblems* * *
Paint Patterns (Camos)*
Art Decals*
Chassis Pieces*
Repair Drones*
Cockpit Decorations*
HUD colors*

Early unlocks can be used to access mechs, internals, items and weapons without having to grind, however, this does not mean you are gaining an advantage but merely a different playstyle (nothing is by definition better than an alternative).

Additionally, are some cosmetics that can only be obtained through Mech Rank, Pilot Level, Service Awards or Special Events.

Co-Op Consumables, Holo Emotes and XP/HC boosters are subject to bulk buying discounts. This means the higher the quantity you select in one purchase, the cheaper the unit price will be.

Service Awards
Some Service Awards will give Hawken Credits to help kickstart your career, they are listed below.

Service Award Reward
Thanks for Playing!
(Played Hawken for 1 hour)
500 HC & 500 MC
Hawken Initiate
(Played your first match in Hawken)
100 HC
Pilot Level 1 350 HC
Pilot Level 2 350 HC
Pilot Level 3 350 HC
Pilot Level 4 350 HC
Pilot Level 5 350 HC
Pilot Level 6 350 HC
Pilot Level 7 350 HC
Pilot Level 8 350 HC
Pilot Level 9 350 HC
Pilot Level 10 350 HC
Assistant 1
(Assisted in the elimination of an enemy mech)
350 HC
Assistant 2
(Assisted in the elimination of 25 enemy mechs)
250 HC
Assistant 3
(Assisted in the elimination of 100 enemy mechs)
150 HC
Terminator 1
(Eliminated your first mech)
350 HC
Terminator 2
(Eliminated 25 enemy mechs)
250 HC
Terminator 3
(Eliminated 100 enemy mechs)
150 HC
Team Deathmatch Private
(Won a match in the Team Deathmatch game mode)
250 HC
Missile Assault Private
(Won a match in the Missile Assault game mode)
250 HC
Siege Private
(Won a match in the Siege game mode)
250 HC
Deathmatch Private
(Won a match in the Deathmatch game mode)
250 HC
Co-Op Private
(Successfully complete a Co-Op Bot Destruction)
250 HC

This adds up to 6,850 HC you can get from Service Awards. Additionally, you get 500 MC for playing for 1 hour. This is the only time you can get Meteor Credits in game without paying so I strongly advise against wasting it on early unlocks or buying Internals or Items. Instead, I'd recommend you either buy a cosmetic item(s) for one of your favourite mechs or purchase a 3 Day HC (Costs 298 MC) and 3 Day XP Booster (Costs 194 MC) for 492 MC which will allow you to earn 50% more HC and XP.
Economy - Part B
Daily Awards
Hawken offers daily awards as listed below.

Daily Requirement Reward
Win a match in the Team Deathmatch game mode 250 HC
Win a match in the Missile Assault game mode 250 HC
Win a match in the Siege game mode 250 HC
Win a match (be first) in the Deathmatch game mode 250 HC
Complete all 25 waves of Co-Op Bot Destruction 250 HC
Win a match in the Co-op TDM game mode 250 HC

Players can potentially earn up to an additional 1,500 HC a day. However, you'll find that it is very difficult to complete all 25 waves of Co-Op bot successfully (without a well coordinated team) and Deathmatch can be difficult as you must get first place (you're competing with up to 9 other players). As such you can expect a solid 750 HC extra each day from Daily Awards.

Completing Profile
By filling out your profile[www.playhawken.com] on the official Hawken website 1,000 HC will be added to your account.
Hawken has two separate levelling systems which are increased by earning XP. They include Pilot Level and Mech Rank. Any XP earned will go towards your PIlot Level regardless of what mech you play, however, Mech Rank is specific to each mech. Currently, Test Drives don't grant XP towards Mech Rank but a system is being developed so that XP earned while playing them can be freely transferred to other mechs.

Pilot Levels
The XP amounts for each Pilot Level as well as any unlocks/rewards is listed below

Pilot Level Total XP Per Level Rewards Available for HC Purchase
Pilot Level 1 0 0 15x Co-Op Consumables
5x Holo Emotes
Basic (1 Slot) Internals
Pilot Level 2 1,500 1,500 10x Holo Emotes MK-I Detonator
MK-I H.E. Charge
Item Regenerator
Pilot Level 3 3,250 1,750 30x Co-Op Consumables
Pilot Level 4 5,250 2,000 MK-I Shield
MK-I Blockade
MK-I Repair Charge
Pilot Level 5 7,550 2,300 Pilot Level 5 Emblem
Pilot Level 6 10,200 2,650 MK-I MG Turret
MK-I R Turret
Pilot Level 7 13,200 3,000 30x Holo Emotes
Pilot Level 8 16,700 4,500 MK-I Portable Scanner
MK-I Radar Scrambler
MK-I Hologram
MK-I Heat Charge
Pilot Level 9 20,700 4,000 10x Holo Emotes
10x Co-Op Consumables
Pilot Level 10 25,300 4,600 T1-FL1NT Repair Drone MK-I EMP
MK-I ISM Disruptor
Pilot Level 11 30,500 5,200 Moderate (2 Slot) Internals
Pilot Level 12 36,500 6,000 MK-II H.E. Charge
MK-II Detonator
Pilot Level 13 43,300 6,800 10x Holo Emotes
10x Co-Op Consumables
Pilot Level 14 51,100 7,800 MK-II Shield
MK-II Blockade
MK-II Repair Charge
Pilot Level 15 59,900 8,800 Pilot Level 15 Emblem
Pilot Level 16 69,900 10,000 MK-II MG Turret
MK-II R Turret
Pilot Level 17 81,250 11,350 15x Holo Emotes
20x Co-Op Consumables
Pilot Level 18 94,100 12,850 MK-II Portable Scanner
MK-II Radar Scrambler
MK-II Hologram
MK-II Heat Charge
Pilot Level 19 108,600 14,500 15x Holo Emotes
20x Co-Op Consumables
Pilot Level 20 125,000 16,400 T2-GL1TZ Repair Drone MK-II EMP
MK-II ISM Disruptor
Pilot Level 21 143,500 18,500 Advanced (3 Slot) Internals
Pilot Level 22 164,300 20,800 MK-III H.E. Charge
MK-III Detonator
Pilot Level 23 187,600 23,300 20x Holo Emotes
30x Co-Op Consumables
Pilot Level 24 213,800 26,200 MK-III Shield
MK-III Blockade
MK-III Repair Charge
Pilot Level 25 243,200 29,400 Pilot Level 25 Emblem
Pilot Level 26 276,000 32,800 MK-III MG Turret
MK-III R Turret
Pilot Level 27 313,000 37,000 20x Holo Emotes
30x Co-Op Consumables
Pilot Level 28 354,000 41,000 MK-III Portable Scanner
MK-III Radar Scrambler
MK-III Hologram
MK-III Heat Charge
Pilot Level 29 400,000 46,000 20x Holo Emotes
30x Co-Op Consumables
Pilot Level 30 450,000 50,000 T3-SP4RK Repair Drone
Pilot Level 30 Emblem
MK-III ISM Disruptor

