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HotspotMe X - Create your personal hotspot with ease
Category: Utilities
Platforms: PC
Feb 12 @ 10:21am
Jun 24 @ 7:10am

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Release date: Summer 2014
HotspotMe is a small tool that allows you to create Personal Hotspots with a click on a button and will be FREE*!

Do you always wanted to create a safe Personal Hotspot to share your Laptops internet connection with other devices (e.g. your smartphone, tablet, ...) when you're in a internet cafe, hotel or bar? Well, with HotspotMe you can do this with a simple click on a button!

You may now think Wait a second... Why should I use HotspotMe? There are already some other programs out there allowing the exact same thing! and that's right... but there's a big difference. HotspotMe does not require any other drivers or tools, it works on almost every PC right out of the box!

HotspotMe works with all Laptops and PCs running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. To share your connection over Wi-Fi, you need a special PCI card or a adapter; many modern Laptops have Wi-Fi build in.

A release candidate is already public and includes some basic features, many more are planned and currently in development. If you like to download the RC, follow me on Twitter, I'm tweeting almost every day about the current development and the download links for the lastest RCs.

Do you want to help me developing HotspotMe? Translate it into your language!
I'm trying to translate HotspotMe into as many languages as possible.Of course you will get full credits in the "About HotspotMe" section of the program. If you would like to help me translating, click on this link here:

Current process / what to do (Number in brackets: expected in version X):
- Re-designing UI (RC4) Done, see screenshots above
- Re-write update system (RC4) Done in "Final"
- Add translations ("Final") Done, see video above

If you would like to support development, be sure to click on that Thumbs Up Button! It will be available as fast as possible on Steam Greenlight!

Thanks for your support and have a great day!

* HotspotMe will be available in two versions:
- HotspotMe: This version is free and will stay free, includes all "main" features
- HotspotMe X: This will be a paid version (planned price: less than $2) to support my development, this will be the version available on Steam, includes some extra features
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Really nice little tool, good luck with this!
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Looks like it will make what should be an easy task easy.
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Beta mails are out!
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Cool idea
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