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Farting Boomer sound mod
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Feb 26 @ 11:45am
Mar 2 @ 6:51am
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Want somthing more funny out of the Boomer? Here you go, the Farting Boomer and Boomette
Note that the video is not exactly the product (it's an older version), but you'll get the idea.
This one has a farting Boomette as well to double the lolz of disgusting blows of wind form an ♥♥♥♥. Gross but hilarious. And even tampering around in FL Studio and Goldwave for when they vomit makes the grotesque fun even MOAR GROTESQUE EVEN BETTER WHEN THEY EXPLODE AND MAKE A LOUD GROTESQUE FART!! . HAVE FUN!
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Vintage Sniper  [author] Aug 9 @ 11:21am 
yeah that was part of the idea!!!
Papaminas Aug 8 @ 5:24pm 
omg, only today I noticed: boomer FARTS his SONG when spawning!
*fart fart fart fart FAAAAAART - suspenseful silenced followed by more farts*
Papaminas Aug 6 @ 11:55pm 
I dont even consider this a mod. Its like a MANDATORY PATCH for the boomer, wich just feels incomplete withouth it xD. 5 stars!
Stormbringer Jun 27 @ 11:38pm 
best mod ever, makes the Boomer more realistic. spewing nasty farts along with his burps adds the sence that its a ticking timebomb ready to explode.
SWEG swag Jun 5 @ 9:34am 
perfect for the boomer sense hes so darn fat
Igloo (CZ) Apr 19 @ 3:09am 
Farted at this video loudly lol
{patater} MARTINI MAN Apr 18 @ 6:26am 
*fffffflllllppppt* Zoey: FIRE IN THE HOLE!

pfft, he better wipe if its gonna feel like fire later
Reckless Lettuce Feb 28 @ 10:58pm 
"We can use this as an opportunity" *fart* "worth the wait"
Vintage Sniper  [author] Feb 27 @ 11:58pm 
Yep double the fun