Typical lifespan in dayZ
"Too often mine and mine friends game over like this... :-("
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Obsidian Mar 4 @ 8:39pm 
Your day 4's are usualy my day 3 ._.
Armin 'Lil Thug' Arlert Feb 22 @ 10:01pm 
@Mr. Templar I am near death, and each time I encounter zombies, I got to run a bit to get space and time to pull ax out and chop the hell out of them, lucky to have survived, so don't say that is not true.
Floki Feb 3 @ 12:05pm 
omh yes the ladder omg this is soooo true
GeT_JaCkEd_MaN Feb 1 @ 9:01pm 
Day 2 is false.
Banana@yahol Feb 1 @ 3:59pm 
thats true for me
-GER- Sniper_Virus_Josh Feb 1 @ 1:36pm 
so f****** true
RabidRagdoll1337 Feb 1 @ 11:37am 
So true..
Martin looter king Feb 1 @ 8:41am 
You forgot DayzRule # 23 Don't fuck with the ladders.
ĀĿƧǬṜ Feb 1 @ 2:34am 
A fun game and very entertaining
airtonix Jan 31 @ 10:23pm 
@Daowna, While I understand your point. I'd just like to point out that DayzStandalone is actually created on top of Take On Helicopters. I've never played Take On Helicopters, but I don't think it's a military simulator.

Again, I understand what you're trying to say, but I'm just bein pedantic.