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Founders : Sons of Hyrmalion
Mar 4 @ 12:58pm
Apr 10 @ 8:32am

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June update
The team at need for you !
Release date: Q2 2015
Founders : Sons of Hyrmalion is a MMORPG cubic sandbox themed under victorian colonization of a new world. It's an uchrony where you can be whoever you want, a soldier, a peasant, a noble, a bourgeois....

You will have to make your own story by he means that you will choose.

Founders: Sons of Hyrmalion is a sandbox cubic voxel MMORPG. We tried to realize the wish we all had one day while playing our favorite games: “Could be really nice if I could do that!”

We started from this little “that” to develop Founders, a game with lots of features, here are some of them:
  • Playable at both first and third person
  • Solo campaign acting as a detailed and playable historical introduction
  • Open sandbox multiplayer worlds with a new generation server-handling system allowing tens of thousands players to share the same server without any instances.
  • Total construction freedom on any axis
  • Open economy
  • Pvp system with ladders
  • API with private and modded servers
  • Complete character personalization
  • A combat system crossing auto and manual targeting
  • A dynamically generated quest system based on in-game events
  • Dynamic systems such as electricity, liquids and gases
  • Advanced performance with complete and optimized multithreading on both client and server sides.
  • Multi-OS compatibility with the use of the Unity3D engine.


-Will the game be translated into my language?
The officially supported languages on release will depend on the language spoken by the majority of our backers from the Kickstarter campaign. We will however provide the necessary tools to make translation into other languages easy.
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Apr 8 @ 1:01pm
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Agronom Sep 3 @ 5:07am 
like&vote! gimme one this
Simisti Sep 3 @ 4:45am 
<3 gimme this one :<
Clown Goon #1 Sep 1 @ 10:13pm 
I love how your game almost looks like it was made of legos :D VOTED UP!
Pandaren Aug 28 @ 8:59am 
KodduX Aug 26 @ 10:03am 
This game has great potential and Linux support, voted!
=7Cav=PFC.Leiker.M Aug 25 @ 10:26am 
Very interesting concept to combine MMO and Sandbox
Zegnagod Aug 25 @ 1:59am 
Needs a lot of work--in the right direction. I've never liked a single voxel game in my life--this might be interesting. I'm not saying no--but I'll check back later.
Zegnagod Aug 25 @ 1:56am 
you have a typo in your trailor "kicktarter" rather than "kickstarter"
Darkguyed001 Aug 12 @ 7:37pm 
its pretty good but more stuff might need adding
rnkn-alba Jul 26 @ 11:26am