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99 Waves to Die
Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 26 @ 4:41am
May 4 @ 4:43pm

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99 Waves to Die now on Linux
Indie Royale Debut Bundle 11
Release date: Available now
What is 99 Waves to Die?

99 Waves to Die is a twin stick arcade shooter, inspired by the arcade games, and 8-bit home consoles & computers of the 1980's.

Remember when video games used to be insanely difficult?

When you used to spend $’s in the local arcade trying to get the high score?

When having your three letter initials/acronym at the top of the table meant you were the king?

Well we do, and that is why we have created 99 Waves to Die.

A ship, 3 lives, limited smart-bombs and scarce power-ups is all you have to try and survive the waves of enemies that rally against you.

With voxel based graphics, inspired by 80′s video game classics & excellent 8-bit audio fx, 99 Waves to Die will take you back to those seedy, dark, smoke filled arcades of your childhood. Re-live the 80′s heyday of the arcade, but without the quarters.

Can you survive to see Wave 99?

Additional Information

99 Waves to Die was originally released on Google Play Store ( for Android Phones & Tablets and OUYA in October 2013. In January 2014 we released the PC Version on a number of online stores. The PC version has a number of improvements over the mobile/tablet version and has been optimised to support both Keyboard & Mouse controls, and Xbox 360 Joypad.

The game is currently available on ( & IndieGameStand ( and is coming soon to Desura. If we are Greenlit on Steam, we aim to price the game the same as on the other stores, and anyone purchasing on other stores will receive Steam keys when the game is Greenlit.

If you want to try the game for yourself, before voting, please download the demo version from our website at Just extract the zip-file to a folder on your pc and run 99wavesToDie_windows.exe.

What are people saying?

"99 Waves to Die nails the old style experience but brings in a updated graphical flair while still looking 8bit." "8/10" - AppStore Arcade

"Serving up enough retro shoot-’em-up action to satisfy any Android gamer’s blam-blam cravings..." "...Well worth a download for any nostalgic Android gamer" - AppStorm's 7 Most criminally underplayed games on Android.

"It's retro-tastic! Reminds me of Bitmap Bros Classic Xenon, mixed up with Galaga and Geometry Wars -- Love it!" - 100% Indie

"I highly recommend 99 Waves! It’s a great nostalgic and modernized experience which I am sure an arcades junkie will enjoy very well!" - - Developer Q&A with IGM Mobile
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CUSS BROTHER Jun 6 @ 10:10pm 
Robotron did it better thirty years ago. This is about what you'd expect from a computer science midterm assignment or one of those floppy disk shareware games from the 90s. The inter-wave tune has a genuine early-80s arcade feel to it, but that's about the only positive thing I can think of.
icnivadodranoel May 17 @ 3:30am 
Iguana Lee Apr 9 @ 2:31pm 
99 waves to die. nice word play. I'd play this.
Ninja Stu Mar 16 @ 1:26am 
I like these types of games.

Although I do find it funny when certain users feel the need to loudly complain about anything with retro graphics. Having terrible taste in games isn't really something to boast about.
[PG] Havenbrook Mar 13 @ 11:21pm 
*Sigh* To many games like this out already. Didnt spend 2 grand on a gaming right to play games like this. We dont need more retro games.
artanis Mar 13 @ 6:07pm 
ReaLm is just waiting for the next crapfest AAA game rail shooter? Sad times.
Brutalface Mar 13 @ 11:20am 
+1 to rednavi's comment :)
=[T$CElite]= Rednavi Mar 13 @ 9:14am 
Jesus Christ shut the hell up ReaLm. I like the PC because it's a platform where I can play virtually ANYTHING. From retro to current games. Who in the hell are YOU to tell us what to play? YOUR kind is what ruins the steam community. Don't like it? Don't fucking buy it. Is that simple. Be more fucking respectful for fucks sake...
;) Mar 11 @ 12:56pm 
I don't know when will these stupid developers understand the difference between STEAM and google play. no body paid at least 1000 dollars for a pc to play these low budget/ low graphics games
stick to google play and stay the hell away from steam, you are RUINING STEAM!
SwinBob72  [author] Mar 7 @ 6:18am 
@Jimbos - not sure where you are getting that it will cost '10x the amount' of the mobile version from. The game will be the same price on Steam, as it is on, IndieGameStand, Desura & OUYA i.e. $2.99 or your regional equivalent.