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Abyss [Portal 2 Mod]
Feb 2, 2014 @ 4:32am
Mar 2 @ 5:15am
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Release date: Unknown, Maybe 2016+
What is Abyss?

Abyss is a Portal 2 mod I am working on by my own, I always wanted to make my own project and to see what people think about my ideas. The goal of the mod is to create a brand new looking Aperture Science labs from scratch in a more realistically architectural point of view.
I am also working on a great storyline and working hard to get the mod reach a good quality from visual effect like level design to gameplay and entertainment.


The storyline is still under development, it is possible that it change radically either having new elements or scraped a few.
The main idea is to make a non linear storyline about Aperture science while using some important elements from Half Life.
We integrate one of the few 7 hours war survivor trying to escape the combine invasion by road while an ambush make you lost the control of your car and crashed down a little valley next to a small forest. Waking up, you decided to get away as soon as you could else you could get captured or worst. after a moment you find out a facility near by and you decided to hide out in there. It was not a good idea.


The Mod is still under development, Many feature may be added. One of my goal is to have enough custom made models to not depend on pre-made materials other than textures. The idea of using a non linear storyline is to give the players more replayability and more fun seeking out for secrets areas and Easter eggs. Most of the path the players will be taking will show different part of the storyline of the facility itself, It is basically a " make your own story " game. the main goal is to survive the invasion but also to survive aperture science.
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