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Rift's Cave
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 14 @ 9:25am
Aug 19 @ 1:35pm

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Rift's Cave DK2 Demo Available & Price Dropped
NEW Official Rift's Cave Trailer and Demo's date announced
Release date: Q4 2014 - Q1 2015
An Adventure/Exploration game with Native Oculus Rift support.

Have you always wanted to visit all the fantasy places of your dreams?
If so,Rift's Cave is the game for you.You can explore Caves,dungeouns,amazing landscapes,castles,medieval environment and much more but this time in a different way!

Rift's cave has native Oculus support so you can explore all the places you loved with your own eyes and with a high-level of immersion like never before!

  • Grab/collect Artifacts: You can collect artifacts and open your inventory just to see them or to use them to go forward in the game.

  • Use Magical abilites: You can use more special magical abilities to defend yourself or damage who or what is attacking you.

  • Explore: You can explore every millimeter of the environment around you,there aren't unexplained unreachable places,you can go where you want!

  • Adventure: You'll be an apprentice wizard and you'll have to find out all the mystery of Rift's Cave! Who are you? What are you doing here? Why recover artifacts?

  • Puzzles: You'll have to solve some puzzles to go forward in the game. Find the artifacts,pay attention to the traps,use your brain and your abilities to protect yourself.

  • Voice Actors: Rift's Cave has specialized voice actors to make very realistic dialogs possible!

  • Epic Soundtracks: Like every good fantasy experience,Rift's cave has a really good epic sountracks to make an awesome and unforgettable experience.

  • Interactive GUI: With Oculus Rift all kind of menu/buttons/keys are not good enough. For this reason we have make a new concept of GUI. From the first time you log into the game you will be able to move your character. If you go inside the portal you'll be able to chose if start a new game,continue the game,or select level. Or you can simply go near the Hotkeys Book to see the hotkeys etc.'s an immersive and beatiful experience since from the menu.

  • Interact with things and Environment: You can interact with the environment but also the environment can interact with you. Can you imagine what will happen if you are on bridge to 100m from the ground,and the bridge breaks and falls? I hope you don't soffer of dizziness.

  • Not Only for you but for everybody: Rift's Cave is an epic and exciting adventure but there is some places in Rift's Cave really enjoyable also for your little childrens or grandma! Everybody dreams to see a beatiful sunset siting under a tree,or just see the snow if they haven't already see it,now in Rift's cave this is possible.

  • Oculus Rift Native Support : Rift's cave is especially designed for Oculus Rift and VR.
    and much more stuff!

Stunning-Immersive-Exciting Places to explore.

For the first time the environment of the game can be so powerful. With a native Oculus Rift support Rift's Cave are going to blow your minds to offer to everybody an epic fantasy adventure like never before. See with your own eyes huge epic statues,huge gates,snowy forest,terrible storms,deserts and much more!

Download Windows:

Download Mac os:

Download Linux:

Our demo is also available on the official Share Section of Oculus Rift: but we reccomended to download from direct links,the version on the Share section is outdated cause some delay to update the Share Section.

  • Razor-Hydra Implementation [Motion Control]

  • Local Coop-Online Coop-Multiplayer[Probably]

  • Possible Expansion-Pack [More abilities,Maps,others]

  • Others

Also we are really open to listen people's ideas. and click on "Buy".

It's simple and fast,you just need a paypal account to pre-order it!
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Apr 22 @ 6:51pm
feel good
KeQing Lee_♥可晴
Mar 28 @ 11:06am
Oh dear...
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IFRxIFR 12 hours ago 
Xebec Sep 13 @ 9:29am 
This looks great! My girlfriend and I have tried the Alpha on the DK2 and it's quite engaging - look forward to this succeeding on Steam!
TheMudMan Sep 11 @ 8:59am 
Ottimo progetto, spero abbia successo.

springofdajuwn di
Frost Earth Studio  [author] Sep 10 @ 4:16pm 
@Alberto_formica Grazie mille! Il supporto più grande consiste nel condividere ovunque la campagna. Facebook,twitter,forum,siti web,youtube.. ogni canale può essere di grande aiuto. Grazie ancora! :)
alberto_formica Sep 10 @ 3:12pm 
Unity + Oculus + Sviluppatori italiani....avete il mio pieno supporto! ;)
Blade Runner Sep 5 @ 5:27pm 
Agronom Sep 3 @ 5:07am 
like&vote! gimme one this
Simisti Sep 3 @ 4:45am 
<3 gimme this one :<
Frost Earth Studio  [author] Aug 31 @ 9:17pm 
Thank you all for the support, check out the latest annunciations and updates. Great news will be revealed soon.
AziRoSs Aug 29 @ 1:30pm 
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