Mech Ranks
The XP amounts for each Mech Rank as well as any unlocks/rewards is listed below. Note all rewards are mech specific and unusable on other mechs.

Mech Rank Total XP Per Level Reward Available for HC Purchase
Mech Rank 1 0 0 Primary Weapon (Free)
Mech Rank 2 7,500 7,500 Lower Elite Skin
Mech Rank 3 21,000 13,500 Elite Arms Skin Alternate Primary
Mech Rank 4 46,000 25,000 Middle Elite Skin
Mech Rank 5 90,000 44,000 Upper Elite Skin Prestige Primary
Mech Rank 6 150,000 60,000 M1 Desert-Flak Paint Generation 2 Mech Variant*
*Not all mechs have a Generation 2 variant yet. Currently G2 mechs are available for: Assault, Raider
HC and XP Income Rates
Hawken Credits
Hawken Credits are earned at a constant rate with a win/loss bonus - there is a 20 HC difference between winning and losing.

Income Rates
HC Per Minute: 12 (whilst in match)
Gamemode Avg Game Time Base HC per Game Win HC Loss HC Base Hourly HC Rate* Hourly HC w/ Wins* Hourly HC w/ Losses*
TDM 8 min 96 50 30 640 973 840
DM 10 min 120 50 30 655 928 819
MA 15 min 180 77 57 675 964 889
Siege 20 min 240 77 57 686 906 849
*Assumes an average wait time of 1 min between matches

Your actual income rate will likely be somewhere between the Hourly HC w/ Wins and Hourly HC w/ Losses values. Furthermore, joining partial matches will yield greater returns due to the end of match win/loss bonuses so your actual income may exceed what's listed.

Experience Points
XP rates rely on a more complicated set of factors, using a base rate, damage dealt multiplier and extra XP for completing various objectives.

Income Rates
XP per Minute: 157 (whilst deployed/alive)
Base XP for 100% damage dealt to eliminated mech: 16 (Potential XP is discarded after 10 sec if enemy mech remains undamaged for duration)
Objective XP Gamemode
Kill 4 TDM, DM, MA, SG, Co-op TDM
Assist 2 TDM, DM, MA, SG, Co-op TDM
Critical Assist 4 TDM, DM, MA, SG, Co-op TDM
Killstreak 1/2/3/4/5/6/7
(Kills made without dying)
0/0/0/3/0/7/0/10 TDM, DM, MA, SG, Co-op TDM
End Killstreak
(Kill enemy mech that was on a killstreak)
10 TDM, DM, MA, SG, Co-op TDM
Multi-Kill 1/2/3/4/5/6
(Kill enemy mechs within 10 sec of each other)
0/3/3/4/9/13/13 TDM, DM, MA, SG, Co-op TDM
(Kill enemy mech 3 times without being killed by them)
5 TDM, DM, MA, SG, Co-op TDM
Kill Nemesis
(Kill enemy mech that was your nemesis)
10 TDM, DM, MA, SG, Co-op TDM
Crush Kill 8 TDM, DM, MA, SG, Co-op TDM
Zero Deaths 35 TDM, DM, MA, SG, Co-op TDM
Revenge Kill
(Kill enemy mech that killed you last)
10 TDM, DM, MA, SG, Co-op TDM
(Kill enemy mech that nearly killed an ally)
5 TDM, MA, SG, Co-op TDM
(Kill an enemy mech that just killed an ally)
4 TDM, MA, SG, Co-op TDM
Silo Fired while in Radius 1 MA
Allied Silo Fired 2 MA
Silo Attacker Assist
(Assisted in a mech kill that was inside an enemy silo's radius)
1 MA
Silo Contested Control Assist
(Assisted in a mech kill while both in a silo's radius)
1 MA
Silo Defender Assist
(Assisted in a mech kill while in an allied silo's radius)
1 MA
Silo Attacker
(Killed a mech that was inside an enemy silo's radius)
2 MA
Silo Contested Control
(Killed a mech while both inside a silo's radius)
2 MA
Silo Defender
(Killed a mech while inside an allied silo's radius)
2 MA
Base Undamaged 7 MA, SG
EU Transferred to XP Multiplier 0.3 SG
Gain Control off AA 1 SG
AA Becomes Controlled by Team 5 SG
AA Attacker Assist
(Assisted in a mech kill that was inside enemy controlled AA)
1 SG
AA Contested Control Assist
(Assisted in a mech kill while both inside AA)
1 SG
AA Defender Assist
(Assisted in a mech kill while inside ally controlled AA)
1 SG
AA Attacker
(Killed a mech that was inside enemy controlled AA)
2 SG
AA Contested Control
(Killed a mech while both inside AA's radius)
2 SG
AA Defender
(Killed a mech while inside ally controlled AA)
2 SG
Destroy Battleship Turret 3 SG
Destroy Battleship Engine 5 SG

There is also an underdog bonus which gives you extra XP for killing someone who is a higher Pilot Level than you. Rewards are determined by the number of levels of difference divided by 2 with bonuses starting at a difference of 5. So if you were Pilot Level 5 and you killed a mech with a Pilot Level of 10 then you would get 2.5 xp.

