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Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Jan 31 @ 11:39am
Feb 5 @ 10:57pm

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Recent Announcements View All (6)
Patch 261 released
Patch 260 released
  • Scriptable status effects
  • Startup scripts for scenarios (and saves)
  • Changed attribute rolling for legendary items again
  • Replaced all icons with new ones
  • Fixed mem leak with ruby
  • Equalized volume of sound files
  • NPC's no longer use offensive spells on dead units
  • Mouse over sound no longer plays over invisible buttons on game over screen
  • Changed legendary item color from yellow to orange-ish
  • Ruby functions will now more often return nil instead of crashing due to accessing null ptrs
  • Legendary weapons no longer get armor enchants
  • Fixed saving not working if saves/ dir was not there
  • Removed show combinations button
  • Spells no longer have dedicated icons (For the moment)
  • Fixed "Seconds to cast: " indicator not taking enchants into consideration
  • Removed some unused graphics files
  • Added batch file for dungeonmodule processing
  • Fixed singleplayer menu not loading if saves folder not present
  • Made units render only if player has been spawned and placed
  • Fixed problems with the hungry/starving symbol and non human races
  • Added stone axe recipe, fixed metal axe recipe
  • Increased vertical attack range to fix units not being able to attack targets on slopes
  • Fixed level load switching unexplored terrain and fog of war options off
  • Grates in dungeon modules are now rotated correctly
  • Autocrafting now shows the quality the crafted item will be when crafted by this unit
  • Fixed potential crash when unit/container updates while inventory is open
  • Fixed selection not respecting view slicing with tiles
  • Fixed not being able to remove areas
  • Fixed spawned gates showing owner as ?
  • Useable abilities no longer have fixed positions in the menu
  • Made spells be able to target items in the inventory and not target things behind the GUI
  • Fixed Spear/Pike flickering when in standing guard animation
  • Fixed not being able to coat items in potions
  • Fixed stockpiles, empty flask onto..., and similar buttons sometimes not showing their description while active
  • Renamed singleplayer menu buttons
  • Double day duration
  • Active buttons that are hovered over now show a seperate graphic

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Release date: 2015
Dungeoncraft is a fantasy real time strategy game featuring multiplayer sandbox survival type gameplay, dynamic world expansion, and 3D grid based digging and building.

It does allow for direct control over your units, having indirect orders only for convenience' sake.

Craft weapons, raid dungeons for epic loot and mighty spells, brew potions, build or dig fortifications against the computer or your friends. It's all up to you!

Play in the unique "communicationsmode", which only allows you to control your units if you supply them with orders or contact them directly with your avatar or substitutes!
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Feb 2 @ 7:00pm
Kinda like Dwarf Fortress
Feb 4 @ 2:53pm
İts Look like a awesome
< >
Cruell Sep 18 @ 9:16pm 
Good day loved the game of you have exellent idea would love to have this game to play with my friends if I'm using something wrong tradudor google has a channel here in Brazil is called q maximus coop so he d make gameplay coop game would be a good foray seeks leave them in the description link I appreciate your time for reading this far good luck and god help us all.
Misza Aug 19 @ 1:58pm 
minecraft everywhere
[ESP] StarkForce Aug 12 @ 9:20am 
What is the objetive?

If you develope a Spanish version It migh be better :P
christopher[FR] Jul 27 @ 5:34am 
It seem interressting to see what will be the evolution of this game, at the moment, you shall enhance gameplay, graphics, and perhaps the engine... think about your wanted impression, your wanted game and use some brainstorming software like Xmind to help you to concretise and devellopping your prjoect. seems potentiely interressting but need more work before being greenlighted.
Catscratch Jul 10 @ 11:08am 
The graphics remind me of Roblox and it doesn't seem all that interesting. Looks very poorly made and it doesn't seem like it's worth a spot on Steam, sorry.
рот бутерброд Jul 3 @ 5:40am 
появилось желание поиграть
|AW|Orbitron Jul 1 @ 2:13am 
looks like minecraft
Кот_С_АК_74m Jun 21 @ 11:20am 
уже есть альтарнатива этой игры
ElementX Apr 12 @ 12:53am 
Looks like poo
Cardinal Lord Holland Apr 9 @ 9:05am