Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

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BobSP series
Every singleplayer map I made during my time as part of the Duke Nukem 3D mapping community. All are part of a more or less contiguous story arc and feature high levels of detail that were new to the Build engine at the time they were first released.
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BobSP1: Foreboding
Created by LegoRobot
First in the Bobsp series, Duke arrives at an abandoned nuclear powerplant on an island which has been recklessly stripped of crucial parts by the Reptoids, who intend to use some of the nuclear fuel to power their mothership for an escape back to their h...
BobSP2: Paranoia
Created by LegoRobot
Picking up where Bobsp1 left off, Duke continues to explore the abandoned nuclear powerplant, solving puzzles to undo the damage caused by Reptoids who carelessly looted the reactor for nuclear fuel they need for their mothership if they are to escape Ear...
BobSP3: Fuel for vengeance
Created by LegoRobot
Continuing from BobSP2, Duke finally reaches the site where the crippled Reptoid mothership floats without power in a secluded lagoon. He must battle his way across the island to reach it. Puzzles are sparse here, in favor of combat. Upon reaching the mot...
BobSP4: Sub Species
Created by LegoRobot
Dive into an enormous, fully explorable and richly detailed ocean environment in the fourth map of the BobSP series. Following the destruction of the Reptoid mothership in SP3, it sank to the seafloor and the EDF assumed that the Reptoids were finished. I...
BobSPX: Xenocide
Created by LegoRobot
After his assault on the undersea Reptoid base, Duke returns to LA. But en route, the EDF receive intel that the Reptoids have a secret facility for mass producing, freezing, and then exporting frozen insectoid super soldiers and slimer eggs across the co...