Regarding which game mode has the highest XP rate, in decreasing order from left to right:
SG > MA > TDM > DM. Co-Op Bot destruction gives the lowest overall HC and XP compared to other game modes.
Boosters are MC only items which give 50% extra HC or XP for completed matches.

You can redeem a free 3 Day XP Booster for your account (enter code here[www.playhawken.com]) by using the following code: NEWRECRUIT

MC has an approximate conversion rate of 1 MC = 8.9 HC, so the minimum play time to break even can be estimated for the HC booster. The following table assumes an average earn rate of 850 HC per hour.
Duration Cost Price per Day Time to break even
1 Day 166 MC 166 MC 3.5 hrs
3 Days 298 MC 99 MC 6.2 hrs or 2.1 hrs/day
7 Days 585 MC 84 MC 12.3 hrs or 1.8 hrs/day
14 Days 948 MC 68 MC 19.9 hrs or 1.4 hrs/day
30 Days 1771 MC 59 MC 37.1 hrs or 1.2 hrs/day

Below are the costs for XP Boosters
Duration Cost Price per Day
1 Day 108 MC 108 MC
3 Days 194 MC 65 MC
7 Days 383 MC 55 MC
14 Days 625 MC 45 MC
30 Days 1166 MC 39 MC

Boosters do not affect HC gained from Service Awards or Daily Rewards. However, during double XP/HC events they will stack, so if there is a double XP/HC weekend you will earn 3x the standard rate.
The following tables list the costs for all features purchasable with Hawken Credits.

Mech Class Price
CR-T Recruit B Class [Not available at the moment!]
Reaper A Class 3844
Assault B Class 3844
Brawler C Class 3844
Technician A Class 7689
Raider B Class 7689
Grenadier C Class 7689
Vanguard C Class 7689
Berserker A Class 12816
Infiltrator A Class 12816
Scout A Class 12816
Bruiser B Class 12816
Predator B Class 12816
Sharpshooter B Class 12816
Incinerator C Class 12816
Rocketeer C Class 12816
G2 Assault B Class 12816
G2 Raider C Class 12816

Price for all 17 mechs: 157,632 HC
Average cost to outfit a mech with item, internals & weapons: 24,348 HC

Item MK-I Price MK-II Price MK-III Price
Item Regenerator (1 Slot) 425 N/A N/A
H.E. Charge 1282 2564 3846
Hologram 1282 2564 3846
R Turret 1282 2564 3846
Shield 1282 2564 3846
Blockade 2564 3846 5128
Detonator 2564 3846 5128
Portable Scanner 2564 3846 5128
Radar Scrambler 2564 3846 5128
EMP 3846 5128 6510
Heat Charge 3846 5128 6510
ISM Disruptor 3846 5128 6510
MG Turret 3846 5128 6510
Repair Charge 3846 5128 6510

The following calculations exclude the Item Regenerator
Price to outfit mech with low cost items: 3846 (3x MK-I), 5128 (2x MK-II OR 1x MK-III & 1x MK-I)
Price to outfit mech with intermediate cost items: 7692 (3x MK-I OR 2x MK-II OR 1x MK-III & 1x MK-I)
Price to outfit mech with high cost items: 11538 (3x MK-I), 10364 (2x MK-II), 10356 (1x MK-III & 1x MK-I)

Actual HC spent will vary between a minimum of 3,846 and a maximum of 11,538 to outfit a mech; with the average being 7,692 HC.

Internals Price
Basic (1 Slot) Internals 640
Moderate (2 Slot) Internals 1280
Advanced (3 Slot) Internals 1920

Price to outfit a mech with internals: 3,840 HC

Alternate Weapon 6408

Price to buy both weapons for a mech: 12,816 HC

Co-Op Consumables
Quantity Total Price Unit Price
10 1024 102
25 1922 77
50 3044 61
100 4486 45

Holo Emotes
Quantity Total Price Unit Price
10 854 85
25 1602 64
50 2653 51
100 3845 38
Mechs: Overview
Mechs are distinguished from each other through variations in the following factors which cannot be modified by the player:
  • Mech Class: Typically speaking, A Class mechs will have the fastest movement speeds, shortest dodge cooldowns, smaller mech frames (smaller hitbox) and the lowest health. B Classes are the intermediary class and will have average movement speeds, dodge cooldowns, mech frames and health. C Class mechs are the slowest with long dodge cooldowns, the largest mech frames and the most health.
  • Mech Stats: Mech stats will vary in the following categories - Armor, Fuel Tank, Boost Speeds, Fuel Regen, Ground Speed, Air Speed, Radar and Overheat Time
  • Mech Abilities: Abilities will provide a unique advantages for each mech. For most mechs once activated they will have a cooldown before being able to be re-used.
  • Secondary Weapon Loadout: All secondary weapons have an alternate function which can add to the versatility of the weapon.
As well as the following factors which can be modified by the player:
  • Primary Weapon Loadout
  • Item Combinations
  • Internal Combinations

Rating Systems
Mech Strengths/Playstyles
These tables highlight which combat situations each mech (also assumes mechs use the optimal primary to compliment their playstyle) excels at to help give an idea of the targeted playstyle. Here is a more detailed analysis of the different criteria:
  • Close Quarters Combat C. (With Cover): Mechs with splash and burst will be kings of close range combat with cover and obstacles. High maneuverability is critical for fighting around obstacles meaning A (Light) Class mechs will excel in this area as opposed to the slower classes.
  • Close Quarters Combat N.C. (No Cover): With cover lacking a decent health pool is often required to survive open combat. Mechs will need to out-DPS their opponent as avoiding damage will be much more difficult when lacking cover. As such mechs that sport sustained weaponry works best.
  • Mid Range Combat: Movement capabilities is less of an issue at this range, instead with the focus on weapons that don't suffer short range fall-offs. However, some mobility (particularly air movement) and decent armor will contribute to a higher viability in being able to close the gap or maintain optimal positioning.
  • Long Range Combat: Mechs engaged in long range combat are providing support from afar meaning movement and armor are not essential. At this distance it is all about the weapon combinations that most effectively deal damage from range.
  • Offense: A mech's offensive capabilities is determined by its "pushing power", that is its ability to pierce through enemy lines. The ability to dish out heavy damage at close-mid range and armor will help with a successful push.
  • Suppression: This refers to a mechs ability to deny groups of enemy mechs movement through strategic choke points. Mechs need to be able to deal constant explosive damage punishing any mech that tries to make a push.
  • Flanking: Effective flankers will need to be highly mobile and capable of dealing large amounts of damage fast. They will also need to be able to make an effective retreat and "lead" any enemies that chase.
  • Mechs with an * next to their name are support class so may be useful in situations other than that which is listed. This most notably refers to the technician which heals teammates and the Incinerators ability to drain heat from friendly mechs.

