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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
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Release date: May 2014
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Combining an incredible story with the edge-of-your-seat skill of an action game; Believe is a psychological, action, adventure. Gameplay and story meld beautifully as you uncover one shocking discovery after another. Your world is shaped by what you Believe.

"Belief is as deadly as reality... and it's infinite."

Sisters Fyuri and Meya have lived a difficult life. Being forced to raise themselves after a sweet mother went insane and their father left inexplicably. It seems as though anyone close to Fyuri becomes mentally unstable. It’s as if her beliefs become their reality. A fleeting hallucination in a moment of fatigue becomes a permanent resident in their mind. Compounding incidents build and consume the victim as their unfortunate soul is lost to a world of nightmares.

You will assume the role of Fyuri’s victims, see the world through his/her eyes as you attempt to survive the unique terrors within. From your twisted perspective a straightforward path may turn into a deadly maze, an innocent girl might be the demon who ends your life. Race to learn the truth before it’s too late.

So I do what?
You are under Fyuri’s influence. Meaning you are at some stage of mental deterioration. In each episode you play as a different victim with his/her own personality, strengths and fears. You experience everything this person is thinking. Hearing each thought and seeing every hallucination it’s up to you, the player, to decide what you believe.

Each of these victim’s traits will show though as he/she responds to situations differently. One victim might be cowardly and unable to face a fear, forcing you to run and hide (it’s unfortunate that your clumsy too isn’t it?). Another victim might be courageous and able to control his emotions long enough to dispel a hallucination. But maybe he should have run, there’s more than one way to die.

What about live actors?
As the player you learn about the victims by playing through their eyes. Being under Fyuri’s influence has it’s effects though. Her power isn’t as straightforward as you might expect. Such an intimate connection is prone to anomalies. You will learn more about the Du’ress sisters as their memories tear through your world in the form of speech and video.

  • Intriguing Story brought to life with all the subtlety of Live Action
  • Engaging Atmosphere
  • Thoughtful Action
  • Fast paced Puzzles

Find the Demo here -
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