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Road Works
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 17 @ 3:04pm
Mar 15 @ 2:53am

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Release date: February 15, 2014
Road Works is a new take on the Real Time Strategy genre by indie game developer TaxSoft, inspired by classic City Builder and Business Tycoon video games. You are given a set of factories and are put in charge of maximizing its profits through the construction of carefully planned road networks and making the right factory management choices.

In contrast to other tycoon games, you have no money or time restrictions. You just adjust the settings of your factories and build as many roads as you wish. When you think you are finished you compute your income using the built-in simulator function. The simulator computes the average income you would make if you would run the game for 3 hours straight. If your income is above the goal income, you win, otherwise you adjust your design until you reach the goal income. This means that Road Works is in a sense a puzzle game where you are on a quest to find the optimal design of a given industry.

  • Choose the optimal road type out of up to 10 different types of road in any given transportation situation.
  • Manage 33 different types of factories from farms to mechatronics by specifying attributes such as the amount of workers and workload.
  • Help evolve nearby towns by providing them with resources, allowing you to have access to a larger workforce.
  • Play through 20 campaign levels where you will have to save a struggling oil company from going bankrupt or play any of the 10 additional custom maps of varying difficulty.
  • Make your own custom maps using the Road Works Editor.
  • Enhanced gameplay with an immersive soundtrack containing over 30 minutes of blues, jazz and funk and numerous sound effects.
  • Enjoy even more content by sharing your custom maps with the community on the official Road Works website at

About TaxSoft:
TaxSoft is a game developer from Wolvertem, Belgium consisting of the two brothers Gilles en Sasja Vanderveken. Our aim is to create games with mechanics that are unseen in the industry. Road Works started as a hobby project of Gilles Vanderveken who created the graphics and code for the game. Being pleased with the result, he enlisted his more musically talented brother Sasja to compose the game soundtrack and sounds. Since we are a small developer, any support that we get is greatly appreciated.

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Looks Great!!!
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На вид хорошая
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Looks like SimCity
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Transport tycoon is still free and out..
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like the concept but looks really simple
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I quite like the concept. Upvoted.
Заинтересовало само направление) Был бы еще мультиплеер какой никакой, я бы купил)
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