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Rehearsals and Returns
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 4 @ 8:30am

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Release date: April 4, 2014
Rehearsals and Returns is a videogame about conversations that will never take place. This non-power fantasy invites players to say something explicitly nice, mean, or wise to various people alive and dead such as Genghis Khan, Hillary Clinton, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Leni Riefenstahl.
Games let us explore all sorts of fantasies, and Rehearsals and Returns - as both a pensive platformer and inexplicable matching game - lets us ponder the shortest of exchanges, including the ones we cannot revisit. These days modern media lets us share all of our thoughts, but what would you say if no one was listening?
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Apr 5 @ 1:04pm
sobre o jogo
May 12 @ 4:03pm
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DaHoboAtWalMart Aug 21 @ 8:11am 
A shame this page isn't getting many updates anymore. R&R is so unique in that the players draw their own meaning to it, rather than having the game give the player a meaning, like in most traditional games.

Tharock1 Jul 18 @ 7:25pm 
I am not found at all with the art style and I feel that the introduction vid is not necisary.
fnc Jul 16 @ 9:55pm 
borin.. sorry
GOLD Jul 13 @ 1:00pm 
Nice game, voted
Lenkdrache Jul 8 @ 12:19pm 
Sadly, I have to agree with Morbus47.
Morbus47 Jul 6 @ 3:31pm 
All these stupid games that should be a free web browser game. This is why Steam is going to shit.
Ace Jun 5 @ 5:12am 
Maladroit Cheerer-Upper Jun 2 @ 1:19am 
There was a conversation about this game on the Co-optional Podcast with Criken recently, and I wish I'd heard about it earlier even.
Raigeki May 31 @ 4:14pm 
Seems interesting Upvoted!
sandwichdoctorz May 28 @ 7:43pm 
criken brought me here XD