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Hive Jump
Feb 10 @ 4:07pm
Mar 7 @ 9:37am

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GDC was a blast. We were solidly booked meeting with publishers, other developers, and interested press contacts that wanted a peep at the Hive Jump Demo. Overall it was a successful trip and we came away from the conference with a better plan for getting Hive Jump positioned for console release (aka we are talking with some big publishers, but can’t say who just yet!)

We also got to meet with the almighty Finn Morgan who is the mastermind behind Sprite Lamp[] which is driving the dynamic lighting system that Hive Jump is using (or in the process of integrating). We got to see some of the cool things he’s planning for Sprite Lamp as well as show him the Hive Jump demo, pointing out where we see Sprite Lamp being most effective in the game.

Several of our close friends and colleagues got to see the demo first hand as well. Dan Fessler[] (currently working on Chasm with Discord Games[]) is an old friend and fellow Pixel Art Guru who had some really great things to say about the progress we’re making on the art side! We also bumped into fellow indie dev Ryan Burrell[] (Delver’s Drop[], Indie Mega Booth[]) to talk some Hive Jump planning for PAX Prime later this year.


We’ve continued to climb the ladder that is Steam Greenlight! As of this morning, we’re listed at #18 / 1600+ games with over 7,500 yes votes. We’re still pushing hard to get news of Hive Jump spread throughout the gaming community and earn that approval from our friends at Valve to bring Hive Jump to Steam in 2014.


The animation system of Hive Jump is one that has been tinkered with quite a bit in recent weeks. As we need a method that is both efficient but visually authentic to the classic pixel art style we’re going for. Testing for sprite based frame animation vs joint based puppet animation is in progress and we should have some results to post next week.


We’re spending a lot of time up front in laying the groundwork for the AI system so the balance between work and results has been a little heavy on the “work” side of that equation. However, we’re getting pretty close to the point where we’ll be adding in new alien art, combining that with the AI code, getting the new animation system integrated and then sharing some new footage of this combined awesomeness!

We'll be back with another update next week sharing more details!

Pre-GDC, Art Announcements

We're looking forward to a PACKED GDC schedule this year with some really great meetings lined up to promote Hive Jump [] and our upcoming relaunch in April.

If you will be at GDC and want to get a sneak peak at the game, reach out to us at or ping Matt on twitter @raitheoshow. We’re very excited to be sharing this version with press and players alike!

We move ever closer to our Kickstarter reboot on April 21st!


We continue to burn the midnight oil in our efforts to improve the visual style of Hive Jump. We've refined everything from the character shapes, to the color palette and still have a long way to go before we hang up our wacom pens and call it "good".

Below is a progress shot of one of the Alien Minor Class bugs, who we affectionately call "Dave". As you can see, we've improved overall detail of the sprite along with modifying the color palette too. We can't wait to get them animated!

You can see in the image below the comparison between the new "DAVE" and the new soldier. The new alien art makes the bugs pretty vicious looking, but that space marine looks pretty tough too!

Given the new level of detail on the soldier, he (or she!) just begs to have different color schemes applied. We've played around with a few below. We think it will be an awesome perk to be able to colorize your soldier before you make the jump.

Development Progress

We've been a bit split this week, with half of our efforts going toward true development and half going toward putting some last minute polish on our GDC build. Meaning, getting some features roughed in so they can prove the concept, with the understanding that they will have to be refined later in order to be part of the core game long term.

If you've ever be faced with a marketing milestone, you know it is a bit of a sprint in order to get as much as you possibly can! Below is a quick capture of the 4-player local co-op in action! The video is a little rough as it was a cell phone capture on the fly - but you can still see how intense things get when you have 4+ players all working together to fry some alien scum!

Local Co-op Inital Preview[]

Release date: Fourth Quarter 2014
Jumping into an alien HIVE alone is certain death. That’s why we want this MULTI-PLAYER GAME shared with each and every one of your friends. As a special thanks to those who have taken the JUMP with us on KICKSTARTER, we are promoting you to commanders of your very own jump squad. You will be part of the team that made this game happen, and that means you can give this game for FREE to your friends upon its release.

Starting at the $30 ELITE TIER, you will earn your own unique recruiter link to the game allowing you to share it with your friends for FREE once the game is released. This update will automatically apply to all current $30 backers and above!

At the NEW $55 ELITE TIER you will earn an ADDITIONAL share-able recruiter link to the closed BETA once it is released. You will be able to bring your friends in on the beta-testing action!

This is EXCLUSIVE to KICKSTARTER and our loyal backers and has never been done before. You aren’t just funding a game, with your pledge you are opening the door to your own network of friends who will have this awesome game because of your willingness to make the jump.


STARSHIP TROOPERS & CONTRA had a baby and we call it HIVE JUMP, a multi-player sci-fi action shooter for your PC & MAC!