Mech Difficulty: A higher rating means that mech has a higher skill ceiling to master. As such newer players may find these mechs to be worse than others until they have mastered Hawken's game mechanics.

Weapon Effective Ranges: These are relative comparisons, assessing how effective each primary is at a certain range compared to all other primaries in the game. A high rating means that weapon excels at that range compared to all other primaries, where as a low rating means that most other primaries perform better at that set range. For close range weapon ratings, when marked with an "*" it means they are particularly good at corner play but poor in areas lacking cover, whereas "^" means they are particularly good out in the open but bad in corner play.

Weapon Viability: This rating is based on how well the primary weapon compliments the mechs strengths/playstyle. A high rating means that weapon perfectly suits the mechs playstyle and will allow for the most optimal play whereas a low rating means that the weapon's inherent playstyle diverges from that of the mech's.

Weapon Difficulty: A higher rating means that weapon has a higher skill ceiling to master. As such newer players may find these weapons to be worse than others until they have fully mastered them.

*All ratings are out of 5 stars

Further Information
If you are trying to find a mech that suits your playstyle, check out Saturnine's guide here
If you'd like a more detailed analysis of mechs, items and internals in competitive play check out Xacius' guide here
A Class (Light) Mechs
Effective Playstyles

Mech CQC w/ Cover CQC No Cover Mid Range Long Range Offense Flanking Suppression
Berserker ★★ ★★★☆ ★★★★ ★★★ ★☆ ★★★★ ★★
Infiltrator ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★☆ ★★ ★☆ ★★★★
Reaper ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★☆
Scout ★★★☆ ★★★★ ★★ ★☆ ★★★
Technician* ★★☆ ★★☆

Mech Overview

Difficulty: ★★★
Price: $12,816
Secondary: TOW Rocket
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
Submachine Cannon ★★★★★^ ★★★☆ ★★★★★ ★★☆
Assault Rifle ★★★★^ ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★☆
Point-D Vulcan ★★★★★^ ★★★☆ ★★★ ★★★

Difficulty: ★★★★★
Price: $12,816
Secondary: Grenade Launcher
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
Assault Rifle ★★★★^ ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★☆
Heat Cannon ★★★★☆* ★★★ ★☆ ★★★★★ ★★★★★
EOC Repeater ★★★★* ★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★

Difficulty: ★★★
Price: $3,844
Secondary: KE-Sabot
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
AM-SAR ★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★☆
Hawkins-RPR ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★
Slug Rifle ★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★

Difficulty: ★★★★
Price: $12,816
Secondary: TOW Rocket
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
Mini Flak ★★★★☆^ ★★★ ★★★☆ ★★★☆
Flak Cannon ★★★★★ ★★ ★★★★★ ★★★
Heat Cannon ★★★★☆* ★★★ ★☆ ★★★★★ ★★★★★

Difficulty: ★☆
Price: $7,689
Secondary: Helix Repair Torch
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
Redox-02 ★★★★★ ★★★ N/A ★★★★★☆ ★★☆
Hawkins-RPR ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★
PN-223 ★★★ ★★★★ ★★ ★★★★ ★★★
B Class (Medium) Mechs
Effective Playstyles

Mech CQC w/ Cover CQC No Cover Mid Range Long Rage Offense Flanking Suppression
Assault ★★★ ★★★☆ ★★★★ ★★ ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★
♥♥♥♥ssault ★★★★★ ★★
Bruiser ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★☆ ★★★ ★★★
CR-T Recruit ★☆ ★★★☆ ★★★★ ★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★
Predator ★★ ★★★ ★★ ★★★
Raider ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★☆
Sharpshooter ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★☆ ★★☆

Mech Overview

Difficulty: ★★☆
Price: $3,844
Secondary: TOW Rocket
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
Submachine Cannon ★★★★★^ ★★★☆ ★★★★★ ★★☆
Point-D Vulcan ★★★★★^ ★★★☆ ★★★☆ ★★★
Assault Rifle ★★★★^ ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★☆

Difficulty: ★★☆
Price: $12,816
Secondary: Point-D Vulcan XT L
Primary: Point-D Vulcan XT R

Difficulty: ★★
Price: $12,816
Secondary: Hellfire Missiles
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
Point-D Vulcan ★★★★★^ ★★★☆ ★★ ★★★
Submachine Cannon ★★★★★^ ★★★☆ ★★☆ ★★☆
Assault Rifle ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★☆

CR-T Recruit
Difficulty: ★★☆
Price: Free
Secondary: TOW Rocket
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
Assault Rifle ★★★★^ ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★☆
Submachine Cannon ★★★★★^ ★★★☆ ★★★★★ ★★☆
Point-D Vulcan ★★★★★^ ★★★☆ ★★★ ★★★

Difficulty: ★★★★
Price: $12,816
Secondary: EOC Predator
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
Breacher ★★★★☆ ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★☆
T32-Bolt ★★★★ ★★ ★★★☆ ★★★☆
EOC Repeater ★★★★* ★★ ★★★☆ ★★★★★

Difficulty: ★★★★
Price: $7,689
Secondary: Corsair-KLA
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
ReFLAK-32 ★★★☆^ ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★
T32-Bolt ★★★★ ★★ ★★★★★ ★★★☆
EOC Repeater ★★★★* ★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★

