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HWM Face Poser Fix
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Feb 14, 2014 @ 9:17am
Oct 10, 2016 @ 10:14am
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HWM Face Poser Fix

Tired of HWM models breaking when you select them with the face poser? This small script fixes that, so now a whole bunch of flexes will default to 0.50 like they're supposed to. No more deformed HWM faces, and it even fixes the broken jaws on some of the HL2 characters.

This does not modify the face poser tool! You can still make all of the silly, over-the-top faces you want. All this script does is make ragdolls start off with default faces instead of deformed ones.

You need to right-click a ragdoll with the face poser to start off with its default face. If you left-click instead, you'll set the sliders to whatever they were on the last ragdoll you posed, meaning the face pose won't be fixed at all. Make sure you're using the tool correctly before you leave a comment saying the addon doesn't work!
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MistleThrone Sep 20 @ 12:54pm 
no. fix it yourself
♫Joe (USA)♫ Aug 31 @ 8:36pm 
Update this plz. check my last comment
Zero Crosseyd Aug 16 @ 10:51pm 
I Dont Know How To Use It So I Cant Get It To Work
Mechadexic Aug 11 @ 12:30pm 
maybe thats why
Mechadexic Aug 11 @ 12:29pm 
@a gummy shark i found out that if you have your model detail set to low tf2 characters cant be facepopsed
the lunatic fringe Aug 1 @ 5:59am 
pls fix
❆festiveBaffy (eventually) Jul 14 @ 12:11pm 
This doesn't work.
markyTEHbro! Jul 13 @ 2:48pm 
i dont know what do do to fix it but i still have fun
Hello, Hello, Hello, How Low? Jul 10 @ 10:30am 
The faces appear to be frozen in a default state even when I move the sliders around.