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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Jan 25 @ 6:04pm
Jan 30 @ 4:43pm

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Answering some questions
How many players does co-op mode allow?
Two players. Earlier version did support four players, but it was quickly found that it would get too crowded inside buildings. To have to accommodate for good player movement (for evading incoming attacks) the corridors would have to be made much wider.

Could you show some more details about the character creation?
Gladly, be wary of a long answer.
To start of, the character creation feature is available right from the start. In the character selection menu (Of which a screen has been included in the steam greenlight submission) the player simply has to proceed all the way to the right, to the fifth and sixth choice. These two slot are reserved for custom characters. In the current alpha version, you can store two custom characters, however for the final version that number will increase or even simply allow for unlimited custom characters to be stored.

The character creation itself has allot of customization options, which are the following:

Players can enter a 32 character long name for they're character.

You have the option to choose a background story for your character, which will significantly impact the dialog of the game. By default, the background is set to "STRIKER-12 Team-member" where the character is a new recruit going on his/her first mission. This character speaks in military terms and is eager to prove their worth as a soldier.
Other options include:
(in the following scenarios the the World Army didn't have any one close by to respond to the distress call)
Police Officer. One of the top cops of the island police department volunteers to go on the mission.
Retired Navy Seal. While on holiday on the island, trouble arrives, and old habits kick in; forcing this old war horse to go into battle once more.

Also included are deliberately funny background stories:
Pastry Chef. This cake obsessed culinary master is suddenly called upon to investigate the undersea lab, because he is deemed most qualified due to his last scuba diving vacation.
Office Worker. A depressed office worker seeks refuge at the beach after a hard work day, he proclaims his love for the sea; which is overheard by a passing police officer who mistakenly believes that the office worker is a skilled diver. And so the office worker is reluctantly recruited to dive to the undersea lab.

Plus allot more.
Moving on with the character creation options.

Be male or female.

Skin color
Enough options to be any ethnicity.

Eye color
256 colors

Hair style and color
Currently 15 different styles. Short hair, buzzcut, flattop, mullet, ponytail, mohawk, etc.
It should be noted that wearing fully head covering headgear (like a helmet or a hat), will modify the style so it fits with that particular headgear.
Also 256 color options.

Facial hair
For male characters only. Currently 6 different styles. Full beard, goatee, half beard, moustache, etc.
Also 256 color options.

Helmets, Hats, Caps, Bandanna's, Kerchief's, etc.
Most of these have either a fixed color, or a couple of color sets to choice from. Some others like the cap and the bandanna can pick any of the 256 colors.

Face wear
Glasses, Sunglasses, Facemask, Ballistic facemask, Skimask, etc.
Most of these have either a fixed color, or a couple of color sets to choice from. Some others like the facemask can pick any of the 256 colors.

T-Shirts, Sweater, Blouse, Tanktop, Police uniform, Military BDU, etc.
The non-specific clothing like the T-shirt, sweater, blouse and tanktop; can be picked with any of the 256 colors.

Normal pants, Shorts, Skirts, etc.
Also 256 color options.

Two option, regular shoes and boots.
Also 256 color options.

Light ballistic vest, Tactical vest, Dragonskin, etc.
All have fixed colors. It should be noted that while you can add them to you character, they won't be on him/her at the start of the game. Remember the goal of the game is to scavenge and find the equipment you need. Starting of with the best armor would be unfair. It was included in the character creation system to allow player to see what they're character would look like with that equipment.

Extra gear
Backpack, courier bag, bandalier, etc.
Again fixed colors. And like the armor, not available at the start.

Normal belt, belt with holster, belt with two holsters.
Fixed colors.

Full gloves or fingerless gloves.
Also 256 color options.

Leg armor
Kneepads or full leg armor
Again fixed colors. And like the armor and extra gear, not available at the start.

That is it for the appearance portion of the characters. The last part handles the character attributes, which are the following:

Simply the number of hits a character can take before it is game over.

This is the characters skill with light firearms (Pistols, SMGs, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles). It mostly concerns how stable the character can hold the weapon during rapid fire. Lower accuracy means the player will need to control they're firing rate to keep firing straight.

This establishes the character's item carrying capacity, skill with heavy weapons (Magnums, Shotguns and Machine Guns) and also the effect of movement restrictive armor. The stronger you are, the less your effected by the movement restrictions of heavy armor.

The characters movement speed and also weapon switching and reload speed.

What is the name of the artist who did the artwork?
That would be Mikaël Léger; a talented artist hired for the art work in this game.

And the name of the music composer?

(Not asked, but a good follow up for the previous question)
That is Sean Beeson. An excellent composer hired to score the game.

Will the graphics stay like this?
Keep in mind, the footage is from a pre-alpha version of the game. Graphics will be improved for the final version. Especially the "levels"/"ingame world" will get allot more details. The general style will remain the same, a throwback to 16 bit classics.

