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Hive Jump
Feb 10, 2014 @ 4:07pm
Dec 2, 2014 @ 3:24pm
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Yesterday we announced the KICKSTARTER BUNDLE which goes to all backers $20 and above. This will come with a unique skin for your jumper as well as a special jumper crest!


Your Jumper Crest helps you keep track of your jumper within sections of the hive as well as ID them in interface sections like the mini-map. You select your crest before the jump from a handful of options - now all backers at the $20 Tier and above will have access to the KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE CREST to ID your jumper in the hive!

In less than 24 hours we'll be on the show floor hopefully bombarded with thousands of future Hive Jump fans! We've rushed a few items through the printers and have worked in some new updates to the build. It's going to be EXCITING!

If you'll be at the show you need to STOP BY AND PLAY HIVE JUMP! We'll be on the 6th floor at booth 6122!

Kickstarter Status: 45% funded, 16 days to go!
Halfway There!

We're 45% funded, and half-way through our campaign! Today is the big half-way mark, and we're trying to reach 50% by midnight tonight. We're reaching out to all of our steam followers to invite you to back the project and get some awesome goodies in the process! Thanks to all of you who have already backed the project - it's been incredibly flattering to have your support!

Visit the Kickstarter page for details or keep reading!

The Game & T-Shirt

Added by backer request, this is one of our most popular tiers - you can get the game along with this snazzy t-shirt for $30. Only 17 left!

The Art Book

Behold! A mockup of our Softbound Art Book! It'll be packed full of great art from Matt Raithel, Matt Stevens, Ben Severs, with apperances by Eric Hibbeler and Jillian Stiles. You can snag a digital artbook by backing at the $35 tier. Backers at $100 and above get a physical softbound version.

Boxed Edition

The Boxed edition tier includes: Physical Game Box, OST Soundtrack CD in a Bi-fold Case, and printed Jumper's Manual (game manual). Printed Softbound artbook also included, containing concepts, game sprites, illustrations, and more!

Join us on Kickstarter here for details!

Release date: Summer 2015

HIVE JUMP is a sci-fi action platformer for 1-4 players blending run ‘n gun gameplay with strategic campaigns.

Hive Jump is one part Spelunky, one part XCOM, and all parts alien ♥♥♥-kicking. You and your friends assume the role of jumpers, and blast your way through subterranean alien hives in run n’ gun 2D platforming action. Kill aliens, avoid traps, collect resources, and defeat the hive queen lurking at the bottom of the hive to complete the JUMP.


  • Action Platforming: Engage in fast-paced run n’ gun combat with swarms of aliens. Avoid traps, survive ambushes, discover treasures, and more.
  • Co-op Multiplayer: Play single player, or 2-4 player co-op. (local or online)
  • Procedural Levels: Jump into procedurally generated alien hives. Level modifiers like dark levels keep you on your toes and offer new challenges to overcome.
  • Unique Permadeath: Keep the transponder backpack in one piece! It is your mobile respawn point and if it is destroyed by the aliens you have no more lives.
  • Challenging AI: Intelligent and fierce enemies await in the hive.
  • Upgradeable Sci-Fi Weapons: Pulverize aliens with pulse rifles, flamethrowers, and a variety of experimental bombs and weapons.
  • Hand-Designed Challenges: Plunder challenge rooms and uncover lost relics to upgrade your arsenal.
  • Dynamic Lighting: Experience pixel-perfect dynamic lighting using Sprite Lamp.
  • Strategic Campaigns: The results of your jumps directly impact the ongoing galactic war against the aliens. Manage your planetary campaign between jumps in a turn-based strategy mode.
  • Gamepad Support: Play Hive Jump using your favorite console controller.
  • Platforms: PC / Mac / Linux (via Steam)


In the 24th century, humanity is at war with a hostile alien race. Outnumbered a million to one, mankind’s only hope of survival is the J.U.M.P. Corps. Its mission is to fight to the alien menace hive by hive and planet by planet.

The war with the aliens is on, are you brave enough to make the JUMP?

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Hadron Stahl Apr 7 @ 9:50pm 
Hoping this gets released on Steam soon; been looking and sighing and wishing at this page for over a year now.
Graphite Lab  [author] Mar 23 @ 3:33pm 
Thanks for the support everyone! We've been heads down on the game since PAX South, making great progress!
ZombieSocks96 Jan 31 @ 12:04am 
Played it at PAX South, loved it, bought Early Access right there at their booth, now just waiting for my code so I can play from home.
Powers Jan 26 @ 11:14am 
This was super awesome playing with my younger brother who came to pax south with me. I think this will be a new MP game in our competitive brother game rotation.
EDGHolyHeadshot Jan 25 @ 8:11pm 
Got a chance to play 4 player co-op at PAX South and LOVED it! Fantastic stuff! :O)
Spekkio  [author] Jan 15 @ 8:12pm 
Hello everyone! Things are progressing well on the game. You can check out our latest Kickstarter updates (public) for more info. Thanks for all the support!
DolbyDigital Jan 14 @ 5:43pm 
Hope things are still progressing well devs! Looking forward to more co-op goodness
sharpnova Jan 10 @ 12:57am 
this looks like the shit.
Spekkio  [author] Dec 2, 2014 @ 2:53pm 
Thanks everyone! We're in the midst of development right now, thanks to all your support! Can't wait to give you more updates soon!
b3rry Nov 5, 2014 @ 9:41am 
waiting to play!