Difficulty: ★★☆
Price: $12,816
Secondary: Sabot Rifle
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
SA-Hawkins ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★
Slug Rifle ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★
AM-SAR ★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★☆ ★★★☆
C Class (Heavy) Mechs
Effective Playstyles

Mech CQC w/ Cover CQC No Cover Mid-Range Long-Rage Offense Flanking Suppression
Brawler ★★ ★★★★☆ ★★ ★★★★★ ★★
Grenadier ★★★ ★★☆ ★★ ★★★★★ ★★ ★★★★★
Incinerator* ★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Rocketeer ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★ ★★★★
Vanguard ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★ ★★★★ ★★ ★★

Mech Overview

Difficulty: ★★★
Price: $3,844
Secondary: TOW Rocket
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
Flak Cannon ★★★★★ ★★ ★★★★★ ★★★
SA-Hawkins ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★ ★★★
Point-D Vulcan ★★★★★^ ★★★☆ ★★★☆ ★★★

Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Price: $7,689
Secondary: Grenade Launcher
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
Rev-GL ★★★★☆ ★★☆ ★★★★★ ★★★★
Heat Cannon ★★★★☆* ★★★ ★☆ ★★★ ★★★★★
Point-D Vulcan ★★★★★^ ★★★☆ ★★ ★★★

Difficulty: ★★★★
Price: $12,816
Secondary: SAARE Launcher
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
B3-AR:BBY ★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★
B3-AR:PPA ★★★★★^ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★☆
B3-AR:M4MA ★★★ ★★★ ★★☆ ★★★☆

Difficulty: ★
Price: $12,816
Secondary: Hellfire Missiles
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
Seeker ★★★★★ ★★★☆ ★★★★★ ★☆
EOC Repeater ★★★★* ★★ ★★☆ ★★★★★
Heat Cannon ★★★★☆* ★★★ ★☆ ★★★ ★★★★★

Difficulty: ★★★
Price: $7,689
Secondary: Grenade Launcher
Primary CQC Mid-Range Long-Range Viability Difficulty
Submachine Cannon ★★★★★^ ★★★☆ ★★★★★ ★★☆
Mini Flak ★★★★☆^ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★☆
Point-D Vulcan ★★★★★^ ★★★☆ ★★☆ ★★★

G2 Raider
Difficulty: *No rating given yet*
Price: $12,816
Secondary: Corsair-KLA XT
Primary: T32-Bolt XT
Maps: Overview
Note: All maps are listed in their rotation order, starting with Uptown. The green dots mark jump-pad locations.

The following table lists the supported game modes for each map
Map TDM DM MA Siege Co-Op
Front Line
Last Eco

The following table lists the frequency of each battle situation that occurs (Max 5 Stars)
Map CQC Cover CQC No Cover Mid Range Combat Long Range Combat Flanking Choke Points
Uptown ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★ ★★★☆ ★★★★★
Origin ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★ ★★★☆ ★★☆
Bunker ★☆ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Wreckage ★★★★☆ ★★★★ ★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★☆
Prosk ★★★★★ ★☆ ★★☆ ★☆ ★★★☆ ★★☆
Facility ★★★☆ ★★★☆ ★★☆ ★★☆ ★★☆
Bazaar ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★★★
Front Line ★★★☆ ★★★☆ ★★★☆ ★★★☆ ★★☆ ★★★
Last Eco ★☆ ★★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★★☆

For a more detailed overview of each map check out Hocisern's guide here



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Front Line

Last Eco

Lore: Overview
Unfortunately Hawken's lore isn't told by the game itself. It's spread across the "Hawken: Genesis" graphic novel[www.comixology.com], the "Hawken: Melee" graphic novels[www.comixology.com], descriptions on the playhawken.com website and developer posts. A big "thank you" to Neverm0re who did most of the work on the following descriptions.

Hawken takes place on a planet known as Illal, a once verdant, utopian planet now ruined by industrialization, war, and the Giga-Structure. Originally colonized to take advantage of its enormous reserves of natural resources, three corporations finally came out on top of the financial dog-pile: Prosk, Sentium, and Crion. These corporate entities were allowed to conduct their business seemingly without checks, far from the eyes of many of their competitors and all government balances. Through a thus-far unrevealed event Crion collapsed, and in doing so released the Giga-Structure (also known as the Hawken Virus). As the virus spread across the surface of the planet and the planets once-endless stock of resources began to deplete, the richest citizens evacuated en masse, leaving the Illalians unable to afford evacuation or fend for themselves. As the two remaining corporations compete for the dwindling resources and the Giga-structure spreads farther and farther, bipedal mechs and their pilots become the go-to tool for furthering the various agendas that threaten to tear Illal apart.

Illal is the planet on which the entirety of the hawken experience takes place. Not much has been revealed about the planet beyond some rather basic information. Illal boasts a breathable, non-toxic atmosphere and hosts large quantities of precious materials (one given example being a mineral called Cavorite), which was what drew the companies and fortune seekers who eventually settled on the planet. The UTA, or the United Terran Authority, has put into place a planet wide quarantine, effectively cutting the planet off from outside interference from the government and other corporations.

The Giga-Structure
The Giga-Structure, also known as the Hawken Virus, is a self-replicating nano-virus released by the event which caused the collapse of Crion. Visible as metallic patches (most likely due to a mechanical, nano-bot nature), the Giga-Structure covers approximately one-third of the planet's surface. While not harmful to mechs, immobile objects like buildings and highways, and even biological entities such as trees and cattle, have all been shown to be susceptible to the virus' spread. So far, no known method of combating the spread of the Giga-Structure has been successful, forcing a mad scramble by both citizens and corporations to the unaffected areas of the planet.

The Corporations
Very little is known about the three corporations that control the happenings on Illal. These corporations, Sentium, Prosk, and Crion, came to Illal as part of the massive boom caused by the terraforming and inhabitation of the planet. Through the resulting corporate in-fighting, these three entities came out on top. Government oversight was more-or-less non-existent, so these three were able to design, test and produce various technologies uninhibited, which eventually led to the collapse of Crion and the release of the Giga-Structure. The event that cause Crion's collapse was never revealed, though in the Hawken: Genesis comic series, it is hinted that all three corporations were involved in attempting to contain the accident. In a recent development, a new fuel source has been developed (its creator remains unnamed) known as Vitrolium. Created by refining vermin (most likely referring to rodents) droppings that contain giga-structure particles using an unknown chemical process, Vitrolium is an amazingly potent fuel that has caused renewed fighting between Sentium and Prosk and promises to be a central focus of many future conflicts.

