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Some of what we're actually doing/planning
by popular demand, a formal video.
Lif, The Animal MMO

Live your life as an animal in its natural setting in this multiplayer game. Hunt, graze or forage in the undergrowth for food, drink from the lakes, you can even swim! Fight and kill or chat and make friends, even forge families together (yes, you can have babies!)

Ever dreamed of prowling the plains of Africa as a lion, or what it would be like surviving as a tasty rabbit in a woodland of hungry animals?

Well now you can. Lif is a unique animal multiplayer game, where you and other players can choose your animal and enter the worlds of Lif. Different environments, different animals- you must survive, hunt, eat, drink, rest, scavenge, attack, defend, chat and even breed and have families with other players in this simulation of nature's Life.

Find the totems to change species.

Currently 2 biomes available in this beta Greenlight Release:

Lif, Woodland
Temperate woodlands biome, featuring Heath and Forest levels, playable wildlife includes;
  • Rabbit
  • Fox
  • Deer
  • Wolf
  • Bear
Lif, Serengeti
This is Africa! African Serengeti biome, featuring Savannah and OldHeath levels, beasties include;
  • Lion
  • Meerkat
  • Baboon
  • Elephant
  • Wildebeest
  • Crocodile
Made by Gamevial, pioneers of 3D multiplayer browser games for over a decade now, this is our first Steam Greenlight submission and will be available on PC, Mac & Linux machines.

This game is Beta stage, so expect ongoing changes, updates and bugs as we get this title ready for release.

Live Beta previews of all levels are available on (note the screen shots above are from our downloadable Greenlight and show some of the enhanced graphic features as yet unavailable in our online versions)

Lif Serengeti:

Lif Forest:

Hope you enjoy :)
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Oct 12 @ 5:42pm
Suggestions and thoughts
Black Knight
Apr 10 @ 6:06am
Great game, but has major flaws.
Apr 25 @ 6:29pm
browser version's Unity not working...........Please help
< >
Novaskelley Oct 18 @ 9:09pm 
Don't forget the meerkats!
I like Lif serengeti it's cool !
DinoBatt Oct 13 @ 7:24am 
Very beautiful game but maybe more beautiful graphics and add more animals in Steam version?
gentryjax Oct 6 @ 4:49pm 
OK, I just realized that it's going to be a paid-for version... crap.
gentryjax Oct 6 @ 4:45pm 
I was just playing it, and it was cool! I would LOVE for it to be on steam! If it's free, at least
paulaghita Oct 3 @ 3:43am 
Xx_Bill_Nye_xX Oct 1 @ 7:02pm 
looks sick, but needs a lot more development.
watabou Sep 20 @ 5:30pm 
Reminds me of that deer in the woods MMO...
Afaro Ninja Sep 19 @ 1:18pm 
is the steam version still being worked on?
Kitrane Sep 17 @ 6:54pm 
I played this on the site and didnt realize it was here on greenlight to vote for. Loved the game on the site and used it to relax. Showed it to my furry friends though and they happily flipped their lids XD so you got some extra audience. Upvoted