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Hover : Revolt of Gamers
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Created and developed by 3 young independant developers, "Hover : Revolt of Gamers" is a free runner in a futuristic 3D open world.

Between the crazy Jet Set Radio, the interactivity of Mirror's Edge and inspired by films like "The Fifth Element" or "Star Wars", Hover let you play as a Gamer Team from another world, appalled at the dictatorship in their city.

Totally free in a large futuristic open world city and wearing a special high-tech suit offering you the ability to move around unlike anyone, you will have to impress all the Gamers of the City doing crazy Triks and "Parkours" in order to recruit an impressive team and enrole in more serious missions to overthrow the tyranny.

You will have to locate and infiltrate in the control centers of the anti-video games propaganda, free the citizens confined by the authorities, get back the consoles confiscated from the population, andfinally dethrone the new Mayor at the origin of this whole mess. Many security drones are patrolling city so be alert to the risk of being chased, and be prepared to shake off them.

Each Gamer you recruit in your team is playable and the experience gained can be used to upgrade their stats.

You will be able to switch into the multipayer mode just by connecting to a server :
cooperate with other players in missions or challenge them in fully configurable events (for exemple you can create race tracks in real time).

Particulary suitable for the Oculus Rift the game offers an outstanding immersion and completely new dizziness.

Whatever your favorite controllers (keyboard / mouse or joystick) the game is designed for a quick start with a minimum of buttons.
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frost-jack 3 hours ago 
с нетерпением жду игру, надеюсь будет хотябы частичный перевод
jay061996 8 hours ago 
Man I can't wait for this! To me, this is Get Ed the Game
{ANH} CosmosKing 9 hours ago 
Does thi mean its coming out soon!!!
Bunni Dillion 14 hours ago 
{ANH} CosmosKing Apr 20 @ 2:19am 
Oh btw 'ME WANT!!!"
{ANH} CosmosKing Apr 20 @ 2:19am 
From now on whoever that wants this game has to say 'ME WANT!!!' then continue their comment.
Bunni Dillion Apr 19 @ 9:05pm 
i dont even at this game
Nompii Apr 19 @ 2:16pm 
Pixel Lover Apr 17 @ 6:04pm 
this looks so amazing reminds me of tony hawk but mixedwith mirrors edge for perspective. i'm really impressed by how good this game looks for being made by three devs great job guys.