The Mechs
Since the war for resources and territory began, the weapon of choice has been bipedal mechs piloted by humans. These mechs take many different shapes and perform many varied functions, but they all share one attribute: Weaponry. Designed as machines of war and taking the place of vulnerable infantrymen, mechs have become synonymous with the constant struggles that take place daily across Illal.
Lore: A-Classes
Using the Prosk L3 Piston Body Type, the berserker is a nightmare for those who face it. Fast, agile and sporting several highly effective weapons such as TOW Rockets and the Point-D Vulcan, these mechs are often spotted scavanging the wreckage of heavier M-and H-class mechs (Known as B- and C-Class to the Hawken Community). This platform's designer, Professor Arnoff, based his core concept on insects from his home world stating, "I am not a god, I can only hope to mimic their creations."

The L5 Boot, frequently found on Infiltrators, was the first prototype light walker ever created. Outfitted with clusters of oxygen tanks and a hermetically sealed shell, it was able to withstand the extreme conditions of Illal better than anything before it. Very early versions of the Boot were built from organic materials, but as the design changed with each layer of development new mods quickly replaced such outdated systems. In many ways this first creation was a herald of the battlefield to come; modern parts were swapped out, rebuilt, swapped out, and rebuilt again. What you see before you was made to survive in the worst climates the universe has to offer, and bring death.

The L2 Spree is common among Reapers not only for its rouge-like style, but also for its surprising flexibility. Mobile, yet offering tremendous stability, it is ideal for assignments which require venturing alone outside friendly territory. The reaper is a mid-long range sniper, sporting weapons based on those used by the longer range Sharpshooter.

The L2 Moke was first produced to help offset the heavy cost of war. Knowing that Scouts rarely returned from reconnaissance missions, the design recycled parts from salvaged shuttle wreckage scavenged from the dead zone. This model was eventually updated to a more streamlined version, but the iconic cylindrical fuel canister style cockpit was preserved and is often outfitted as tribute to the brave Scouts who gave their lives during the course of battle.

Though the L5 Zos chassis may appear to be modestly constructed, only the experienced can truly appreciate the beauty of its design concept. As repair tools became more viable for battlefield use, alloys were developed that could maintain a structurally protective state while remaining malleable enough to facilitate the reconstruction process. However, since these metals hardened over time and were extremely expensive to produce, the casings found on most Technicians in service today possess no added benefit. Commander A.A. reported: "I remember it as if recalling a dream, hazy from the wake of sleep. We were crashing, our systems failing. With my demise imminent, I begged deliverance from the quickly encroaching halo. As the figure materialized from the clouds of dust, I saw the doctor's face and smiled. He saved our troops."
Lore: B-Classes
The M4 Brommens, now found on Assault mechs, was originally created to excavate Illal's hazardous mines. After the cost of tunnel collapses began to rise the corporations found they could frequently save their equipment (and the pilot) if they outfitted them in a walker. The Brommens offered both physical protection and a way to dig the pilot out, although the psychological ramifications of being buried alive often lingered with the pilots long after. Even after it was pressed into combat service much of the design of this mech remained the same; you can still notice semi-obsolete features throughout the mech, such as the flood lamps located just to the left of the cockpit.

The M2 Hiefram, often found on Bruisers, is frequently known as the cheese grater - not because of the optical grill over the cockpit, but because the Hiefram has a tendency to grind enemies into thin strips of metal and flesh. Hiefram are often seen in frontline service, and are cheap enough to manufacture that they are usually just left on the battlefield instead of repaired.

CR-T Recruit
Known lovingly as 'Screen-Head', 'TV-Mech', or 'Microwave', the M-D Fred was one of the first mechs deployed post Nano-Virus. Although Fred is made efficiently to minimize cost of valuable components, it is surprisingly versatile and powerful. Those who underestimate what a trained pilot can do with this mech may find themselves whispering the words 'Fuzzy Bunny' just before death.

The M4 Res, frequently found on Sharpshooters, was originally conceived to be a fast-moving foot soldier. The chassis was created with the concept of offering pilots a variety of front shield attachments to allow the Res to change roles almost on the fly. It was quickly discovered that Type-C Heavy mechs were significantly more suited to this type of work, so over time the Res got moved further and further from the battlefield's front lines, eventually finding itself as the Sharpshooter's mech of choice.

Once known as Armed Merchantmen, Raiders were originally used by freelance pilots as escorts for energy corporation shipments. Though they functioned primarily to load and unload cargo, their utilities were also applied offensively against the occasional petty thief en route. As resources grew scarce, however, so too did contracts. Hard-working, honest folk modified strong clamps and nail guns to tools more suitable to their needs. Raiders emerged, outfitted with the traditional M5 Muller chassis, but armed with weapons of war and the knowledge of every commercial trade route by land and sea. "When we first spotted 'im, he looked like yer typical Merchantman hailing, 'Hellooo there, friend!' Then the sun flared, and I blinked. As my eyes peeled open, I caught a glimpse of 'im charging straight at me, guns blazing. By then it was too late." - Capt. S. Daunders

The Predator's Patrick model was originally created to be a successor to the Infiltrator's Boot chassis. Building upon the core systems of the Infiltrator, its engineers found that with the additional load-bearing capabilities of the Class-B frame, they were able to vastly improve the technologies required for full-frame camouflage. These advanced stealth capabilities, coupled with state-of-the-art infra-red visor modifications, have led the Predator to become a favorite amongst pilots for high profile recon and ambush missions. C. S. Vince stated: "Those Sentium big-wigs tell us we're "expendable assets", and then reprimand us whenever we waste one of their "expensive vehicles". What they can't seem to understand is that the Prosk have some new technologies that we have just never encountered before. Every time we go out there on a reconnaissance mission, it's like the whole jungle is alive, crawling with those scumbags."

