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BrainBread 2
Jul 19, 2014 @ 12:09pm
Apr 17 @ 1:39pm
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Brainbread 2 wants YOU!
  • Character artist
  • Texture artist/VGUI artist (2D artist)
  • Prop artist (3D artist)
  • Voice actors
  • Level designers
  • Sound designer
  • Musician
  • Particle artist

    Character artist
    You will be in charge of making exciting and gruesome zombie models and other npcs bringing then to life with your various skills, you will be provided concept art and resource you require, if you have the heart for this, please apply, we also need some character models.

    Texture artist/VGUI artist (2D artist)
    You will be creating multiple textures so the level designers can use them on their maps, be creative and you will go far, make funny posters, anything you desire as long as its not offensive it is ok with us, we need some tasty gore, we have plenty at the moment, but as its a brainbread game... WE WANT MORE!

    Prop artist (3D artist)
    The game needs many props, props are one of the main things in any game to bring the environment together, you will be in charge of making post apocalyptic and funny props, use your imagination as we wont limit your creativity.

    Voice actors
    The life a soul of the party, you will be giving the world a voice and personality, the only rules we have on voice acting that you have a good microphone set up and have to have fun.

    Level designers
    Level designers make the world, they decide how the game plays, they are important and this job position requires people with heart and a desire to experiment with maps, we would need a update every 1-2 weeks for we can test your map and give you direct feedback, you will have props/textures provided on demand.

    Sound designer
    every good game has a good sound designer, this job will be in charge of creating beefy weapon sounds with some good bass, hit impact noises and disgusting gore squishy sounds, anything you can come up we would love too hear it.

    You are the music man, you come from far away, kidding.... you will be making action/horror/comedy music and music cues, could even do some fake commercial music so that we as a team can make some funny stuff for the radio/tv.

    Particle artist (Need ASAP)
    You will be in charge of making decent looking particles that do not effect performance and are optimized, our current blood/muzzle flashes seems to lag the game, so if you feel you can do this, we would like to offer you a job with us. I hope you like to get your hands bloody, because we need some proper gore, non of that little sissy girl stuff.

    Recently valve have allowed paid mods onto steam, we at Reperio Studios do not support this method and believe not only is this damaging to the modding community, it poisons it and attracts people who have no passion or love for it like a lot of us do, we do not believe in milking the mod community just so some one can make a quick buck (corporations) and will fight it too preserve a better modding future for us all, please sign the petition and hopefully valve will see that the community will not stand for this.

    If you feel that skills to pay the bills and fancy joining a team of hard working, enthusiastic people, please click the link below and apply, we will get back to you as soon as possible, so please make sure to check up daily if you have had a reply, we look forward to seeing you! :D

    Thank you for your time
    Reperio Studios

BrainBread 2 is coming to steam!
Release date: TBD
An unknown outbreak, a world in chaos. Few have survived, you'll have to stay strong. Based on the big hit BrainBread for Half-Life 1 comes its spiritual successor which will offer the old BrainBread feeling along with more neat features to immerse you in an epic apocalyptic world swarmed with zombies.

  • 3 Gamemodes (Classic, Survival, Co-Op)
  • Story Mode
  • Skills (Classic Mode Only)
  • Achievements
  • Hardcore Mode (Survival Mode, Story Mode and Co-Op Only)
  • Dialogue System
  • Full Modding Support
  • Dev Commentary
  • Global Scoreboard
  • SDK and Includes level editor
  • Steam Workshop
  • Oculus Rift Support (Depends)
  • Full controller Support

NOTE: This game will not be pay to win at all, and will be totally free to play.

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Official forums:

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Nobody knows how it started, nobody really knows where, everyone has their own idea of course, some think it was a government experiment in population control gone horribly wrong, others think a mutant Ebola virus is responsible, still others think that the evil powers of Voodoo are the cause and then there are all the religious fanatics who swear blind that this is a curse placed on us by which ever mystical man in sky they favor for our sinful transgressions. forget ´em, they don't know anything, not a one of them, nobody does! It just seemed to be everywhere all at once, there was no warning, no explanation, nothing. We all swap conflicting stories and bizarre theories over cups of tea or coffee whenever we get back to camp, but there are always less of us to swap stories with, each time we get back. The truth is simple enough.
Somewhere between midnight and 5am (depending on who you talk to), on the 30th of January, the dead and recently deceased started to rise from their graves and devour the living! From every city, from every country, from every dark corner of the world they came by the thousands and by 12pm just over three quarters of the world population had join them. Needless to say nobody was prepared for it, the police were overrun in the early hours of the morning, by what the media dubbed 'rioting citizens', in a matter of hours and the army and National Guard were drafted in to help try and secure the major cities. Civilians were evacuated from the population centers that were still in some kind of order (Washington, Florida, London, Paris, Helsinki were all overrun in the early hours of the morning) and 'quarantined'. I was quarantined with about five thousand other people and stuck in a holding pen built to hold half that number, we were packed in like sardines. The quarantine was a joke, an excuse for the government to exterminate anyone with a bloody cold, I saw people being taken out and shot by the dozen just because they were exhausted and couldn't stand up any longer. When they started to get up or when the army grunts in charge didn't get the bodies out of the pens we were in fast enough ... it ended up in a slaughter.
How some of the rest of us got out I’ll never know, I don't remember a lot about those early days, lots of running, lots of fear, seeping out of the walls, the stink coming off everybody said 'we are damned'! Anyway. We got picked up at some point I guess, the army had fallen back from all the major population centers and formed little outputs or Safe Zones, all the fuel, ammo, food and supplies they had were being divided up at these bases and they were bringing anyone who could walk AND talk to them. That´s why you're here by the way.
What´s left of the government hasn't got the faintest clue what is going on or how to fix it, most of their best people are dead or worse, not so dead. So that just leaves us. We are basically what´s left of the world and we aren't doing so well. I hear it told that four Safe Zones went silent last night, we haven´t had word from them in hours, another one didn't check in this morning so we're flying over there now to check it out before we write it off.

Cya around kid.
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Will BB2 feature controller support?
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hows the population?
May 7 @ 6:50am
What's the difference between this and Contagion?
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Snapman May 28 @ 1:07pm 
Fingers crossed controller support is added.
Snapman May 28 @ 1:05pm 
Still hosting a brainbread 1 server, ready to host BB2 on release day :D | From your friends @ ModRiotGaming
[BB2] Joshikumako  [author] May 19 @ 5:41pm 
We at brainbread 2 still need a character animator, if any of you know of one, please send them our way!
Mahoke0 May 19 @ 6:50am 
I played Brainbread 1. I'm excited to see how this turns out.
GW | Wuarriolex | :V May 16 @ 9:30pm 
and that q I am from grabbing one years waiting for this great game and you do not rise q ase time a new video
GW | Wuarriolex | :V May 16 @ 9:28pm 
porfin departure when will the game have a green light and spear as many e have been waiting for since they started aserlo
Gman May 10 @ 9:50am 
Seems like a cool game. I'll try when it comes out
Reaper May 10 @ 7:35am 
I can tell, thanks!
Unknown Mech  [author] May 10 @ 5:25am 
The game you will enjoy 100%!
Reaper May 7 @ 12:55pm 
Seems like a very good game :D Cant wait to play it :)