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Bad Caterpillar
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 4 @ 12:02pm
Mar 4 @ 12:55pm

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Bad Caterpillars and their swarms of insect hordes are invading. Get to your ship, man the lasers, and save the galaxy from caterpillars, scorpions, spiders, and a slew of other ill-tempered giant killer insects.

Currently available for XBox Live Indie Games and Ouya. PC release coming soon.
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Mar 5 @ 3:59pm
Holy ♥♥♥♥
[HS] IagoDiniz
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gabrielssj4 Jul 28 @ 6:09pm 
小牛 Jun 20 @ 7:03am 
izverg911 Apr 22 @ 5:05pm 
Неужели нельзя было более грамотно стилизовать игру? Классика аркадных автоматов бессмертна но надо привносить более приятную глазу картинку.
icefire-231 Apr 20 @ 2:19pm 
Seeric Mar 22 @ 8:18pm 
There's nothing wrong with taking an old game and expanding upon it or outright revolutionizing it while keeping core aspects the same (Galaga, Pac Man, and certain Space Invaders have all had several modern re-imaginings of various degrees of success).

Unfortunately, other than the fact that you seem to shoot awfully fast in this one and everything in turn moves fairly fast I see absolutely nothing new here and the absurdly short description of the game (this post is longer) you have on here is not helping at all.

If you don't actually care about your game that's fine, but you should at least put effort into properly advertising it since you presumably paid money to put it on Greenlight in the first place.
Pallemiitti Mar 21 @ 9:46am 
This is just sad...
MORN V2 Mar 13 @ 6:46pm 
This is a cenetpede clone
I don't know when will these stupid developers understand the difference between STEAM and google play. no body paid at least 1000 dollars for a pc to play these low budget/ low graphics games
stick to google play and stay the hell away from steam, you are RUINING STEAM!
Sgt.Psycho Mar 11 @ 5:02am 
Mr. L,The green thunder Mar 9 @ 2:41pm 
argh,another generic shooter?downvoted.