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The Loner
Genre: Action, Adventure
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 5 @ 4:29pm
Aug 25 @ 10:59am

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The Loner: Episode II Trailer is out now !
Release date: 1. Quartal 2015

"The Loner",is a 2D-Action-Adventure Game with Jump and Run parts.
It's not like most adventure games, you always maintain control over the character with your
keyboard, no mouse-klicking required. It includes slow and calm parts aswell as action-packed and thrilling parts.It's very important to me to create the best possible Gameplay experience,
so there is no confusing HUD, and except for important objects and blood,
the entire world is black and white.


After years of gambling your past mistakes catch up to you.
They took your girlfriend. They'll take your life.
How far will you go to save her ?
It is a story about the hate, revenge, lonliness, attachment and money.
The noir-New York and the hopeless, dirty art-style all combine to create a truly dark story.

The game will feature:

Detailed, hand-drawn graphics.
Many details in an atmospheric, authentic world with many different locations to discover
Soundtrack by Stefan Zimbelmann and "The graham Situation".
Bad endings and worse endings.
The Game will be released in 5 episodes which will each feature one chapter of the game.

The first episode is available for free to download on my website.

What you can expect from the finished game:

The final Game will feature much more gameplay focus such as jump and run parts and fighting scenes. There are many Scenes planned such as:
  • Airport Level
  • Cargo ship
  • Bank raid
  • Night chase featuring thunderstorm.
  • Chinatown level
  • Motorbike level

The Loner Website []

The Loner Demo Download []

The Loner II on Greenlight
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Aug 5 @ 1:50am
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Quinndrick Lamar Aug 17 @ 2:10pm 
It just seems so different, I voted yes.
Spydees Aug 3 @ 6:55am 
Voted :)
Igenpog Jul 30 @ 2:16pm 
Wow. This is horrible. Please learn to draw first.
matthewjeffery Jul 8 @ 4:56am 
I like the style but not sure what Annie Lennox would think of the musical score...
PandaCorn Jul 6 @ 11:48pm 
yes work oh the front page it looks kind of dumb
Kurb_Stomper Jul 6 @ 1:41pm 
$0.99, maybe.
bonatti☪ Jul 6 @ 4:59am 
varúlfur Jul 5 @ 10:14pm 
voted yes why not
Masque and Mirror Jun 25 @ 3:13pm 
What a horrid looking gentleman!
Durka Jun 15 @ 5:00pm