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Hive Jump
Feb 10 @ 4:07pm
Jun 19 @ 2:19pm
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New Art!

Friend and Artist Eric Hibbeler[] finished our poster art which will be one of the rewards for the new campaign! Sneak peeks below!

New Tilesets!

We hinted at the terrain types in our last update, here's a look at the three key tilesets, with first look at the volcanic set!

NPC Sprites!

Sprite artist Ben Severs has been cranking out sprites for the npc characters - check em out, and follow Ben on twitter @bsevers18!

New Gameplay Footage! Couch Co-OP
We've chosen a composer for the Soundtrack!

Yes, sweet musical notes of excellence are headed our way! We'll make that announcement about WHO is creating those notes soon and will share some sample tracks!

Gameplay Footage

See more gameplay footage on our facebook page!!!

Release date: Fourth Quarter 2014

STARSHIP TROOPERS & CONTRA had a baby and we call it HIVE JUMP, a multi-player sci-fi action shooter for your PC & MAC!

In the 24th century, mankind has spread across the stars colonizing planets and gathering valuable resources. During a routine mining operation, a colony discovers a dangerous race of alien creatures. Instinctively violent and bug-like, these aliens tear the colonists to pieces. The Human Systems Alliance (H.S.A.) has declared war on the bugs and has formed a special military unit to fight the bugs. Launched in jump-pods from orbit, this unit’s mission is to deliver a nuclear device to the heart of the alien hive, deep beneath the planet’s surface. This process is called the J.U.M.P. (Justified Use of Military Power).

The war with the BUGS is on, are you brave enough to make the JUMP?

Inspired by games like CONTRA, movies like STARSHIP TROOPERS, and literature like ENDER’S GAME, HIVE JUMP is a multiplayer co-op sci-fi shooter that gives players the experience of jumping into a gloriously rendered alien hive, fighting their way to the bottom, and nuking the hive queen for the good of mankind!

Packed with firepower of all sorts, players assume the role of a military unit called a JUMPER. Controlled with traditional WASD/Mouse combination or gamepad, players must descend deep below the planet’s surface, fighting through extensive hive tunnel networks, and slaying bugs by the thousands. Your team’s ultimate goal is to transport a vital TRANSPONDER BACKPACK into the “queen room” of each hive, so the H.S.A. ship in orbit can beam a specialized nuke directly into the heart of the hive.


Experience the carnage of each JUMP in hand crafted 2D pixel art! Shoot, blast and fry awesomely animated bugs of all shapes and sizes; all presented in a visual style very near and dear to our hearts.

HIVE JUMP will support Online CO-OP multiplayer allowing multiple players to connect online and make the jump together. Select your weapons, target the hive and settle in for an adrenaline packed multi-player experience. Nothing makes a JUMP more satisfying than making it out alive with your closest friends at your side.

Devastate the bug menace with an arsenal of high-powered sci-fi weaponry. Pulverize bugs with your pulse rifle, fry them with a flamethrower, and discover the variety of experimental bombs and weapons available to the J.U.M.P corps.

Traverse and explore procedurally generated alien hives. No two hives will be the same as you fight through waves of bugs, explore the various chambers in the hive, and gather resources for the war effort against the bugs.

Synthesize the alien goo you collect into useful tools to make bigger and more dangerous JUMPs. Supersize your flamethrower, stock your pockets with extra bombs or deck out your JUMPER with more powerful boots allowing you obliterate tougher alien hives.

Core Mechanics

Weaponry - Every jumper is given a standard issue H.S.A. Pulse Rifle, but there is an arsenal full of weapons, conventional and experimental, just waiting to see action against the alien menace.

Explosives - Make bugs go BOOM with the latest and greatest explosives that the H.S.A. lab techs and engineers have devised. There’s a bomb for every sticky situation.

Jump Boots - Alien hives are not easily traversable for humans, which is why every JUMPER is issued a pair of jump boots. These are perfect for boosting yourself over enemies to rain down death from above, or explore that hive chamber just out of reach.

Upgrades - Want to add some spread to that shotgun? Are your jump boots running out of fuel mid-flight? How about we upgrade your gear so you can bring the fight to the bugs in full form.

Transponder Pack - Jumpers may be expendable, but this backpack isn't. You need to deliver this package all the way to the bottom of the hive - to the queen room. How else are we going to beam a nuke down 4 km under the planet’s crust from orbit? Oh yeah, this backpack is also how we teleport in reinforcements, so don’t let the bugs walk off with it.

Gather Resources - It turns out these bugs are good for something. They secrete a very valuable mineral substance that we can exploit for energy. It’ll be up to you to decide how long you spend gathering resources in the alien hive, but the added risk could be vital to the war effort.
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XxMegamanxX 7 hours ago 
is this game going to have randomly generated levels? it would fit alot in the game. anyway, the new sprites look awesome, i'm really getting hype for the release
Spekkio  [author] Jul 22 @ 7:01pm 

Thanks!! We're really putting our blood, sweat, and tears into this game! We'll be coming to Kickstarter soon to get the funds we need to finish strong. I hope we can count on your support!
TheHolyApple Jul 18 @ 9:03pm 
This looks incredable. Best of luck on your production Grahite Lab.
Spekkio  [author] Jun 28 @ 12:18pm 

We'll be doing a closed alpha for our backers on Kickstarter. (we will be relaunching the campaign sometime in July). We're also very interested in releasing Early Access version through Steam.
Magarkus Jun 27 @ 4:28pm 
Are you going to realease just the full game or are you gonig to put out a beta?
Graphite Lab  [author] Jun 26 @ 10:54am 
@Dry Cooker 3D You bet we will! Thanks!
@Gorbulan Thanks! We can't wait for you to try it!
Gorbulan Jun 25 @ 7:47am 
Love the new screens. Keep up the good work! I know what I am getting for Christmas. :D
Dry Cooker 3D Jun 20 @ 1:05am 
thanks and keep the good work
Graphite Lab  [author] Jun 19 @ 2:15pm 
@seeder because they are physically "jumping" into the hive, as well as the fact that JUMP stands for JUSTIFIED USE OF MILITARY POWER.

@Dry Cooker 3D no demo yet, but we hope to have it whipped up soon!
Dry Cooker 3D Jun 10 @ 4:10am 
how do i try it