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4th Dimension
Genre: Casual, Arcade
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Jan 27 @ 11:35am
Feb 17 @ 11:15pm

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Alpha Access!
Release date: Late 2014
Blast your way through this unknown and endless universe! Navigate through asteroid fields to collect the precious element 120, which can only be found far out in space. Upgrade your spaceship and overcome even the toughest space pirates and undiscovered empires!


# About the game!
This game is a retro-inspired casual space game in 2.5D. Avoid asteroids, overcome random bosses and discover the secrets of the 4th Dimension in this brand new vertical space shooter! Collect the precious element 120 (Unbinilium) and trade it in for new spaceship components! Better shields, bigger lasers and faster engines. A simple casual arcade game, just like in the good old days - but with bigger lasers!

Inspired by games like Space Invaders, Asteroids and R-Type, 4th Dimension aims to bring simple, casual, arcade gaming into the living room - with full controller support - perfect for Steam Big Picture.

# Liberator X71
Meet your new best pal, the Liberator X71 – it might not be the largest, fastest, best looking, most dangerous, or even the safest spaceship, but it’s special! It’s yours. Sure the price of fuel has gone up, but the emotional value of the ship alone is worth more than all of the money in this endless universe combined.
Well – technically it’s not endless, it’s what we call continuously expanding… But I’ll get to that at another time.

Remember when you missed that huge asteroid by just a couple of inches? Phew!
And when you blew all of the Space Empire’s fleet to pieces? Oh boy, those were the golden days!
And that time, when you found the hidden hell level by pressing… Well, you know the stories better than I.

Sadly, you might never see the Liberator X71 again. A real Flipper the Movie moment.
The thing is, last time you absorbed those compressed energy missiles from the fleet of Thunderbolt SA5..
Let’s just say the the capacity of how much pure energy this baby can handle isn’t endless.

So I’m afraid this is it, time to say your goodbyes. It would require thousands of people to get this train running again. And no one even heard about it… So we stand no chance unless we gather the help of random people on the internet...

# Features!
- Upgrade system
- Spaceship (color) customization
- Resolutions Independent
- Dynamic environment
- "Space radio"
- Local co-op!
- Fully controller supported

# Development
4th Dimension is being developed in the city of Hillerød, north of Copenhagen Denmark - with freelance help from all over the world, mainly USA and UK. Feel free to ask questions and come with your ideas, we'ill be happy to hear them and might even implement them in the final version.

Price idea, 5 EUR
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IBM Jul 4 @ 4:59am 
Looks like the Developer likes Logitech products
Goku Jul 1 @ 2:31pm 
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@Chop the dog ^^ A price idea on 5 EUR -> 7 USD
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i like the graphics they look like borderlands
Keith Keiser Apr 26 @ 10:25pm 
how much will it be sold for? :P
icefire-231 Apr 20 @ 2:46pm 
Juiner Apr 18 @ 12:50pm 
Up voted!
gorok Apr 10 @ 1:48pm 
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