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Half-Life 2 : Awakening
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 25 @ 6:16am
Apr 29 @ 8:46am
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Questions and anwsers:
1. Why submit this mod to Greenlight?
Well because I can.
And since file hosts seem to die out, this way players can still try out the mod and its even easyer to install.

2. Are there any updates since the 1.1 release?
Sadly no, I would love to update the mod to current standards and replace the voice acting, but I lost the source files to modify the levels. I still have the HDD and I think its an electrical failure and who knows, maybe someday I have enough cash to pay for a data retrieval.

Also I am currently working on my own indie game Spheritis [] (almost ready for release) so I simply have no time to do any updates.

3. You also made custom levels for other Valve titles? Where can I find those?
I made many custom content for Valve titles and was also part of the Insurgency mod team.
Check my personal website []

4. Will you release more free content?
Not likely, I have been itching to mod the The Witcher 2 or convert my own Counter-Strike Source levels to Counter Strike Global Offensive, but I simply do not have the time anymore. (See question 2)

Release date: first release 2007 Steam release Summer 2014 hopefully
In this Free mod, released in 2007, you play as Adrian Shepard right before Gordon Freeman arrives in City 17.
Its also a bit of an Antlion origin story.
Note that future official releases in the Half-Life saga might contradict with this mod.

The mod should have a playtime of roughly one hour leading you trough a intro and 5 playable levels.
Starting at a underground complex much like Black Mesa, leading you trough a outdoor snow environment into a Russian submarine base, an early combine citadel structure and a ancient location that the combine is researching.
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Apr 12 @ 5:18pm
Linux support?
Toost Inc.
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eat a potato Sep 16 @ 3:53pm 
eat a potato Sep 16 @ 3:53pm 
ozreet44 Sep 3 @ 4:11am 
what di i need to play this
hewkii777 Aug 29 @ 2:12pm 
oh and antlions are from xen by the way.
hewkii777 Aug 29 @ 2:11pm 
I NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carnage Aug 23 @ 7:37am 
Seems nice, Good luck!
But try to add some more effort in the description to make people attracted to it some more
swenor Aug 23 @ 5:23am 
Great mod. Really fun and atmospheric. Definitely worth time.
[CV_UA] Tased Aug 18 @ 11:48am 
должно быть круто)
Bluestrike  [author] Aug 15 @ 12:10am 
I would need to have access to better voice actors and I am unsure if I have to redo the choreo scenes for lip sync.
Brickinator Aug 14 @ 3:36pm 
It saddens me how people put so much work into these and then morons drown it out with copy-paste spam. Anyway, I remember playing this a few years ago and it was pretty good. If the reason why you can't change the voices is because you no longer have the VMF files, can't you just decompile the BSPs?