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Insecters War
Jan 25, 2014 @ 10:37am
Nov 13, 2014 @ 10:57am
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Some gifs from game
We're working on Mecha vehicles.
Release date: 2014/5
About the Game
"Insecters War" (name not final) is a 3v3 2D MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game.

After the largest and most devastating biological war on record, human beings have become extinct and alien insects have evolved and morphed at a unfathomably rapid rate to become the apex predator. You play as one of these hybrids armed to the alien teeth with arsenals of high tech weaponry - the battle is on to control the last of the planets vital resources.

"Insecters War" (name not final) will require both skill and strategic expertise. How will you level up? Which load outs will you choose? How will you defend your base? The choice is yours..Learn from victory, learn from defeat..learn from your opponents.

Class Descriptions
  • Vanguard - quick on feet with a melee attack. Shuriken ability can cause Area Of Effect damage, as well as a mini teleport ability using the Shuriken as teleport destination.

  • Engineer - a defence character - can build small turret to help defend points/characters on map as well as lay landmines with limited periods of visibility,

  • Tactical Commander - a powerful character with a bombard ability used to damage a large number of enemies, as well as a health regeneration ability (useable for self or team mates.)

About the Author
Developed over the last 4 years and Winner 2012 Best Technology Award from IGF-China, the team of 2 has most recently become 3 as the team ramps up towards final release.

Future Version
We keep trying our best to make the game more interesting, to the goal that players are fully involved so they embrace every undiscovered victory, hope and surprise. Therefore we will enrich both features and operations in the next version for players to operate the giant war machine and to carry out distinctive tactics in battles. Furthermore we will bring out different missions and goals for people of all kinds to join "Insecters War".

Last but most, Thank you for supporting us!
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