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Dragon Nests
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Apr 11, 2012 @ 3:19pm
Apr 15, 2012 @ 8:25am
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(Random dragon roaring fixed! :D ) Ever wonder if dragons have a family? Or a place to go to after a long day of terrorizing towns? This mod adds dragon nests to the world of skyrim. If you are in the colder regions of skyrim, you will see frost dragon nests, if you are in warmer regions, you will see blood or tundra dragons. They will hunt anything near them, including you. You will also see lone dragons perched on mountains and such.

Added death dragons
Added lava and flame dragons.
I added dragon hunters.
Changed the dragon part's alchemy effects to something unique.
I added Skeletal dragons around Hjaalmarch. (Will add to Falkreath Hold soon)
Next to the main entrance of the Riverwood Trader, there is a "strange barrel' with a book about the dragons.
Added a dragon cave called "Frostbite Cave". (VERY buggy when entering and leaving the cave.)

Dragons Added:

Male Dragons: Can shout, can fly, extremly aggressive and tough.

Female Dragons: Can shout, can fly, more aggressive when near dragonlings.

Young Dragons: Can shout, can fly, aggressive. not very tough
Dragonlings: Can't shout, can't fly, run away on sight, extremly weak.

Dragons Drop:

Usual dragon scales, bones, and random treasure
Dragon Hearts
Dragon Claws


Dragonlings sometimes walk into the ground. (They get out though)
Death dragons die like Alduin (Not really a bug, they are supposed to do that.)

Please report any bugs you find!


Q: Do they respawn?

A: Yes. :)

Q: Did you remove all dragon roars?

A: No, only the background roaring.

Q: Does it work with ....?

A: I don't use many other dragon mods so I don't know. I do know that it works with dragons diversified. (It doesn't change the dragon I added)

NOTE: Before you comment, I want to tell you this. This mod isn't supposed to be lore friendly! So PLEASE stop commenting how you think it's not lore friendly!

Also NO BAD WORDS! I will delete your comment if you have any inappropriate language.
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InunkuriRamusak Jul 29 @ 10:46am 
@ashleymk99 Im not getting any souls, and does your mod replace other dragons?
dinonicky Jul 24 @ 1:55pm 
you should make it the baby dragons you can tame and ride them
Alex Jul 24 @ 5:04am 
Parthurnax is wrong he just said dragons can't breed because he cant pick up the chicks!
fectio Jul 20 @ 6:48am 
Fighting 2 or more dragons st once is WICKED!!!!
Mitch1052 Jul 9 @ 9:24am 
where is the stange barrel i cant find it
gasoline1970 Jul 9 @ 7:05am 
@ashleymk99, when im playing with this mod and kill some of these new dragons I wont get their dragon souls. is it ment to be like that or is there a problem?
oceanvista Jul 6 @ 7:11pm 
kool :)
Waifu Tai Foon Jul 1 @ 6:38pm 
fantastic! thanks<3 10/10
Pancake Mix Jun 30 @ 5:08pm 
Not to be a broken record but you should add this to nexus mods. It'll bring so much more traction to your amazing mod!
Prince Dragoon Jun 28 @ 4:03pm 
Would you be willing to put this on nexus mods? (steam can messthings up and it's just easier for some people like me to get it from nexus.)