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Astro War
Genre: Action, Arcade
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 19 @ 2:53am

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AstroWar now on AppStore

Fly your spaceship, dodge asteroids and destroy aliens.
Have fun playing the game while you wait for someone or have some free time. It offers great graphics and sound and different difficulty levels. Play casual on easy or test your reflex skills by playing on hard. Also there is survival mode where you can try to survive as long as you can into the space battle.


- HD graphics
- New intuitive controls system
- Accurate Touch Controls
- iOS Controller Support
- Intense and Intuitive Gameplay
- Replayability


- Linux and Mac support
- New ships
- New aliens
- New obstacles
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Hobo_Ninja_28 Aug 25 @ 10:18pm 
i would buy this game for like 2.50 if over then no but the menus look bad other wise keep up the good work
Balbinator Jun 28 @ 3:25pm 
The visual FX inside the game are great but the main menu looks awfull...
Thaigr May 22 @ 1:29pm 
Looks like every single other game of its type. Phone/browser games don't belong on steam.
Apollon Apr 16 @ 9:58am 
Купил бы! Люблю подобные игрушки)
_ХОКАГЕ_2007_ Apr 16 @ 6:53am 
ZinkaBuble Mar 22 @ 5:01pm 
i like ur style, upvote
Jimbos Mar 9 @ 1:52am 
Phone games belong on phones.

If you wanted to make a phone game, why did you bother putting it on greenlight? Oh yeah, so you can try to squeeze as much money out of people as you can.

Good luck on the app store.
monsto Mar 6 @ 10:28pm 
It's not asteroids. Asteroids didn't have powerups.

And Vanilla Ice didn't rip off "Under Pressure"
Drink H₂O 4 li3f Mar 3 @ 6:53pm 
Same old space shooter like tons of other games like this. Lack of originality. Ill pass.
MLG pro 360 no scope noobs Feb 26 @ 5:50pm 
I know that is SOOOo asteroids why even bother with astro