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[BNW] Australia Civilization - Colonialist Legacies
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[BNW] Colonialist Legacies: Histories of the New World Modpack
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Adds the most excellent Australians to the game. They are a tourism-focused civilization, with strong ties to the ocean. This is the first civilization in the planned Colonialist Legacies: Histories of the New World Modpack!

Coming soon: Inuit, Koori, Wabanaki, Blackfoot, Cree, Nyoongar, Dene, Zapotecs!

Features voice acting by Charlatan Alley and Custom Leader Music!

COMING SOON: 3D Leaderhead!

Leader: Sir Henry Parkes, the Father of Modern Australia!

Boundless Plains to Share: Settlers found Puppeted cities. The first 3 coastal Cities founded gain free buildings that provide additional Food and Tourism as Australia progresses throughout the ages. Mines gain +2 Production after Railroad is researched.

Prime Minister: Australia's unique Great Writer, the Prime Minister will supply you with political quotes as Great Works that only Australia can produce. In addition, their mere rise to power will be enough to trigger a Golden Age!

Digger Infantry: Australia's unique Great War Infantry, the Digger Infantry performs exceptionally in desert and foreign combat and can quickly be recruited from your Workers in times of need. Doesn't obsolete at Plastics either.

Unique Australian Buildings (from the UA): Colonial Settlement (Classical), Mining Town (Renaissance), Refugee Programme (Modern), Tourism Department (Information).

Requires BNW

CivFanatics Download Page[forums.civfanatics.com]

Colonialist Legacies CivFanatics Thread[forums.civfanatics.com]

Concept and Art by TPangolin
XML and Lua by Neirai
Digger Infantry code by codefreak5
Voice Acting by Charlatan Alley. Check him out on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter!
Civilopedia Entries by the fabulous Viregel
Music is from the Movie 'Australia'. Peace: Welcome to Australia - War: Waltzing Matilda.
Inspiration by Bamington. This mod was inspired by his Australia mod. He encouraged us to take a crack at this one.
The Lua in this mod would not be possible without the help of the amazing community at www.civfanatics.com, especially LastSword, who is a Lua master and whose advice was indispensible for this mod. Some of the Lua in this Civ (the Puppet Cities script) was written by LastSword.
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Mar 18 @ 5:17am
missing mod
Feb 7 @ 8:08am
Thaao Hanshew
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mariosliak Apr 17 @ 3:05am 
it doesn't appear in the mod menu
Carlou Apr 15 @ 4:35pm 
I installed Chrome and it works perfectly, thanks a lot TPangolin :)
Carlou Apr 14 @ 4:13pm 
Okay I'll try it tomorrow, it's 1a.m. where I live.. ^^
Have a good night/day, and thanks a lot for your help!
TPangolin  [author] Apr 14 @ 4:09pm 
Try out chrome or firefox.
Carlou Apr 14 @ 4:06pm 
Internet Explorer.. ^^'
TPangolin  [author] Apr 14 @ 4:05pm 
What browser are you using?
Carlou Apr 14 @ 4:01pm 
Well I was quite sure the problem was coming from my computer : and it is. When I click on the link you've put down here, it ask me : "do you want to open or save attachment.php?"... And I can't read fucking php.. --' Fuck.
Thank you a lot for your time btw, I'll try to find an answer on Internet.
TPangolin  [author] Apr 14 @ 3:56pm 
There is no "php" file anywhere. All of JFD's files are in .rar format.


This link should link directly to an auto download.
Carlou Apr 14 @ 3:34pm 
Doesn't work at all...
I just put the "attachment.php" in the "MODS" folder but nothing changed. I don't know what is .php and I can't read it... All the compatibility patches made by JFD are named "attachment.php". Never seen that before and dunno what to do with it. There's nothing on internet about it... Do you know what to do?
I'm fuckin sorry to disturb you with it but I'm a bit surprise of this ".php" thing, and I would have loved to play with Mexico, Canada and Australia on YnAEMP... Do you think you'll find the time to make these mods compatibles with YnAEMP after adding Parkes 3D leaderhead?

(I would love to use the SDK to mod it myself with YnAEMP mod but I deleted it, I've decided to stop modding, and hovewer I don't have the time.. :\ )
Carlou Apr 14 @ 3:12pm 
Okay thanks mate, I'll try it :)
Btw I read your threads on civfanatics, your projects are awesome. You're with Leugi and ekmek creating gorgeous mod, so keep going !
Hope you'll find out how to sync Bismarck and Parkes voices :)