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6.87 - Standard Terrorblade (Lane) Build
By Torte de Lini
Terrorblade is a late-game carry who can push down towers like no other. In combination with his Metamorphosis and Conjure Image, Terrorblade can create armies of illusions with bonus-damage ranged attacks used to overwhelm foes. His ultimate, Sunder, can extend his life by swapping his near depleted health with a foe.

Terrorblade suffers from an incredibly low mana-pool and no escapes.

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theCerealKillr Sep 25, 2015 @ 3:47pm 
Hey, not sure if you check comments here but after the patch, maxing Q is definitely the way to go. At least max it before W, if not before E. Sange and Yasha is also probably the core item, with Manta being more situational.
我超级米德 Jul 9, 2015 @ 9:50am 
Dorito Man Jan 19, 2015 @ 3:05pm 
I would add a Heart of Tarassque to this build because although Terrorblade is not meant to be a tank, it is extremely useful in the later game as you scale to a pretty squishy hero without it, and if the enemy knows which one of your illusions is the real one, you can be torn in faster then you can Sunder. I normally get it after Manta Style, then get Monkey KIng Bar after the heart, yto complement Terrorblade's ridiculous DPS.
GInToKi Feb 5, 2014 @ 9:27am 
desolator best item on teror
Косой Штурмовик Feb 5, 2014 @ 9:16am 
NOUR ----> Tec-9 Feb 5, 2014 @ 1:45am 
fucking dota worck shop
†<CC><Infamous_sniper21 Feb 4, 2014 @ 3:05pm 
Would a Diffusal Blade be a good item on Terrorblade? It gives him stats and his illusions would mana burn with him. Although it doesn't stack with Satanic, but is a Satanic nessecary?
GG's.HyperXFury- Feb 4, 2014 @ 1:43pm 
Akkedis Feb 4, 2014 @ 9:36am 
@Blood-Knight TB doesn't have a Orb Attack, I think you mean animation canceling. He is also a 315 ms hero with Manta as core (a +ms item). Why would you then buy Phase, which doesn't even complement the illusions. Feb 4, 2014 @ 6:39am