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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 22 @ 11:56pm
Jun 13 @ 1:49pm

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Release date: April 30, 2014
Enjoy the full game for FREE, no strings attached! SanctuaryRPG has been released, and has been receiving weekly updates! The game is not ad-supported, nor does it have any in-app purchases. We're simply trying to get this on Steam so that more individuals can experience the roots of the PC RPG genre.

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"Robotics pets? Craft beer? Ownership of outlets capable of legally selling such alcoholic beverages? ASCII graphics strange from our childhood? Well, sure. I can’t say no to that."
-RockPaperShotgun (Press)

5 out of 5, Impressive application of ASCII graphics, an engaging soundtrack, and a sleek and challenging combat system.” (Press)

9 out of 10, SanctuaryRPG is a game worth talking about. While at its core it’s a simple concept, it is packed full of entertainment. ” (Press)

4 out of 5, SanctuaryRPG is a thoroughly designed and mind boggling deep role playing epic. It goes to show that beauty is only skin deep, as the game feels far more thorough, immense and fully-realized than most RPGs today. [SanctuaryRPG] shines in its gameplay and ingenious design.”


SanctuaryRPG™ is a critically acclaimed strategic turn-based monster slaying and dungeon crawling adventure set in the retro ASCII-art world of Sanctuary.

Drawing heavy inspiration from both Roguelikes and Japanese RPGs, the developers have poured over 10,000 hours of work into the game, meticulously designing every aspect to offer a truly compelling and deeply replayable gameplay experience.

With dynamic combat, hilarious dialogue, and plenty of weapons at your disposal, this is truly the most ambitious ASCII-art RPG of 2014.


Core Features
  • Enjoy a blast from the past with retro ASCII graphics
  • Travel through vast dungeons with classic roguelike action
  • Experience hundreds of hours of immersive gameplay
  • Put your strategies to work with a sleek combat system
  • Over 160 class and race combinations to experiment with
  • Wreck your enemies with over 1400 weapons and armors
  • Rock out to an original 8-bit chiptune soundtrack

Bonus Features
  • Collect achievements for no reason whatsoever
  • Forge weapons with a skill-based crafting system
  • Test your might in a ranked matchmaking mode
  • Both casual and permadeath game modes
  • Customize and utilize robotic pets in battle
  • Fully featured and dynamic economy simulation
  • Sell craft beers and run your own tavern
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Jun 15 @ 7:10am
+ laguages?
Mar 6 @ 6:54pm
Cool game idea, reminds me of MUSHes
< >
Arra^ZI.nG Jul 9 @ 4:10pm 
nice game! go to steam pls
theonewolf Jul 9 @ 10:01am 
Wow! A modern spin on a true rogeulike game :-) This is awesome! I wanted something that is truly ASCII-based, but would take away all the major pain-points of the old rogues (tough to learn, lots of anti-fun features like hunger etc.) and spin it into a really fun game!
Sparkey Jul 4 @ 5:33am 
I cant download it, it takes me back to their itch site D:
#SeduceMe! | Uber Jun 29 @ 4:22am 
Plus, this is the ebst soundtrack I ever listened to...
#SeduceMe! | Uber Jun 29 @ 3:34am 
Awesome game! However I deleted everything on my computer and installed it again, zand now I can't download the exclusive wallpaper :( Still good, thanks, blackshell.
Angluca Jun 28 @ 11:07pm 
Mac port please.
DarkRaven215 Jun 25 @ 1:32pm 
A great game, I've been searching for an amazing and polished ASCII adventure like this for months and I finally found it! And guess what? It is amazing.
AdianX Jun 17 @ 11:19am 
Such a fun game. It's surprising how much fun you can have in a text-based RPG. :D
EpicSlice™ Jun 16 @ 5:45pm 
This game has been amazing all the times I've played it, I really hope it gets on Steam!
Jonathan Crow Jun 16 @ 3:43am 
Honestly, I was expecting much from a game of this style, but when I actually played it I found it very humorous and the game play is extremely addictive. I will definitely be making a lets play of this to help highlight/showcase the great work of the developers. I'm looking forward to seeing more from Black Shell Games! It would have been amazing if they had animated the artwork, for example when you get into a fight, that would have blown my mind! The only thing I really think is missing, is a guide, to help you understand item colours and levels! Only a minor hindrance though! Bravo!