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I got into collecting daggers in skyrim, so I put this collection together to show the ones that I use and rate

I'm including some retextures, the good ones which make the daggers look truely unique.

There's some mods listed here at the end of the collection which contain more than just daggers, but the daggers NEED to be in this collection.

I'm also including my favourite player castle as it has the best place to displkay daggers that I have seen.

Please remember to give these modders a green thumb to show your apreciation for their contribution to our experience in skyrim.

Maybe you'll see some mods here you might otherwise not have noticed.
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Orgnums Dagger
Created by Gechbal
King Orgnum, a deathless wizard who is said to be the Serpent God of the Satakal, you have found his dagger !

Theres now a one handed sword, called Orgnum's Blade it can be found at Mount Anthor and the daggers can be found at Eldersblood Peak.

I did...
Darker Than Black Dagger
Created by Rafael De Jongh
Darker Than Black Dagger

This special customized dagger is property of Hei also known as "The Black Reaper" and originates from Darker Than Black.

You can forge this dagger at any furnace under the Ebony Category for only one ...
Follet's Twodent
Created by Rafael De Jongh
A dark mage called Follet created this unique double bladed dagger which was originally bestowed upon the dragonborn, however it fell into the wrong hands of Hermaeus Mora who turned the magical dagger into something fearsome and unknown to the outside wor...
KxK Pain Dagger
Created by KaXaK
Dark brotherhood reward dagger mod enchant, skin and FXshader.
Enchant :
-Fear lvl 100 and below 6 secondes.
-Illusion damages 20 damages 6 secondes.

*update 19/02/2013 contain both français/english version. thx to comment if english peoples watch te...
Rumplestiltskin's Dagger
Created by _HJP_
This mod adds Rumplestiltskin`s Dagger from the TV show Once Upon A Time


- Found in the crafting menu under the steel category.
- Has a soul trap enchatment.
- Can be tempered if you have the steel smithing perk.

My username o...
The Wolfbane
Created by johnskyrim
If you like my mods, please give me a like on Facebook!


The Wolfbane is a dagger that was originally from Runescape. It was used to prevent the townsfolk of Canifis from morphing into Werewol...
Black Sting
Created by ImsumDave
This mod adds 2 Black Sting swords, 2 Black Sting Daggers, and 1 Black Sting Greatsword to Skyrim. They can be found very near to the shadow stone (one of the standing stones), along with a book which explains a little bit about how they got where they are...
Jarl's Dagger
Created by Corrosive Salad
Hi there! I made this model as practice for my Maya course, but I figured, now that I've made it, I might as well stuff it in Skyrim. So here it is.

The stats are more or less identical to an Elven dagger. It can be found in the Jarl of Riften's bedroom...
Sabre Cat Tooth Dagger
Created by Valmit
V.T has dropped another treasure from his arsenal. A dagger made of the very Sabre's that give Sabre Cat's their fatal bite. However, unlike the other items so far this dagger needs to be crafted with steel methods and anybody who doesn't know how to smith...
The Fang of Haynekhtnamet
Created by (^-.-)>
"Black Marsh was once known to be inhabited with what the Argonians called the Wamasus. Northern men considered them to be intelligent dragons with lightning for blood. One such mighty beast, Haynekhtnamet, was slain by the Northern men, though it took 7 d...
Astral Dagger
Created by Time Stalker
The Dawnstar Sanctuary reveals yet another secret possession of the Dark Brotherhood...a mysterious dagger forged from black meteoric iron, powerful and swift in its own right but also bestowed with a health- and stamina-absorbing enchantment. Its blade g...
KxK Red Dragon dagger
Created by KaXaK[]

A dagger craftable at forge with dwarven skill craft. Damages are based on dragon bone dagger.

KA-BAR (dagger)
Created by Kyzer
This is a USMC KA-BAR styled dagger for Skyrim.
Obviously not lore friendly.
United States of Skyrim?
or..United States of Tamriel..?

Either way

Detailed mesh, detailed texture.
Used a couple different references, including images from Google and...
Celestial Dagger
Created by Time Stalker
This is the brother to the Astral Dagger, nearly an exact opposite in terms of coloration of both the dagger and its scabbard. The damage power and speed of the daggers are the same, but the enchantment on the Celestial Dagger is the Chillrend enchantment...
New Nightingale Weapon - Nightingale Shiv
Created by Dr3vvn45ty
Version 1.5


Available on Skyrim Nexus:



Once you have ...
The Daggers of Asganoth
Created by M1 Garand Ping

These daggers found within the walls of the Lost City were each forged in the fires of asganoth to serve a holy and deadly purpose.

'Diilkriid', the Blade of Light can be found in a Falmer loot chest in Saarthal, guarded by the anc...
Cyrodilic Steel Dagger
Created by fuccboi
Cyrodilic Steel Dagger
This dagger is inspired by the Cyrodilic Steel Dagger from TES:IV. After the Oblivion crisis had ended, and with it the 3rd Era, blacksmiths found new and more cost-effective ways of creating steel daggers. And so, the iconic...
Lifelike Knives
Created by VegaBiggs
Hi guys!
This is my very fist mod, hope you like it!

In the game, Lifelike Knives are craftable iron daggers with a very short reach but a good damage ratio and a devastating critic stat.

Tel me if you want to see more of this here:
Sven's lost dagger
Created by KottN
Sven has lost his beloved dagger, in his last visit to dragonreach. go and see if you can find it.

