Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Created by SirK
A small Arms Race Map build for a Mapping Contest held by!

Thanks to for supporting me and testing the Map!

Map is now playable in Classic and Demolition-Mode!

The Bombsite is ON the Divingboard ;)

Visit my you...
Created by Oskmos
A small map with a big bomb site...
Created by STÜHRER
Update: I've remade the house completely, changed the light effects (outdoor), and made it a defuse map instead.

This is my own version of the classic cs_mansion map to 1.6. It's my very first map and I've learned so much making this one (special thanks t...
Created by Woody
cs_Onyx is a hostage map with a large variety of strategic options created by the [Ruca] gaming community members Bandito and Woody. It features a richly detailed office environment, meticulously tested and balanced by members within [Ruca]. Wi...
Created by Puddy
Stakes are high when a hostage situation arises in a downtown skyscraper. The sleek and modern offices of a prestigious advertising agency will soon become a merciless battleground.

Agency is a hostage rescue map that focuses on indoor environments....
Created by Single
de_lodge (ver 1.1), a defuse map for CS:GO, by Single.

The terrorists plan is to blow up either the safe in the lobby (site A), or the gas tanks outside (site B). The SWAT team got an anonymous tip-off, and were able to make it to the lodge in time to p...
Created by MDS
Shoot out at McDonald's. Skyboxes are not my specialty but the lack of a detailed skybox is hardly noticeable while you're playing. The building and it's immediate surrounding was my main focus. I'll probably work on making one in the future but for now ...
Created by Soctom
A motel themed hostage rescue map also makes a pretty good Deathmatch map.

Signage by Cocyx...
Created by Kalakukko
It's an all-out war at a car dealership in the snowy outskirts of a city.

The FBI and the Professionals are fighting in a map with some interactive elements such as the car alarms in the main hall or the vehicle lifts that can be useful cover or a painf...
Created by Yanzl
National heritage is at risk as the terrorists try to destroy this historical castle built inside a cave mouth....
Created by Kampy*
A small but tactical map for 2-10 players. The police have unloaded on the street and are ready to storm the house where terrorists hold three hostages....
Created by Azet
Original map by "Archanor"...
Created by Ringel
Game Types: Classic , Deathmatch

Too dark for you? Check out the Day Version cs_intrusion!

This is my first map I ever made.

Time invested to..
create the map: 165 hours
Winner of the GameBanana Winter Wonderland Mapping Contest![]

The government have supposedly hidden super secret files in a remote house in the snow, belong to a former em...
Created by Tanuki
Hostage Rescue in the city. This map features high value choke points that need to be controlled to keep attackers at bay....
Created by Oskmos
Large open map where CTs choose insertion points. Ts needs to prepare for an assault from any angle and guard the hostage closely...
Created by McMessenger
Set aboard a commercial airliner, Terrorists have over taken the plane and taken what few passengers remain as hostages. Counter-terrorists have successfully inflitrated the plane however, and are ready to engage....
Created by Kalakukko
A simple map with tight chokepoints and some great lines of sight for snipers.

This is a remake of cs_sauna from CS1.6.
The layout is mostly the same as in the original. However, I added stairs that connect the lobby and the pool, it's designed to be ...
Created by Mike ☂
Sneak through the grass and blow up the house....