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Tiger Knight
Feb 21 @ 12:55am
Mar 19 @ 11:04am
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Tiger Knight Got Greenlit and to Launch on Steam Soon!
Release date: 2014.10
Tiger Knight

Adopted the stateof-the-art game engine, Unreal 3, the real 3Dbattlefield experience is achieved in an onlinegame, and it genuinely restores the ancientbattlefield and the legendary troop of TigerKnights. The beauty of cold weapon war is fullydemonstrated in a magnificent fashion.

Key Features


·Hundred vs. Hundred, experiencing the overwhelming battles!

The game has supported factions war, 5 players from each faction lead 20 AI characters to war, making the
battlefield team with hundreds of fighters on the same screen. Players are going to lead their soldiers with
skills and strategy to defeat enemies, which marks the significance of leadership.

·Speed vs. Skills, inspiring Grinding!

Player vs. Player, the basic combat will be oneon-one, from which up to 64 vs. 64, offering all kinds of mixed game plays. No matter you’re on a team or fight alone, your capability of deploying tactics and using strategy will be challenged.

· Strategic Plays All the Way!

Diversity of weaponries and counter-relations have been restored based on ancient battles in history. Multifarious strategic plays go along with the advantageous terrain, no matter the rangers charge forward or troopers rally from behind, it all depends on how you lead them!

· Third person action controls,which satisfies your craving for the heroic story about fighting on the horseback!

Battles will take place in the third person view, which allows players to use mouse to navigate in four different directions to initiate attack or block, along with combo attacks, spirit focus, charge, kick, etc. Fighting on the horseback allows 360 degrees attack, offering multiple types of weapon for choose, and giving you the realest experience and unparalleled fun in battles.

· Minimum:

OS: WindowsXp or newer
Processor: Intel I3 or better
Memory: 2048 MB RAM
Graphics: GeForce gt 450 or better
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 5GB available space
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