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Extended Encounters
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Extended Encounters

Spice up the roads of Skyrim with an assortment of new and immersive random events.

What is Extended Encounters?

Extended Encounters adds new types of random encounters to Skyrim. Tired of only seeing Talsgar the Wanderer or Maiq? Wondered why NPCs like Uthgerd or Jenassa never seem to leave the confines of the city? Want to see bandits try to loot the hold capitals? Then try Extended Encounters and see more on the roads of Skyrim.

List of New Encounters

See the Extended Encounters Readme[] for a full list of new encounters.


Q. What patch level is required?
A. None, but you should be running the latest patch.

Q. Do I need Dawnguard, Hearthfire or Dragonborn or plugins like SKSE?
A. No.

Q. Is this mod stable? / compatible with ### / affect performance?
A. None of the events included in this mod should cause your game to crash. This mod is lightweight and the impact on performance is negligible. This mod uses the 'EE_' prefix so the risk of a potential script or quest clash should be low.

Q. Is there more to come?
A. Yes. If you would like to suggest a random event post a comment on Nexus Mods or Steam. For now i'm keeping the random events as pretty simple and balanced as possible.

Q. Will the Silver Hand or Vigilants of Stendarr come after me?
A. The Silver Hand will only come after you if you're a werewolf. The Vigilants of Stendarr will come after you if you're a werewolf or a vampire. Only the Vigilants of Stendarr you meet on the road that are specifically trying to purge you will be hostile to you. Killing these Vigilants should not make other Vigilants hostile to you unless you kill them in proximity to non-hostile Vigilants. The Silver Hand will continue to persue you after you have killed their leader. Curing yourself of lycanthropy will stop these two events from occurring.

Q. This mod seems to put a lot of vanilla followers out in the wild. Won't they get killed?
A. Followers and other unique NPCs included in the random events will be marked as Essential for the duration of the random event. When they return to their normal location their status will be set to what ever it was set to before the random event happened. You don't need to worry about them returning safely; they're scripted to return in much the same way as vanilla encounters.

Q. Will this mod increase dragon encounters?
A. This mod adds the chance of a dual dragon encounter, but the risk of encountering this event is intentionally low.

Q. Doesn't the courier already randomly appear on the road?
A. Yes, but not the courier that delivers letters to you. The courier event was added to help him find you if you have the Provincial Courier Service[] mod by Arthmoor installed. Once he's done he'll run back to his house/scripted to be returned.

Q. This mod doesn't clear up dead bodies spawned in random encounters!
A. Yes it does. It uses the same system as vanilla random encounters, they'll be removed once the random encounter zone is re-armed.

Q. Will this mod affect my current follower?
A. No. Conditions have been added to skip current or dead followers.

Q. Is this mod lore friendly?
A. About as lore friendly as the random encounters in vanilla Skyrim.


Should you come across any problems with the mod, send me a message with the details either on the Skyrim Nexus or send an email to Feel free to make suggestions too.

And if you want a new quest line that adds a new land to explore with its own custom soundtrack feel free to check out my DLC-sized new lands mod:

Nexus Mods[] | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | YouTube | Email
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