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Sky Steel - Heavy Wings
Mar 1 @ 9:37am
Mar 2 @ 3:41pm

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New content video online
Dev Update 01
Release date: 2. Quartal 2014
Sky Steel - Heavy Wings is a HUGE fast pace action Shooter with new elements, quick&simple controls, drone pets, tons of weapons, firemodes, upgrades, enemy types, functions and stages!

In Sky Steel you control 2 Wings to carry a energy core. You can change the Wing Formation at any time to fire anothe weapon type. Each Wing formation has own permanent upgrades and skill points to assign. You can combine and upgrade your Wing in many ways to play the way you like it. In open Wing Formation-C as example, the energy Core itself fires a laser beam in both directions. In this formation you can evade enemy fire, reach targets behind you or defend yourself from targeting missles. All firemodes have special benefits that can be combined during gameplay.

The Combo System

Increase the combo level before the timer ends and evade enemy fire to finish full stages in one-combo to climb the online leaderboards. Unlock Bonus Stages to reach ultimate Combo Levels and compete online.

Upgrades, Items, Skills and Colonization

Fight over 50 enemy types on 7 worlds in over 28 story missions and unlimited random content. To be prepared for the overpowering enemy fleet, Upgrades are a important part in Sky Steel. Upgrade your Core and Wings in 6 Categories. Get powerfull and permanent drone pets, items for the quick bar, armor and weapons of all kind. Level Up your core and assign skill points to the skill tree or colonize Planets to increase the daily income, exp gain or item drop rate.

The second side of the huge upgrade system in Sky Steel are the power ups. While most shop items are permanent upgrades that will be automaticly saved, power ups only work for the current stage. There are 5 power up categories, each upgradeable to 10 with visible effects. Some of them have permanent passive effects. As example a repair power up will repair your wings and give you +1 permanent to your max hp.

The single player content in "Sky Steel - Heavy Wings" is nearly finished and will be released as soon its perfectly balanced. The multiplayer mode depends on this campaign and if possible, it will be part of the first release version.


- 10 different Wings to unlock
- 28 Missions, 7 Wolds, unlimited random Stages
- LevelUps and Skilltree
- Tons of permanent Upgrades
- 5 balanced difficulty levels
- Control Drone Pets!
- Over 50 different enemy types
- 3 upgradeable Firemodes
- Upgrade Lasers, Missles, Rail & Plasma Guns
- Epic Bossfights
- Colonize cleared Planets
- Screen Bombs
- Steel Mode
- QuickBar Slots for Items and more

Sky Steel is designed for PC, Mac and Linux. A simplified version for mobile devices is planned.

The single player and local coop parts of the Game are in the beta phase now and the work on the online coop mode is in progress.

If you like this Game, visit me on Facebook, Twiiter, Indiegogo or Youtube

Feedback and support is very welcome
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Mar 2 @ 11:29pm
Как вам игра?RU
В.И. Ленин
< >
KyleTheCreator Dec 4 @ 7:21am 
Voltar Nov 11 @ 12:40pm 
Voted yes for local coop.
Black Lodge Games Jul 10 @ 11:35am 
This looks like a fun game, and I'm sold on the art direction and style. Voted yes!
ZET  [author] Jun 3 @ 3:24am 
Thank you for the Support @robert.blane! :) Ok.. it's hard to speak about a unplayed game, thats true! I am working on a Demo with all the new features and fx, 3 full playable worlds (10+stages) and more. It should be available for download arround next week! There are more good news! A simplified, but full unlocked version of "SKY STEEL" is out now, free for all mobile devices! I hope you enjoy, feedback is very welcome!


The extendet PC version features:
- HD graphics
- New Worlds, 30+ Story Missions and unlimited random content
- New Shader FX
- more Drone Pets
- over 100 upgrades
- Joystick support
- online leaderboards
- 2 Player Coop Mode (w.i.p 80%)

Thank you for reading and now: SHoot eM UP! ;)
robert.blane Jun 2 @ 11:22pm 
Mr Zet, can you do a downloadable demo please?
robert.blane Jun 2 @ 11:21pm 
So come on folks, if you happen to stop by and LOVE shooters, give Zet some support and click "Yes." The sooner this is Greenlit the sooner Zet can make his game available!!!
robert.blane Jun 2 @ 11:18pm 
Just checked the new vid...
Seriously, we could do with DECENT music, we NEED DANCE MUSIC - more upbeat, aggressive and in yer face!
As well as that, why not add more parallax to the backgrounds?
Ever played Last Resort on the Neo Geo? Music like that suits this type of game!
robert.blane May 23 @ 6:07am 
ZET - been a while since I looked at the progress on your project and would like to see more screenshots. This shooter holds great promise and it shows in the existing frames of reference you have posted on this page. If you are in need of further inspiration take a look at Steel Saviour or Soldner X, these titles are gettting on in years but still some of the best shooters on Pc. For me, Gradius V, Pulsar and Last Resort are kings of the genre. I would like to see your title leave them in the shade.
ZET  [author] May 15 @ 12:57am 
Thank you for the feedback. You're right, there was a issue with some over compressed sound FX. It's fixed, the final version has some new sounds and volume balancing. The Robo-Voice is still loud :)
NinjaSaru May 12 @ 2:35pm 
Sorry, it's a no for me. BTW, this isn't why I'm saying no but: the sound effect for picking up money is annoying to me. It's too high pitch and ear piercing. That's the first thing I'd change. I wouldn't be able to play this for more than a minute because of it.