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Abduction Action! Plus
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 13 @ 11:38am

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Release date: 2014
As a UFO pilot in training, you have been tasked with the overwhelming mission of invading Earth, terrorizing the locals, and returning home in one piece. Use your tractor beam to abduct helpless Earthlings and defeat aggressive foes. It will take all your skills, wits, and intellect to prove your alien worth and triumph over humanity. This is a game that effectively blends exciting action, funny situations, and witty writing. It can be played through following the story or simply as an entertaining sandbox experience.

Abduction Action! Plus is currently available for XBox Live Indie Games and Ouya. We would love to release it on PC (Steam) if we can get approved through GreenLight.
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The game looks nice and it also looks fun, but I don't know if I'd actually pay for a game like this...I probably wouldn't to be honest.

Good job guys but I don't see myself wanting to buy a game like this. Maybe playing it for free on my Ipod or something or on some random website.
Darts317 Mar 17 @ 8:21pm 
I just listened to this dev on Dave Voyle's Indie Dev Podcast. Syncronicity, lol.
I know this is an XBox live game, so I'd like to see you add some deeper gameplay when you move it to PC, rather than just a straight port of the XBLive version. Good luck Kris - I'll be rooting for you!
jhenox Mar 12 @ 4:01am 
jajaja ojala llegue a salir me parece entretenido.
Shady Shariest Mar 11 @ 12:32am 
I am pretty sure that UFO is nicked from somewhere...
Jimbos Mar 10 @ 1:22pm 
Saw this on Rage Quit before I saw it here. Fun looking game, but I wouldn't buy it.

Maybe play it for free.
ŻΔЯŦ Mar 9 @ 9:29am 
The NPC/FG/BG graphics clash with each other. The gameplay on the other hand, smells strongly like Flash/Gamemaker.
Peach Jelly Mar 7 @ 11:22am 
Like Docdra, this made me think of a highly simplified version of Destroy All Humans.
That said, though, the cover art is kickass.
kiskazilla Mar 6 @ 10:43am 
the cover art is awesome! who was the artist btw?
gxg123 Mar 4 @ 5:38am 
ok...... im not sure☺
vindurza Feb 25 @ 4:31pm 
good game wrong platform/area