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Plant Trees
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Apr 11, 2012 @ 6:54pm
Apr 17, 2012 @ 5:37pm
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Update v0.5:

* NEW TREES: Four types of Aspen trees are now available to plant.
* NEW ITEM: The Staff of Efflorescence. "Paint" flowers across the land to decorate your forests. Flowers are not persistent, so go wild!
* Sloping and floating trees should no longer occur.
* Trees will now die after dropping all of their cones and leave behind wood to gather.

Plant Trees enables you to plant seeds that slowly grow into mature trees. Grow your own money-making tree farm, found a new forest, or add that last touch of woodsy ambiance to your home's front lawn.

Each tree is randomized in potential height and growth speed, and you can choose from four types of aspens or pines to plant.


1. Find the Horticulturist, a new vendor outside of Whiterun on the road west.
2. Buy your starter seeds. Find them under the Scrolls category.
3. Plant a seed by equipping it under Scrolls and tossing it wherever you'd like.
4. Wait 24 hours for your first sapling to peek out from beneath the earth.
5. Every day, your brave tree will grow a little larger.
6. After reaching maturity, your tree will drop a new seed every day for five days. Following this period, the tree will naturally die and leave behind harvestable wood.
7. Plant new seeds to grow more trees, or sell them back to the Horticulturist to cash in on your lucrative tree seed business!


Trees can not be immediately destroyed without manually disabling them, so be careful about where you plant them -- and how many you plant!
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Molag Bal Aug 27 @ 7:54am 
No offense intended.
Molag Bal Aug 27 @ 7:53am 
VERY UNIQUE. I bet all you "TREE-HUGGERS" are forming a drum circle.
cjonwalsh Jul 19 @ 10:57am 
I really like this mod. Hope you expand on the selection of trees. Apple trees would be good. Nut trees too like walnut or pecan. I also thought you could create some berry bushes like raspberry, blackberry, or blueberry.
Thyr Jul 19 @ 7:53am 
Exellent, magnifique,je te félicite pour la conception de ce mod , j'ai bientôt 3000h de jeu et ton mod apporte une nouvelle dimension a" l'ambiance" , je le conseil vivement a tous , merci encore, surtout continu !!.. ^^
opino72 Jul 17 @ 4:12pm 
Nexus link? plz I need it!! I've got SKSE
suppersneek Jul 12 @ 9:37am 
love it its brill thank you
Luna Moons Jul 7 @ 3:22am 
can you do few more trees as it look great so far, but if you do request could you please do a few trees like pink and red cherry blossom tree, apple tree, old oak trees with faces in them and a few flowers like a flaming rose or strange yet beautiful flowers. if it not to much to ask. :/
suppersneek Jun 3 @ 2:25pm 
I love trees thy r brill and so r u keep moding :)
GUNMA May 21 @ 9:12am 
Does the tree dissapear after 5 days? How am I to make a forest if it lasts only for 5 days :-(
dyldyl1011 Apr 8 @ 4:59am 
looks very cool ima going to put some near whiterun and ma house