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Salvage Trader
Platforms: Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 5 @ 5:42pm
Feb 26 @ 10:15pm

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Out for Mac, Windows coming
Yay, we're on Greenlight!
Release date: February 25th 2014
As the sole survivor of a vicious space pirate attack on your small home colony, you have sworn revenge against the pirate king behind it. And so, you seek to join the only organization strong enough to oppose the pirates, the Salvager's Guild. With only a small ship and your life savings to start, you must complete missions, gather resources and fight hard to become a Salvage Trader.

This is a casual take on classic, strategic space traders. It is made to be played through in 3-4 hours of gameplay, or longer, if you prefer to take it easy and spend more time building up your ship. Salvage Trader has many nods to old skool arcade games, puzzles and science fiction classics.


✔ Space pirate fights!
✔ 20 mission campaign.
✔ 4 built-in mini games.
✔ 6 different ship classes.
✔ 25 interlinked maps to traverse.
✔ Random NPC encounters.
✔ Gather resources.
✔ Upgrade your ship.
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Feb 6 @ 11:34am
Windows / Linux port
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icefire-231 Apr 20 @ 2:40pm 
twisty Mar 29 @ 7:13am 
The artwork looks very digital eel.
Nixalbum Feb 26 @ 3:58am 
Look too much simple, without challenge. =(
Zore Feb 11 @ 5:50am 
The ship needs some special effects like burning engine or stuff and maybe other fancy stuff but else a go.
Sgt.Psycho Feb 9 @ 5:48pm 
Needs more content here.
fight4fir3 Feb 9 @ 3:19am 
The ships look bad and you should feel bad.

If this game gets a better grafic, a level editor for steam workshop and maybe texture packs/ modding, i see chances.
Acidicfriend Feb 9 @ 1:18am 
terrible ost, graphics and design.
Larrybobop Feb 8 @ 7:14pm 
Too bare-bones and unoriginal. With this genre being just so populated with things along the lines of Geometry wars and like titles I just don't see this as a worthwhile purchase.
>Thumbs down
[PANDA] Nyanta Feb 8 @ 5:57pm 
i hate it when games boast things that make them bad, 20 missions? 25 ugly maps. sorry but you need more stuff to be a paid game.
Charismali Feb 8 @ 2:57am 
looking forward to this!