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Tales of Mystics and Madmen
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Feb 20 @ 3:33am

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Tales of Mystics and Madmen is an experimental mix between the genres of RTS, RPG and Action set in a procedurally generated world. You, your friends and a huge number of NPCs inhabit a fictional world inspired by historical events, people and factions. This world is shaped by lore, culture and technologies found in the steampunk universe. You are free to explore this world as you wish, but bear in mind: This world follows the rhythm of another beast's heart!

Key Features:
  • Player character is controlled in First-Person-View.
  • NPCs got their own personality and follow their own logic autonomously.
  • Groups of NPCs and players may form factions.
  • Factions may use diplomatic, cultural or military actions to influence neighbours. Players leading a faction may use controls similar to traditional RTS games to manage their followers.
  • Military encounters are solved with weapons using one of two ammunition types: Anti-Weapon or Anti-Integrity.
  • Anti-Weapon ammunition damages other weapons and renders targets vulnerable to further actions.
  • Anti-Integrity ammunition invokes personality changing effects on NPCs and special effects on player characters.
  • Customize game data: Almost all game defining files may be modified as you wish. Facts used to define NPCs, AI, Equipment, Game modes, Combat statistics, Units etc can be found in user-friendly XML files. Change, add or remove data sets to create the game you want to play.
  • Entity-driven content: All actions taken by players or non-players affect the world somehow.
  • Content generator: Design content prototypes that add context to the world and customize your gaming experience.

In essence, Tales of Mystics and Madmen is like a storybook, which tells the story of many different kingdoms. In the beginning, all kingdoms share the same prologue: A central city becomes the capital for the regent and a number of smaller factions. Over time, relationships between those factions degrade or improve based on actions of their people, cultural influence, diplomatic effects and military encounters. Differences may lead to further actions taken by one or more factions and affect numerous other factions or entities in the world.

It is important to note that all actions and reactions invoke consequences naturally within the game. You will not find a moment in the game that is scripted from start to finish. Content created by the generator is used to fill content holes in a big world, but these fillers don't wait for player interaction. They are like stones, which start rolling downhill and may hit bigger stones along the way.

All entities in the world act individually. NPCs and factions follow unique AI routines, which specify their behaviour in the game. Both remember actions from other entities such as players, NPCs or factions and gain respect or disrespect depending on the situation. Depending on your influence on others, consequences may occur sooner or later.

The Developer:
Tales of Mystics and Madmen is currently under development. The team behind this project consists of one programmer/game designer and one artist located in Vienna, Austria. Since Tales is at the same time very ambitious and experimental, features, content and systems may be modified, added or removed as we proceed in development. Feel free to ask questions or contribute to this vision of ours, but please bear in mind: It's just the two of us.
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Jul 16 @ 12:26pm
Игра хороша
< >
CaptainChristian  [author] Aug 19 @ 5:20am 
No, it is not. Just the usual back and forth when implementing new and iterating over existing features. Since this is my first project and a very ambitious one at the same time, things tend to break unexpectedly. Without going into detail, I set an internal deadline for the demo at the end of this month and plan to release the demo at the end of September.

Let me head back into my bunker until mid September and expect news then.
DaHoboAtWalMart Aug 18 @ 4:48am 
So... what happened? Is this dead?
ByVoice[b7] Jul 31 @ 12:47pm 
Не плохо, хотя есть над чем поработать
Duncan Management Services Jul 21 @ 5:56pm 
i'd buy it! keep up the good work!
CaptainChristian  [author] Jul 15 @ 2:53am 
The character models are progressing just nicely. At first we wanted to get our hands on publicly available assets, which are much cheaper. Naturally, they make the game look generic, replaceable, that's we hired a proficient team overseas to do the job. They still need more time, but it will be worthwhile and something to look at while playing the game.

The roadmap hasn't changed and we are getting closer to release of the demo. We will make some noise once we got the soldier models in, the AI playtested and the map generator to work nicely together. Think of the demo as your average RTS title with some custom mechanics added. We don't want to add more game mechanics to the demo, because if we did the demo would be almost identical to the full release.

Thank you for your patience. We got high respects for all of you and work as fast as we can.
CaptainChristian  [author] Jul 15 @ 2:53am 
Thank you for your kind words. I got a small update:
The licensing issues of the third party asset really pushed us back a lot. In essence, it enabled us to generate the playfield and all major obstacles at runtime and made NPCs find a reasonable path. Now that this is gone we are trying to find ways to make it work. Nobody wants to fight enemies on a completely flat terrain.

One way is to wait for Unity Technologies to release the next major update to their engine (Unity3d), which enables navmesh updates at runtime. Another to hack or add dirty code, now, which will be removed later. We are currently doing the second with mediocre success.

In the meantime, I've reworked major parts of the AI and implemented a good alternative to the native collision detection to make hundreds of projectiles collide with other objects with little overhead and high performance.
Rpnolet Jul 6 @ 3:46pm 
The concept looks fun.
that hideous strength Jul 3 @ 3:58am 
Looks interesting
kastuk May 9 @ 1:58pm 
The Shadow Over Innsmouth?!
DaHoboAtWalMart Apr 30 @ 2:30pm 
@CaptainChristian - Oh, so there's a lot more done than I even expected. Sounds like a good game, will be following this closely.