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Brutal Nature
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Feb 20 @ 5:36pm
Mar 19 @ 3:06am

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Brutal Nature Releases 0.40!
  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added electricity.
  • Added Wire placement system.
  • Added a better building placement system.
  • Added depth dependent sub regions and moved the majority of ores underground.
  • Added 'Kaolin' clay as a new terrain material.
  • Added 'Mud Bricks' and 'Fire Bricks'.
  • Added Refractory mortar.
  • Added 2.5KW and 10KW Generators
  • Added Wall Light
  • Added Junction box and Ceiling junction box.
  • Added sound effect for running generator, along with start up and shutdown sounds.
  • Added 5 new terrain textures.
  • Added 2 new grass textures.
  • Added 4 new rock models.
  • Added forge model
  • Added an electric powered smelter to the game.
  • Added stone and mud bricks to the game. Both made at the table.
  • Added new intermediate table and basic forge.
  • Added stop button to smelters.
  • Changed tons of recipes.
  • Changed terrain generation.
  • Double clicking a fuel now adds the exact amount needed if a recipe has been selected.
  • Better handling of low FPS movement.
  • Left/Right arrow keys now change tab in GUI.
  • Updated Angelscript to 2.28.2.
  • Moved Esc menu buttons around.
  • Changed the grass texture and
  • Increased texture scale on the terrain by 2x.
  • Reduced running speed slightly.
  • Halved speed of mining.
  • Server now saves/loads spawn points.
  • Changed each recipe to have a min/max tech level to make it.
  • Changed each building to have a tech level for crafting.
  • Changed fuel to be consumed gradually instead of at once.
  • Rewrote how crafting is handled. Now smelters store all items while crafting is in progress.
  • Rewrote some terrain code so that flora selection can be separated from ore selection in the configuration files.
  • Removed Alumina requirement from building recipes.
  • Fixed bug where subregions where not being loaded properly
  • Fixed a small movement bug where it was sometimes preventing you from entering narrow caves and door ways.
  • Fixed grapple billboarding to properly face the camera.
  • Fixed enter key not working in crafting amount select box.
  • Fixed extra ammo click when out of ammo and loading up individual cartridge weapon like the shotgun.
  • Fixed Players/objects/etc disappearing under water
  • Fixed bug in recipes that required water.

Brutal Nature Releases 0.39!
  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added Options Menu
  • Added beds. Clicking on a bed now sets your spawn point and shows up as a point on your radar.
  • Added New installer for client.
  • Added sound for active smelters and campfires.
  • Added drop down list control
  • Added support for saving settings to Brutal Nature.cfg
  • Added mouse wheel scrolling support to list box and scroll bar control.
  • Added check box control.
  • Added Slider control.
  • Added scripted support for adding sound to objects.
  • Added chairs.
  • Added instant Player death if he leaves world bounds.
  • Added Grapple disconnecting if the object or terrain its connected to is destroyed.
  • Added Buy Game button to escape menu.
  • Added small delay before client can move after server moves the player a large distance.
  • Changed Esc to clear chat.
  • Changed Backspace to no longer close chat when empty.
  • Rewrote movement and grapple code.
  • Rewrote escape menu.
  • Rewrote the backup player collision code used when a player is inside terrain.
  • Reduced vertex memory used by water by 75%
  • Reduced terrain damage caused by grapple hook.
  • Removed hard coding of terrain texture locations.
  • Improved error reporting on missing mod files.
  • Lowered the precision that most numbers are displayed as.
  • Lowered jump endurance usage by 30%.
  • Moved FPS counter slightly.
  • Locked edit distance in standard edit mode to prevent confusing state where standard edit mode behaves poorly.
  • Fixed Party menu to now show name of party you are in when you rejoin the game.
  • Fixed walking sounds not controlled by volume controls.
  • Fixed bug where the ocean was surrounded by walls.
  • Fixed object culling using frustum of last frame instead of current frame.
  • Fixed leak in flush branches function
  • Fixed cavern generator producing disconnected caverns.

Brutal nature is a multiplayer survival game with voxel based terrain to mine for resources, destroy with weapons and place to form structures. Featuring realistic natural environments and rich engaging combat, it blends PVP and PVE game play with resource gathering and detailed but easy to use crafting.

The Landscape is a smooth voxel terrain that you can mine for resources, make caves, destroy with weapons, blow up with explosives and place to build structures up to thousands of feet in any direction. Build towers miles tall and mine far into the depths of the earth with our easy to use terrain editing controls.

Realism will be strived for but not allowed to stand in the way of fun. Game play will be tunable from highly realistic to arcade style fun by an easy to use modding system.

Inspired by Fallout, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress, We wish to bring you a game with complex depth and exciting combat in a modern age realistic world. We heavily support modding and have made the game exceptionally easy to mod. All vanilla content is essentially a mod that can be removed, edited or replaced.

Featuring a rich but easy to use crafting system with over 520 recipes you can craft just about anything in the game from ammo to any of the 71 weapons!

Brutal Nature is currently free to play while in alpha but development is supported entirely by pre-orders, So pre-order your copy today!
New versions are released every 2 to 4 weeks so come back frequently to check on our progress!

Check out our home page at for more information, Free download of the current version and our daily development blog!
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icefire-231 Apr 20 @ 2:30pm 
eee Voted
Cybotic Tech-MechX9 Apr 13 @ 11:40pm 
@Black_moons Awesome thx! Hope it gets greenlit! Its an awesome game.
Black_moons  [author] Apr 13 @ 1:17am 
Cybotic: Yes of course. It is pretty much already included you just need to enable test/worms mode in the and file of the server. You don't get infinite resources to build with yet, but do you do get a pickaxe that lets you mine HUGE areas near instantly with no endurance usage, so you can get however much resources you need in seconds.
Cybotic Tech-MechX9 Apr 12 @ 9:21pm 
Will there be a sandbox mode where we can blast away at the terrain with super rocket launches like in the video? And have infinite rseources to build?
Innsewerants Apr 4 @ 11:59am 
ooo having added just the tiniest bit to this game, (a model or 2) how can I not vote for it :D
(M.T.T.A) StallionSnipes Apr 3 @ 4:35pm 
Voted, I like this idea because it simplifies what Rust should've been, can be, and should be.
<.ClassX.>Metafree(SWEG) Mar 29 @ 3:47am 
Mint Mar 28 @ 5:56pm 
Good Luck Upvoted
Elohim Mar 28 @ 12:19pm 
please add
piotrkyc Mar 27 @ 10:57am 
Upvoted but please, make fighting system better.