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Sword Art Online Music Replacer(Beta)
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Feb 23 @ 8:11pm
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This Mod changes all music and some sound effects in the game.

The Music includes

Track: Crossing Field (Instrumental)
Artist: Lisa
Album: Crossing Field (Anime Sword Art Online Opening Theme)



1. A Narrow Escape
2. Fight!
3. Luminous Sword
4. Confront Battle
5. Critical Phase
6. Fight With a Devil

Boss Combat:

1. Swordland
2. We Have to Defeat It
3. False King
4. Have to Win


1. A Squabble
2. A Tense Situation
3. He Rules Us
4. Taut Nerves
5. A Close Battle
6. Stand At Bay
7. Evil

Exploring (Day):

1. Smile for Me
2. Survive the Swordland
3. March Down
4. A Tender Feeling
5. Everyday Life
6. ALfheim Online
7. Friendly Feeling
8. Peace
9. She's Still Sleeping

Exploring (Dust):

1. At Nightfall
2. Past Sadness
3. Dance With Me

Exploring (Dawn):

1. Survive in Swordland
2. ALfheim Online

Exploring (Night):

1. In Your Past
2. Yui
3. A Tiny Love
4. Gracefully
5. At Nightfall
6. Past Sadness
7. Dance With Me


1: Last Fight


1. Smile for Me
2. The First Town
3. March Down


1. The First Town
2. Town in the Morning
3. Survive the Swordland
4. Everyday Life
5. Peace


1. Strategy Meeting
2. To the World Tree

I'm open to requests and ways I can make the experience of SAO more enjoyable!

Also, I will be able to add the Gun Gale Online soundtrack to this when Sword Art Online II comes out.
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OdysseyXZ Dec 5 @ 7:10am 
Such a great mod. Thank you!
Mechanical Beast Nov 30 @ 4:33pm 
it would be awesome if you added lyrics to the songs. like the singing part
Mechanical Beast Nov 30 @ 1:33pm 
i fucking love this already!
urbanshadow01 Nov 28 @ 7:30pm 
love this mod only thing i noticed is that when i enter new cells/fast travel the music tones change a bit to much idk know if you can fix that or if has always been like that i always had the music all the way down, as i said amazing mod :)
桜さま Nov 28 @ 2:09pm 
japanese ?
Black Christ Nov 27 @ 6:00pm 
8/8 m8 gr8 cr8tion.
Death'sMasterpiece Nov 20 @ 8:11pm 
thanks a lot for the tip
Kirito  [author] Nov 17 @ 3:54pm 
Do you mean that you downloaded this mod and you do not hear a change in the music, or you downloaded the music addon version mod and still hear skyrim music? Because the addon version adds SAO music to the skyrim music that is already there, if you only want SAO music, then use this mod instead of the addon version.
Naomi Ackerman (Jayla91) Nov 16 @ 8:45pm 
Hey I downloaded your other version of this mod... and... well... I don't know if the music works. I deleted the attack on titan music replacer, and I don't hear a real difference in the music... course i haven't really listened to the normal skyrim music.
Kirito  [author] Nov 16 @ 1:38pm 
that means that one of your other mods conflicts with this one, if you have any other mods that edit sounds, music or even the main menu, I would delete them.