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Customizable Camera
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Feb 6, 2014 @ 4:52pm
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Customizable Camera

You can also find the mod at Nexus:

SkyUI 4.0 or newer (
SKSE 1.6.15 or newer (
Scroll down and read Advices section. Might be important for you.

Customizable Camera lets you modify the camera in almost any way you want via MCM.

- You can't change camera for mounted horses. That's broken since Skyrim Patch 1.6.

- Settings to place the camera anywhere you wish.
- View Mode allows you toggle between normal camera and a close-up camera (or landscape camera if you wish). It's configurable.
PS: this is not TFC.
- Swap Side key allows you to change the camera sides quickly at the press of a button.
- Adaptive Sneaking allows you use a separate height slider for sneaking, useful when bow gets in your way.
- Presets! Useful when you need a quick fix.

If you are playing as a ranged character, use this:
- Proper Aiming:
It will help with aiming with almost any camera setting.

Any mod that alters the camera in the same manner.

- Subscribe and start Skyrim Launcher.
- In game, wait for MCM to message: MCM registered 1 new menu(s). Only after that it will appear in MCM. If it doesn't appear, save and load and wait a little again.

- UnsubscribeCustomizable Camera and delete Customizable Camera.esp and Customizable Camera.bsa

If you have customized your Skyrim.ini, delete the following lines:
Or comment them out by putting // in front of them. Should look just like above.

Q: But why?
A: It's not trully necessary, but if you use refreshini you WILL reset the camera to your settings.
Already done this mistake? Just save and load.
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smokin_bigpapa Jul 5 @ 4:10am 
I cant get the MOD to work...
༼༽aenamv༼༽ Jun 24 @ 3:09am 
MRwiscat Jun 21 @ 6:23am 
Willi_Bert 🎮 Mar 23 @ 1:39pm 
Ty for the mod :)
GrayCountertop - OW Any1? Feb 11 @ 10:22pm 
Thank you for creating such a great mod.
GrayCountertop - OW Any1? Feb 11 @ 10:22pm 
It worked @Arindel

I got busy with shit.

But it worked.
NjmTheDowell Feb 11 @ 2:53pm 
Could you mabe do this for first person (like where it is) because my character is tall but it seems like his yes are on his chest and it is areally annoying
HydroKronic Feb 1 @ 9:15pm 
I love the mod, but when i use 360 remote it changes the view mode at the enchanting table once I enchant some item ,and i would have to switch back to keyboard to hit "G" to fix the view. i use the 360 mote more so for this reason im unsubbing:( Thanks tho i took some cool pics of my warrior :) very useful mod
SIIROX † Jan 10 @ 9:38am 
OMG thx !
GrayCountertop - OW Any1? Nov 22, 2015 @ 1:34am 

Will report back if it works, Thank you SOOO MUCH for your help!