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Volumax (Rhythm Game)
Jan 28 @ 1:20pm
Feb 1 @ 7:05am

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Volumax ™ is a rhythm , action, fast paced game, developing by two men. In Volumax you will find two gameplay, Volumax and Volumania, unlimited number of BeatTracks comming , maximum customisation, advanced gameplay options and more!

In near future we will add:
  • Beat track editor - you will be able to make your own unique BeatTrack and upload it to public access.
  • Multiplayer - up to 4 players per battle
  • We will try to add minimum 2 new BeatTracks every day.
  • And more
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Selti Sep 17 @ 5:21am 
I want to play this game. but I don't have code. Can you give me a code? If you can give me code please send this e-mail :
and I failed register twice times hana5156,hana5159 Please release this Id
wanwan159 Sep 10 @ 2:45pm 
The registration problem hasn't been fixed for quite some time now, I tried 3 seperate emails.
I'm flagging this, it seems like they are more concerned with gathering emails for whatever reason rather then fixing something very simple. Who knows they might be selling emails so we can enjoy the nice spammy ads.
Teku_ Sep 7 @ 6:16pm 
What are the colours there for? At first i thought it was some ITG-kinda thing with colours representing timing, but that's clearly not it. Also, it looks more like Technika than Osu. Finally, it seems like the game is hard to get (as in, problems with registration and download) so i'm very doubtful about this. Take with a grain of salt.
猫Production Aug 22 @ 6:38pm 
guys this game is good as i can see from trailer but i don't receive no email confermation
말걸지말아주세요 Aug 2 @ 6:13pm 
I wish that game must available in Steam!
emagon Jul 28 @ 8:11pm 
Guitar hero and osu!'s son! voted :D
[TGC]Angelxp Jul 19 @ 5:21am 
omg looks cool to play andim good at this types off games
Hawkward Jul 12 @ 6:52am 
As with totashi777 - I attempted to register last night, but no confirmation email was sent. Again I attempted with an alternative email this morning, and it still did not work. Are there issues here? Or are servers offline? I'd love to try the game to spread my opinions and advice in comparison to DJMAX, BEMANI, osu!mania and o2jam, but the fact I can't even register to play makes that nye impossible right now.
papin97 Jul 10 @ 6:15am 
So, no recent updates or something?
totashi777 Jun 27 @ 12:32pm 
i went to the website and registered and never got an activation code, the links on the bottom of the screen arnt working for me can you help