G2 Assault
The G2 Assault is a highly modified Assault M4 Brommens model created for the sole purpose of being a front-line skirmisher on the battlefield. Due to the many technological advances since the creation of the M4 Brommens Model, the new M5 Vytro chassis sports increased armor as well as ground and air movement compared to its Brommens predecessor.

Hon (not an actual mech)
[At the moment the Hon chassis parts don't belong to an actual mech but there is some backstory for this set of chassis parts.]
Among the first models to boast next-gen cavorite frames, the Prosk Hon design saw heavy use during the early cavorite raids. They presented a menacing figure to Sentium pilots; their distinct chassis profile stood out even at distance and the first Prosk company to be deployed with the Hon began their tradition of never returning from battle with captives. Hon components remain in active service in nearly all mech fleets, owing to their remarkable performance characteristics and ease of repair.
Lore: C-Classes
The H1 Heppten, a.k.a. The Brawler, is nothing short of a walking tank. It is easily identified by its reactive armor plates and turret based gun-cam, but most often remembered for being near indestructible. Standard S deployment includes these walkers near middle and rear of the combat formation. Heppten engines are highly complex, which makes them extremely difficult to clean and maintain. It has been stated that it is "Easier to rebuild a new bot from scratch than make these beasts work."

Inspired by long dead insects, the Brass H1 was highly effective in the early days of the war. Originally the entire frame was fully plated, but it was found that enemy ordnance rarely hit the only weak point on the walker - the neck. To save on weight the Brass now relies on a network of tightly woven fibers make up the mech's central coupling. This engineering change has saved countless lives - just pray you're piloting one of the new versions.

The H2 Domoff, also known as 'The Dog', is the oldest Type-C Heavy model currently in production. The Dog is an absolute nightmare to maintenance crews; mud and grime frequently clog the leg shields, and mud and grime are frequent on Illal. Well-conditioned Domoff mechs, however, are some of the fastest Type-C Heavy mechs available, which is why they aren't fully taken out of production. The war always continues, and all we can do is live, learn, and keep rolling. 'Engineering flaw if I dare say' - Lt. K.

Vanguard "Cupcake"
Historically, Sentium ground forces were advised to keep a look out for the signature heart shaped cockpit and iconic wedge of the H3 Cupcake. Unyielding and relentless, only the royal guard of Prosk high command made use of these monstrosities. All transmissions involving 'Cupcake' were considered to be wild speculation. That all changed after a leaked communication regarding the existence of the Cupcake caused riots among the pilots - they all wanted the Cupcake for their own. Special versions of the H3 Cupcake, known as The Vanguard, were created for rapid, close-range riot control. When the angry mobs start picketing, call out the Vanguard.

The Incinerator was the product of covert research and development codenamed Project Phoenix. With cutting edge thermal technology, this mech was engineered to absorb and store heat from surrounding sources and convert it into offensive power. First seen in action in the Battle for Bunker 159, surviving mech pilot Jonas Obregon described witnessing the power of the Incinerators. "I saw the beasts born from the ice. Then there was fire, only fire and destruction."

G2 Raider
To combat the Sentium Raider Mech, Prosk decided to fight fire with fire. By scavenging the battlefields, Prosk was able to develop their own version. By modifying the parts to fit a C-Class chassis, the Muklashy C3 frame and the G2 Raider was born.
Lore: Maps - Part A
Brosos was one of the first cities, built in the shadow of an old terraforming hub. The facility broke down shortly after the Hawken virus outbreak, and the companies packed up and left. All that remains of the terraforming operation are the communication pillars, buried in the sand. However, the discovery of vitrolium has made Brosos a hub of activity again, as both Prosk and Sentium installed bases from which mercenary mech pilots can deploy to search for valuable vitrolium deposits.

The settlement of Brosos was built in the shadow of the Brosian mountain range. These ridges used to be the bane of corporate supply pilots, as numerous choke points provided ample ambush points along the supply routes. After the outbreak of the Hawken virus, the range provided natural cover for scavengers. Vitrolium raiders use any remaining structures for cover, so most civilians have left. Constant mech combat riddles the settlement's buildings with bullet holes and scorch marks, only the foolhardy or the insane continue to live in the ruins. At the edge of the settlement, the mountain ridge begins to break up into pillars that form pathways. These routes are highly contested and constantly change hands between rival clans.

Located in the snowy wastes of Illal, this battlefield marks the site of Bunker 167, one of several remote outposts established by the warring Prosk and Sentium corporations to mark and defend their territory.

Bunker 167 is surrounded by low hills that provide some cover, but pilots must keep moving if they expect to stay alive. It has changed hands many times mainly due to the brutal and unforgiving nature of the terrain, and pilots must exercise extreme caution or else they will become permanent residents of this icy battlefield.

Sentium's Hiedron ore-extraction facility was originally built to harvest and process cavorite (you can observe cavorite in game through the presence of floating rocks - this anti-gravity property is characteristic of cavorite which is used in mechs to allow such nimble movements) . Its current purpose is classified, but Prosk forces have been spotted skirmishing with Sentium forces around the facility, so it must have some strategic importance.

The interior of the facility is a series of corridors connected by ramps, overlooked by a central ore extraction hatch in the ceiling. This arrangement forces units to engage in frantic, close-quarters combat. The area surrounding the facility is littered with snaking paths that were cleared long ago for ore carriers and fuel trucks. The southern pit allowed ore to be dumped onto conveyors that carried it into the long processing tunnels.

Front Line
Tensions continue to mount between Prosk and Sentium. Nowhere is this more evident than in the metropolis of Ganev where the two corporations have laid claim to overlapping zones, splitting families across the city. Today, skirmishes are held hourly on the wide city streets and surrounding highways, and civilians are advised to stay indoors at all times. Ganev has turned into a front-line battle in the war to control the flow of vitrolium.