In the 24th century, mankind has spread across the stars colonizing planets and gathering valuable resources. During a routine mining operation, a colony discovers a dangerous race of alien creatures. Instinctively violent and bug-like, these aliens tear the colonists to pieces. The Human Systems Alliance (H.S.A.) has declared war on the bugs and has formed a special military unit to fight the bugs. Launched in jump-pods from orbit, this unit’s mission is to deliver a nuclear device to the heart of the alien hive, deep beneath the planet’s surface. This process is called the J.U.M.P. (Justified Use of Military Power).

The war with the BUGS is on, are you brave enough to make the JUMP?

Inspired by games like CONTRA, movies like STARSHIP TROOPERS, and literature like ENDER’S GAME, HIVE JUMP is a multiplayer co-op sci-fi shooter that gives players the experience of jumping into a gloriously rendered alien hive, fighting their way to the bottom, and nuking the hive queen for the good of mankind!

Packed with firepower of all sorts, players assume the role of a military unit called a JUMPER. Controlled with traditional WASD/Mouse combination or gamepad, players must descend deep below the planet’s surface, fighting through extensive hive tunnel networks, and slaying bugs by the thousands. Your team’s ultimate goal is to transport a vital TRANSPONDER BACKPACK into the “queen room” of each hive, so the H.S.A. ship in orbit can beam a specialized nuke directly into the heart of the hive.


Experience the carnage of each JUMP in hand crafted 2D pixel art! Shoot, blast and fry awesomely animated bugs of all shapes and sizes; all presented in a visual style very near and dear to our hearts.

HIVE JUMP will support Online CO-OP multiplayer allowing multiple players to connect online and make the jump together. Select your weapons, target the hive and settle in for an adrenaline packed multi-player experience. Nothing makes a JUMP more satisfying than making it out alive with your closest friends at your side.

Devastate the bug menace with an arsenal of high-powered sci-fi weaponry. Pulverize bugs with your pulse rifle, fry them with a flamethrower, and discover the variety of experimental bombs and weapons available to the J.U.M.P corps.

Traverse and explore procedurally generated alien hives. No two hives will be the same as you fight through waves of bugs, explore the various chambers in the hive, and gather resources for the war effort against the bugs.

Synthesize the alien goo you collect into useful tools to make bigger and more dangerous JUMPs. Supersize your flamethrower, stock your pockets with extra bombs or deck out your JUMPER with more powerful boots allowing you obliterate tougher alien hives.

Core Mechanics

Weaponry - Every jumper is given a standard issue H.S.A. Pulse Rifle, but there is an arsenal full of weapons, conventional and experimental, just waiting to see action against the alien menace.

Explosives - Make bugs go BOOM with the latest and greatest explosives that the H.S.A. lab techs and engineers have devised. There’s a bomb for every sticky situation.

Jump Boots - Alien hives are not easily traversable for humans, which is why every JUMPER is issued a pair of jump boots. These are perfect for boosting yourself over enemies to rain down death from above, or explore that hive chamber just out of reach.

Upgrades - Want to add some spread to that shotgun? Are your jump boots running out of fuel mid-flight? How about we upgrade your gear so you can bring the fight to the bugs in full form.

Transponder Pack - Jumpers may be expendable, but this backpack isn't. You need to deliver this package all the way to the bottom of the hive - to the queen room. How else are we going to beam a nuke down 4 km under the planet’s crust from orbit? Oh yeah, this backpack is also how we teleport in reinforcements, so don’t let the bugs walk off with it.

Gather Resources - It turns out these bugs are good for something. They secrete a very valuable mineral substance that we can exploit for energy. It’ll be up to you to decide how long you spend gathering resources in the alien hive, but the added risk could be vital to the war effort.
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ionutudor2012 13 hours ago 
what is the game place ?
Graphite Lab  [author] 17 hours ago 

Not purchasable yet - we're still targeting fall 2014 release.
MrTheFysh Apr 14 @ 5:59pm 
@Graphite Lab

When do you think there will be a definite release date? Is it purchaseable already?
I'm excited.
Graphite Lab  [author] Apr 14 @ 7:26am 
Thanks for voting for the game everyone!

@Reali-tGlich - where did you see it on Nintendo Enthusiast? We looked but didn't find.

@ Vlad the Impaler - probably not right away, but as soon as we could! Beta access is in the plan!

@A raw chicken on toast - Its a little hectic right? We're working to bring some more sanity to the scene, but we still like the idea of frantic bullet storms filling the screen!

Reali-tGlitch Apr 13 @ 3:04am 
Loving the look! Saw it on Nintendo Enthusiast, so I'd buy it on both Steam AND WiiU!
Vlad the Impaler Apr 12 @ 10:16pm 
was wondering whether they would do a beta access as soon as they are greenlight on steam?
a raw chicken on toast Apr 12 @ 4:13am 
it looks awesome, although it looks like you have no idea whats going on on the screen, its still really cool! voted
sescoss Apr 12 @ 12:48am 
梓の终结 Apr 11 @ 7:06pm