Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

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Giant Slayers
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Feb 10, 2014 @ 1:10pm
Jun 21 @ 1:39pm
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Giant Slayers

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Everyone starts at 60% normal size.

Every kill grows you, and your health, by 15%.


Online, joining a server that already has it installed:
  • Just join the server!

Offline or with a listen server:
  • Subscribe
  • Launch the old launcher (the last launch option when launching the game), and click the 'Download subscribed items' button at the bottom-right.
  • You should see the mod in the Create Game screen

To start a dedicated server with it:

Start a server with ?modname=giantslayers on the command line (appended to the map). You can also add -sdkfileid=226726898 (note that this number matches the number in the URL for this Workshop page) to the command line to auto-download this mod. For example:

UDK.exe aoctd-frigid_p?modname=giantslayers -sdkfileid=226726898

Source code

The source is available on GitHub, feel free to use it however you want for other Chivalry mods:

Change log

  • Ditto!

  • Works with the latest patch (whatever that is)

  • Fixed TDM (was not scaling after kills)

  • Works with latest patch (35), after breaking because of various variables being optimized out

  • Works with latest patch (30)
  • Displays scale in scoreboard
  • Squish sound (maybe?)

  • Add TO2 as an acceptable game mode (for, e.g., Horde)

  • works on the latest patch (Patch 25), after having broke on Patch 24's release

  • rather than scaling up by a steady '15% of current scale' every time you get a kill, scaling is now:
    • ScaleStealPerKill * ( Enemy's scale - default scale ), plus
    • FlatScalePerKill, plus
    • ScaleMultiplierPerKill * Current Scale
  • Healing now adds on a bonus depending on the enemy's scale; actually, right now, the 'based on your own scale' healing is disabled, but it's a variable flip if we want to turn it back on. This results in much less healing if you're a titan who is just killing 60% size people, almost giving them a chance at fighting back
  • Stamina is restored in the same amount as you heal. Max stamina does not scale up.
  • Health regen scales up (at half the speed of max health)
  • After a certain size (currently 140%) you become a 'small giant'; currently, this means that:
    • your outer collision cylinder stops colliding with other actors. This can cause a little oddness when fighting other players, some clipping through static meshes, etc., but it greatly improves your ability to move around when huge
    • your weapons stop colliding with the world (they'll stick make the thwacking noise, but won't bounce off), in order to make it a bit easier to hit minis
  • at 200% you become a 'large giant', which does nothing
  • you cannot flinch people who are 3.0 times larger than you
  • you cannot parry or be parried by someone who is 3.0 times larger or smaller than you
  • weapon damage and momentum (knockback/kick force) scales up with scale, but only by 1/2 the scaling amount. This is vs. the person you're hitting, which ends up making no sense since your health is also scaling. It _should_ be vs. your size relative to normal, not vs. the other person you're hitting (or at least damage should be, momentum can be what it is right now).
  • if you land on a player who is 1/3 your size or less, they're crushed instantly
  • new message informing you about how big the enemy you killed was and how that'll affect your scale
  • FFA welcome message separated for clarity
  • new welcome message with the current scaling rules

  • enable for all game modes
  • VO pitch scaling (that doesn't replicate)
  • FFA scoring: now based on the largest size you've reached
  • heal 5% of your current max health every time you kill a player
  • push player up a bit before scaling to avoid falling through the world (appears to be working well)
  • disable swimming (ruins, cistern, etc.)
  • friendly greeting message (that should be localized, but isn't, because mod localization seems to be broken)
  • the 'bubble' (enemy-only collision cylinder) scales down in relative radius as you scale up, to the point where it's uninvolved in collision altogether

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PointlessPencil Jun 22 @ 1:50pm 

no way around it??
Crustacean Soup  [author] Jun 22 @ 10:36am 
That'll happen in OS X or Linux. You can also just join a server that's hosting the mod to download it automatically.
PointlessPencil Jun 21 @ 4:00pm 

im not given the option to open the launcher so that i can download addons
Tired_David - Jun 21 @ 1:58pm 
I can't speak for anyone else but I launch an Online game (listen server). It freezes on the host system before any of my friends (usually on LAN) even try to connect.
Crustacean Soup  [author] Jun 21 @ 1:37pm 
I just updated it for safety just in case. No compile breaks though, and with the way that UnrealScript modding works I'm betting there weren't any new issues.

No launch options?

@Tired_David / @Catman:
Could the difference be the first of you launching an "Online" game (listen server), and the other launching "Offline" (standalone)? I could look into it.
Catman Jun 21 @ 12:37pm 
Mine's working fine currently. I just launch an offline game and it loads me into a game.
PointlessPencil Jun 20 @ 11:50pm 
i have no launch options
Tired_David - Jun 18 @ 9:26am 
It's definitely broken. I can reproduce this on all PCs (four for testing). Launch Chivalry (normal 64-bit version). Create a Free For All server with any map and Giant Slayer mod. Select your loadout. The map will generate and the countdown will begin from about 7 seconds. When the countdown completes and the timer shows 10 minutes, the screen becomes blurred and Chivalry freezes with no possible recovery.
Catman Jun 17 @ 11:58pm 
Only issue I find is easily getting stuck when in big mode, to the point where sometimes you can't even move, and not being able to hit anyone when big enough.
Crustacean Soup  [author] Jun 16 @ 2:21pm 
I'll take a look / probably update it again after this new patch comes out (probably early next week).