The city was divided down the middle long ago, and both companies worked side by side until recently. Sentium maintains their zones, with armies of cleaning robots that work by night, while Prosk created dense urban areas and allowed their districts to fall into disrepair. The central anti-aircraft battery used to be a restricted area. Now it's a highly-contested strategic location, with numerous vantage points, elevated cover, and support ramps. Controlling this space can be the key to many battles fought in Ganev. Vast highway overpasses on either side of the city once provided residents easy access to offices and shops. Now, they're used as elevated firing positions, or as a way to skirt battles in the courtyard.

Last Eco
Sentium and Prosk long ago deforested most of their territories to make space for urban areas. The Last Eco overgrowth is one of the largest forests remaining. After the Hawken virus outbreak, Prosk scientists discovered countless plant mutations growing at every layer in the forest. They believe harvesting these glowing plants may hold the key to finding a cure for the virus.

The alternate sectors of Last Eco can be distinguished by their orange and blue plants. It is still unknown whether the coloring of these two strains provides some natural defense or was simply caused by their proximity to chemicals dumped by Prosk and Sentium. Further investigation seems to indicate that the area where the blue plants grow is largely untouched, old-growth forest. Fresh samples recovered from this area give scientists hope they may be able to synthesize antidotes for the toxins affecting troops stationed in the area. The central pyramid is the oldest structure in the area. Seismic scans reveal the base is buried hundreds of kilometers beneath the surface. No entrance can be found and no one knows who or what built it, but that lack of information hasn’t kept the corporations from placing a missile silo on top of this ancient artifact during sieges.

Crion Solutions created a man-made island and built a huge metropolis on top of it. However, the explosion at the Praxis Valley research facility blanketed the entire island with the Hawken virus, which transformed everything into metallic Giga-Structure (you can view the end result of the Giga-Structure transformation on this map as everything has been altered; ground, walls, etc). Today, no human can survive the island's toxic atmosphere unprotected, so only mercenary mech pilots enter this section of the former Crion metropolis. They come to search for the valuable vitrolium left behind after vermin consume bits of the Giga Structure, and battle anyone who stands in their way.

Residents once called it the pit: three layers of highways that connected to a vast network of underground roads running beneath Crion's mega-metropolis. Most of the tunnel entrances have been completely overgrown by the Giga-Structure, however. The bridges are decaying relics of their past glory. Parked vehicles sit abandoned, their keycards still in the ignitions. When corporate military forces arrived to plunder the ruins, they installed military grade jump pads for easy access to the upper levels. Remnants of the old underground highway entrances can be found on both sides of the bridge at either end of the pit. They now only lead to the lower tier of the bridge, their original function long forgot. These narrow passages have become choke boxes for close-quarter engagements.
Lore: Maps - Part B
The Prosk industrial metropolis named Eugen once housed manufacturing facilities, worker housing, and the shops required to support a large populous. Eugen fell into decay after the outbreak of the Hawken virus, and mass evacuations were ordered. However, many citizens stayed behind to continue operating their businesses. Unfortunately those remaining citizens must now deal with almost constant mech battles as pilots search the Giga-Structure for vitrolium.

The central highway was once part of an inter-city bypass, offering a scenic trip across the massive Prosk biodome. Now it provides a strategic and hotly contested vantage point, as snipers and support units placed here can provide deadly fire to both sides of highway. The sewage trench once routed all waste from nearby districts to a central processing plant. However after the evacuation it has remained dry and merely serves as a choke point for combat units. Steam vents that mask squad movements in the trench are a relic of the reclamation process. The city of Eugen was not built with military vehicles in mind. The architects planned the area around the civilian needs of thousands of people packed tightly together. When the war began, the streets became claustrophobic kill-zones.

When the corporate cities ran out of space to house workers, low income families began building their own urban housing. One result was the city of Trentik, a vast, claustrophobic slum comprised of stacked, low-income living corridors. These alleyways became trenches when hostilities broke out. Today, the city of Trentik must deal with the invasion of the Giga-Structure, which has devoured half the city, as well as mech pilots who come searching for vitrolium.

The heavily packed urban corridors of Trentik leave little room for navigation error. The streets snake around the outside of the zone and lead to the center, overlooked by pockets of stacked buildings where residents once lived. The elevated housing project often acts as a staging area for corporate mechs come searching for vitrolium. Crews make camp and loot nearby structures. If enemy units arrive, they can retreat to the Pillar Projects and head down to the inner city. Signs of a hasty evacuation fill the streets in the hub of the Trentik slums. Discarded vehicles and supply tanks litter the plaza. However, new spires created by the Giga-Structure provide valuable cover in a firefight and allow pilots easy access to the upper areas.

A mysterious cargo ship crashed in a desolate swamp. The redacted cargo manifest hints at cargo more valuable than the rich vitrolium deposits emanating from the surrounding swamp. Enough heavy mechs to start a small war hang from the cargo bay’s rafters. This Wreckage could be one of the richest finds in recent memory, and is bound to become a hotly contested zone.

Beneath the aft engines, multiple entry points provide access to the interior of the hulking carcass. A wide ramp built from hull scraps leads up to the main cargo doors and then splits off to openings on either side. In the muck beneath these ramps, partially-submerged engine ports provide other entrance options. A massive, open cargo bay runs down the middle of the wrecked ship. Stacks of shipping containers piled almost to the rafters dot the cavernous space. The contents of these containers is classified and the manifest a maze of redacted black lines, providing an air of intrigue to the downing of this ship. Two odd storage bays found on the port and starboard sides can be accessed by tunnels from the main cargo bay. Heavy mechs suspended on tracks over the floors of these bays seem poised for quick deployment through exterior access ports, raising the question: was this a cargo carrier or a warship?
Lore: Fan fiction
The Hawken community has created lots of fan fiction to flesh out the lore of Hawken. Here are links to some really impressive pieces of fan fic:
I would also like to acknowledge the following people for their help in making this guide
  • [HAWKEN] Vanashinkaku: Assisted with the verification of data in the Economy/Progression sections
  • Xacius: Helped with reviewing mech data to ensure accurate ratings were given
  • ReEvolve: Largely developed the Lore Sections and keeps updating the guide
  • Neverm0re: Gathered most of the background stories on the mechs and lore
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