This is not a quest, this an Retexture of the vanilla iron dagger.

this mod is for you who want a little special dagger to play around with.

this is...
Ebony and Ivory
Created by Spikeypie
This mod adds two new weapons to Skyrim. It adds an Ebony dagger(absorb health) and a retextured ebony dagger called Ivory (frost damage). These can be found in Whiterun hall of the dead on the alter to the right.
Can now be tempered....
Misa's Venom pack
Created by calpol
A very venomous pack of spells and weapons

- Kumo Kiba a dagger
- Kumo Tsubaki powerful arrows
- Cure poison effects
- Create a Spider
- Spider poison spell...
Sotha Sil's Mageblade
Created by Unburied
Adds a powerful, and somewhat balanced mage's weapon. Sotha Sil's Mageblade is an ancient weapon that was used by Sotha Sil prior to achieving apotheosis with the Heart of Lorkhan.

| Detailed Description |
Finesse and Spider's Heart from Dragon Age 2
Created by Rand0mNumbers
My first character in Dragon Age 2 was a Rogue. There was just something cathartic about jumping 15 ft across a battle to plant my daggers into someone's neck. So, here are a couple of my favorite hole punchers: Finesse and Spider's Heart.

About 1.5k po...
The Murder Knife from Dragon Age 2
Created by Rand0mNumbers
Your favorite Dragon Age 2 plot device is now in your hands...minus the instakill.

640 polys (1.2k tris) with a 1024x2048 texture. This was based on the Dragon Age 2 version of the knife. I used screenshots I took ingame and some from the Dragon Age wik...
Altair`s Dagger from Assassin's Creed
Created by Shrinkingcash
Instalation: Drag the data-folder into Skyrims main directory
Description: Wield the dagger of one of the assassins and become as deadly as him. With Altair's dagger become one with the eagle, slay all your foes in one deadly dance.

How to obtain: This...
Rambo's Knife
Created by Darth Martyr
Rambo's Knife from First Blood Part II.

First use "help rambo" in the console w/o quotes.

Then use "player.additem X 1" w/o quotes (replace X with the FormID you get from finding "Rambo's Knife")....
The macho dagger
Created by Christoph
On the floor in warmaidens, by the table and chair is the most broken weapon EU west, you will literally xX-Macho-Man-Xx your pets as every time you swing it, it screams ooh yeah, it is also very strong and will make you moist

10/10 - Hulk Hogan

Standalone09s Claw Dagger
Created by Standalone09
The Claw ]by Standalone09


video by izon87604 thanks dude!


So here you have a custom hand made dagger of awesomeneesseses :D...
Alice: Madness Returns - Vorpal Blade/Hobby Horse
**** ALL MATERIAL USED IS COPYRIGHT OF Spicy Horse/Electronic Arts ****

The "Vorpal Blade" from "Alice: Madness Returns" and also all 4 version of the "Hobby Horse".

- Vorpal blade has very fast attack speed and it also absorbs life from the enemy....
Nordic Bronze Dagger
Created by [CCL]TlKGames
The 3rd installment of my bronze retextures.

This dagger is a standalone weapon, so it won't replace anything.

It's quick, but does a little less damage than steel version. It also has higher crit hit damage and crit hit chance.

This is the first...
Khukuri Blades
Created by Odious T
Get ready to cut a b!tch, Gurkha-style.

Two balanced lore-friendly steel blades based on the forward curving Nepalese weapons.

* One dagger with sheath - ideal for thieves, alchemists and homesteaders.
* One sword (sirupate) for the more heroic type...
Shirasaya Blades
Created by MeerkatQueen
Hi everybody! :) This is my very first mod for Skyrim (I just started with 3D and modding). This mod is very simple, but I hope you will like it. :)

=== Shirasaya Blades ===

Try new Shirasaya Blades! There is Katana Shirasaya (one-handed sword) and...
tom349 fist weapons
Created by tom349
This mod adds sets of fist weapons to Skyrim. They are standalone, craftable, upgradable, and can be found in the smithing menu.

The weapons are based on daggers and so are affected by one-handed and dagger related skills (stealth damage etc.).

Alternate Blade of Woe
Created by churchofsmalldog
--Alternate Blade of Woe--

This replaces the Blade of Woe, a unique dagger awarded to the player by the Dark Brotherhood. I thought the original looked too Orcish and did not live up to its namesake. Further, its health-drain enchantment was hardly us...
Palace of the Dovahkiin (Dawnguard Friendly) and more.
Created by G20
A player Castle guarded by three leveled dragons (the key is inside one). DLC friendly but NO DLC necessary.
There's too much to list here..
Hundereds of weapon racks and Male and female mannequins, items inside include playable giant clubs, greybeard, ...
Standalone09s Dagger of Tiime
Created by Standalone09


videos by Gruntlock, dptheslothking and achievementtrap thank you guys!!! :)


First of all pls guys i need your op...
Night Blade, for Cordelia
Created by jreese46
This adds Night Blade, an ebony dagger with a deep red blade, the malevolent creation of an ancient vampire. Night Blade bestows upon its owner the ability to calm their victims, and when the moons are out, steals their very life force.

Night Blade is f...
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Reminds me of the CsGo knife thin. Hahahha
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these are brilliant, i would subscribe to them all but i have too many mods and have had to get rid of some
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Yeah, this is a pretty great collection. Thanks for including my old dagger even if it is not as nice as the others.
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Fantastic collection, the amount of diverse and stunning daggers in this are stunning!