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Craft, Coop, In Game Creation While You Play! - Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker Professional Edition

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Android Support
Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker features in game editing, coop editing, dynamic lighting, crossplatform support and advanced networking with the goal of adding visual scripting and many more features listed below. Users will be able to rapidly create games of many different genres and require little to no prior coding experience. Sandbox is available for Windows, Linux and Mac and is based on the Cube 2 Engine.

Why spend $60+ on a new game when with Sandbox you can make UNLIMITED GAMES and SELL THEM without worrying about royalties to us or any hidden fees or gimmicks! You can even make them cooperatively with your family and friends with easy to use tools where the level editing is in game. You'll even receive lots of free content and code updates! Take a look at the letter of a student of mine[] Sandbox has already helped. There are many more stories too from around the world.

Want to check out the free version of Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker? Check it out here! :)

What is the purpose of Sandbox?

To change the world! No really, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to not only make video games but also other creative aspirations they might have including world creation, movie making, interactive guides, reconstruction of historical sites, CAD Design, storytelling, etc! Sandbox is already changing the world and is being used in hundreds of Schools worldwide, and has nearly a million downloads just from our webpage alone! Now we have a chance to make an even bigger impact!

Why use Sandbox over other Game Makers?

Two main reasons, cost and project mindset. The cost for the commercial version of Sandbox is incredibly low considering what you get. Many other game makers seem inexpensive or free but if you read the fine print the cost is easily in the thousands! Also our mindset is to keep the software inexpensive so it is accessible but cost enough so that I can pay a top quality team to add features and content. Our goal isn't about profit, it is about creating a tool that people can use to express their imaginations! We aren't a big greedy corporation, just a bunch of Game Designers who love to help others! Also the better the commercial version does, the more features we can add to the free version which in turn will help even more people! Sandbox is also Crossplatform and works for PC, Linux and Mac. We hope to add even more platforms for the future!

Features to look forward to:

Disclaimer: Features are subject to change as we develop. If it turns out another solution or idea is actually better than what we currently have listed then we will go that route instead of what is listed. I can assure you that our main focus will be on making Sandbox as easy to use as possible but also a powerful creative tool.

Sandbox is based on the Cube 2 Engine so it contains the engines core features and those added exclusively to Sandbox.

Main Features:

- Merging everything into one easily moddable codebase with significantly cleaned up code that is easy to navigate. A lot of the code will be switched over to the new scripting language to make it much easier and quicker to modify.
- Lua scripting language to make it to easily modify movement, weapons, NPCs, dialogue, quests, add and create monsters, vehicles, and an inventory eventually for RPG games
- FPS, RPG, Vehicle, and Sidescroller Modes to start with and the ability to mix and match! All with Multiplayer and Coop support.
- Significantly Improved graphics engine and real time lighting (thanks to Eihrul!)
- Incredibly easy to use in game level editing where environments and whole worlds can quickly be created before your eyes! Also levels can be edited cooperatively with friends/teams/etc!
- Bullet Physics
- UI Improvements including more professional looking, widgets, workflow optimization
- Camera easily adjusted (easy to switch to 3rd person, 1st person, isometric, top down, etc)
- Improve movie recording ease of use
- Updated Particle Editor and System including improved weather system
- Train-path entities and camera linkable to it
-Triggers - (once, multiple, etc)
- Improved AI and ability to add monsters/creatures/NPCs and create different monster types/sets through script
-Improved Foliage system including multiple grass heights and possibly a speed tree type system
- Easily set up to create a " video game" format vs editing format so people can't edit/change a released video game (easily remove edit mode, set up launcher to go into the game, even just good instructions would help)
- Ladders
- Better model collisions
- Improved texture managing. Easier to import textures and in game texture editor/modifier. Also easier to use blendmaps/texture painting
- Around 1000+ exclusive textures
- Many models will be added that can be used commercially
- All content can be used commercially
- Constantly updated and improved on the listed features at NO CHARGE. This includes neat upstream updates from the Cube 2 engine!

Possible Mode Features (added through script files):
- Racemode
- Vehicle mode (including ability to make planes)
- Waterwars
- Hide and Seek
- Digging and building
- Random terrain generator
- Parkour Doublejump/wall jump
- Customizable waves for wavemode /dmsp

- Ease of use for setup
- Client syncing for coop edit (all textures and models)*
- Server admin tools (permissions, editing boundaries)*
- Make goto more noticable and perhaps set a "home" waypoint to teleport*
- Forced getmap/sendmap/serverside*
- Heightmap editing on servers*
* Potential features. They need to be tried and tested for viability before released as actual features. Other methods may prove better.

- A full featured website coupled with the new sandbox to promote user interaction and project and portfolio sharing
- Dedicated documentation writers along with tutorials both text and video.

Other Potential Features (based on budget and time constraints and viability):
- Machinima Movie/Story Creation
- God rays
- Better Shader Support and Editing Power
- Script Based Moving Entities and Particles
- Overwolf (teamspeak widgets)
- Improved mumble support
- More crossplatform? PSP, android, iphone/ipad, etc
- Social Media screenshot options? Posts to Site?
-Mesh based LOD and image effects (depth of field)
- FBX support
- Easier model integration
- Video embedding
- HUD editor
- In game script editor
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