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Sword Art Online Music Replacer(Beta)
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Feb 23, 2014 @ 8:11pm
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Sword Art Online Music Replacer(Beta)

This Mod changes all music and some sound effects in the game.

The Music includes

Track: Crossing Field (Instrumental)
Artist: Lisa
Album: Crossing Field (Anime Sword Art Online Opening Theme)



1. A Narrow Escape
2. Fight!
3. Luminous Sword
4. Confront Battle
5. Critical Phase
6. Fight With a Devil

Boss Combat:

1. Swordland
2. We Have to Defeat It
3. False King
4. Have to Win


1. A Squabble
2. A Tense Situation
3. He Rules Us
4. Taut Nerves
5. A Close Battle
6. Stand At Bay
7. Evil

Exploring (Day):

1. Smile for Me
2. Survive the Swordland
3. March Down
4. A Tender Feeling
5. Everyday Life
6. ALfheim Online
7. Friendly Feeling
8. Peace
9. She's Still Sleeping

Exploring (Dusk):

1. At Nightfall
2. Past Sadness
3. Dance With Me

Exploring (Dawn):

1. Survive in Swordland
2. ALfheim Online

Exploring (Night):

1. In Your Past
2. Yui
3. A Tiny Love
4. Gracefully
5. At Nightfall
6. Past Sadness
7. Dance With Me


1: Last Fight


1. Smile for Me
2. The First Town
3. March Down


1. The First Town
2. Town in the Morning
3. Survive the Swordland
4. Everyday Life
5. Peace


1. Strategy Meeting
2. To the World Tree

I'm open to requests and ways I can make the experience of SAO more enjoyable!

Also, I will be able to add the Gun Gale Online soundtrack to this when Sword Art Online II comes out.
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for all those having trouble with this mod just run your skyrim launcher and click on Data then activate the mod
Sorey Jun 29 @ 12:22am 
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Rita Mordio Jun 10 @ 8:47am 
how do i make this mod work all i hear is the regular soundtrack please help
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Mate this is awesome , you deserve some bacon and an up vote ^_^
VikingDream - OuchThatHurt May 2 @ 12:29am 
Ah ty for the reply ...I added Asuna from nexus ;) Skyrim Art Online is alive
EdwardMcjagger  [author] May 1 @ 4:30pm 
@VikingDream - OuchThatHurt
If you want the vocal version(and music from Sword Art Online II), then go to my other mods and look at "Sword Art Online Music Replacer: Beater Edition". It's pretty neat.
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Oh hell yeah now i feel like Kittytoe(once heard it can never be unheard) now I just need Asuna and Yui followers and a house on floor 24 i believe it is and my life is complete.

Oculus may not be nerve gear but it's still time for Game Starto

Ty for this sound overhaul and could you please get the vocal version for the title theme ;)
SiN | Gabers100 Apr 28 @ 7:16am 
That'd be pretty cool. Gotta love this though, prefert the first season of SAO than the second.
BCMFTaCtIcZZ Apr 10 @ 8:34pm 
if it's not to much to ask for could you put the theme song with vocals in?