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Lovely Hairstyles CE
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Jan 26, 2014 @ 10:03am
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Lovely Hairstyles CE

A simple hair mod that features some lore-friendly hairstyles, so know this from start, you won't find any anime/super fantasy hairstyles here. These hairs are suppose to fit in Skyrim world.

Now, it's time for F.A.Q

Q - What is CE?
A - Complete Edition (There's also a LITE edition on Nexus).

Q - How do I use the hairstyles
A - Open up the console "~" and type "showracemenu" without the quotes.

Q - Does the mod replace the NPCs hairstyles?
A - No, it does not. It's fully standalone to use on your character. But who knows...

Q - Are there any MALE hairstyles?
A - Not yet, but I'm planning to bring them.

Q - For what races are these hairstyles usable?
A - All of them except beasts (Khajits/Argonian) the compatibility will be expanded in future.

Q - How's the skin so soft/smooth?
A - The textures are from CBBE v3.2, besides that I'm not using any other mods for face. ENB is also very important.

If you have any ideas, issues or anything else let me know through a comment.

Also the mod can be found on Nexus[www.nexusmods.com]

- CDProjekt for giving the permission to use their assets, as in this case some of the hairstyles are from The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings.
- Thanks to TH3WICK3D1 for his help in some issues
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laujgeek93 May 24 @ 10:00pm 
Doesn't work.
SpitFir377 May 24 @ 6:17pm 
Is it a third Party Mod?
pastorioedilma May 24 @ 12:24pm 
Where do they appear?! Create a player? Is there a code for it?
SeekingExcalibur May 24 @ 11:02am 
It stopped working for me?
Sonicaaron May 23 @ 1:20pm 
It doesn't work.
[SLRAG] gvasvdb May 17 @ 3:24pm 
ghcstprince May 15 @ 9:42am 
Stopped working for all of a sudden.
alexbarnette110 May 6 @ 9:15am 
any chance on some male hair styles in the future?
LuigisPikachu May 1 @ 6:51am 
also, that bob is soooo low qual.
LuigisPikachu May 1 @ 6:51am 
i can't be bothered to see if my question is in here somewhere so, can you select these from the player creator menu at the start of the game?