Will the game be proof read before release?
Yes, before the game is released it will be checked for proper spelling and grammar.

Will there be a demo version available?
Yes, there will be a demo version. Not only a demo for trying the game before purchasing, a demo version of the eventual beta will also be released.

I hope that answers your questions. Feel free to ask more, or even give suggestions for custom background stories, clothing items you'd like to see, etc.
Again thank you all for the support.

Release date: 2015
Following a distress signal from Raccoon Island, the World Army sends in STRIKER-1 to investigate. They learn about a strange energy wave that blacked out a large part of the island's power. It originated from a research facility at the bottom of the ocean. STRIKER-1 collects their supplies and goes in... Follow Colt, Sam, Rocket and Marco as they face the dangers unleashed from the research facility.

STRIKER is a 3/4 top down action/adventure shooter game, similar to the classic top down adventure games from the 16 bit era video games. The classic gameplay elements are combined with modern ones, from game genres as Open World RPGs, Survival Horror’s and First Person Shooters. The game is primarily a shooter game, with survival elements. Weapons, ammo, armor and other equipment are found by exploring the island.

Open World Environment
Following the introduction, the game is a full open world experience. Explore Raccoon Island to its fullest and discover new locations; they may contain necessary resources needed to survive and take on the enemy. Weapons, ammo and other items are placed at logical locations. You won't find military grade weapons in an office building, nor medical supplies at a fast food restaurant.

In-depth Inventory & Equipment Management
With the collected items and supplies, fully customize the equipment you're using. Prefer to be fully armored at the costs of slower movement speed? Equipped an Interceptor heavy body armor, combined with a ballistic face mask, knee-pads and thick gloves; and be a walking tank. Rather be a swift scout? Use a light ballistics vest instead, ditching the headgear and knee-pads; sacrificing armor for speed.
Not only equipment matters, total inventory weight also determines how fast you can move. Use a backpack, a courier bag or other load bearing gear to increase the carrying capacity.

Randomized Problems & Free Choice Story Events
Each new game randomizes the locations, solutions to a problem and even the problem itself. The key for the door that needs to be opened is never in the same location. The code to the armory isn't always 2934. To get the generator running this time around you don't need to refuel it, this time it needs new circuit breakers to work. Each time you play the game it is a new challenge.
At several points in the story you're presented with a major task that needs to be completed; for example getting from one island to the next. To do this you have several options. Take the long bridge network connecting the two islands via smaller islands in between; use the underground train. Or head for the airport and use a helicopter. Each choice takes you to a different part of the island and has you face different challenges.

Full Co-op Campaign
Prefer to play with a friend. Experience the adventure side by side in co-op mode. But be wary; the enemy difficulty increases if you choose to team up.

Up for a challenge? Try Realistic mode.
Ammo now has weight, forcing you to consider what ammo to pick up and which to leave behind.
Health items no longer instantly heal a portion of your health; instead the damaged portion is "bandaged" and heals over time. Untreaded damage causes you to bleed out slowly, leaving limited time to get it patched up.
Keep track of your "Stamina" and "Thirst" levels or you'll start to slow down. Food and drink items no longer give small portions of health, now they replenish stamina and thirst in various degrees.
Beware of weather conditions; staying out in a freezing snow storm and only wearing a tank top and shorts, will drain your stamina levels in no time. Similarly, wearing snow survival gear in a desert has significant effect on your thirst level.
All electronic equipment, including the ever important flashlight and the map providing PDA, uses up electricity. Keep a stock of batteries to ensure you can continue to see in the middle of the night.

Custom Character Creation
Aside the standard four playable characters, you may create your own, complete with a background story of your choice.

Estimated release in 2015

Check out the website:
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Colt  [author] Oct 3 @ 3:38pm 
Thank you all for commenting. All feedback is appreciated.
retonym Oct 2 @ 5:37pm 
i think some people ragging on the graphics in this game don't realize just how much work goes into making all the graphics from scratch-- when you are also doing ALL the programming and ALL of the level design. it's also worth noting that graphics can always be upgraded as long as the base design is there.

for a largely one person indie effort i think this shows a helluva lot of promise and looks fun to play! def upvoted, keep up the good work!
[DB]™Pro_Atikin Sep 8 @ 3:35am 
Намечяется интерестный сюжет
Das Fuchs-Wulf Sep 1 @ 9:14pm 
my eyes hurt
GUAPO ➓ Aug 18 @ 11:45pm 
from someone who loved ptei + ptei2 cant wait to see this one developed! all the best colt!
ljo111004 Jul 22 @ 10:59pm 
custum system is very good
BoxerBlake Jun 30 @ 1:18pm 
It's spelled "Buried" :/
Stafos Jun 22 @ 5:37am 
Good gameplay+8 bit forever the best)
√เק. bLacKouT May 6 @ 1:10pm 
Terrible! vote down!
a donkey Apr 12 @ 1:45pm 
Looking great, my man.