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Jan 23 @ 4:15am
Jun 14 @ 11:04pm
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Competetive Co-op and Conquest Mode Progression Update #36
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This is all free. So don't hesitate to sign up! Right now we have DLC for ReVeN: X-Bridge that gives you 200 Red Gems. For those of you who have played the Beta you know how much those red gems can come in handy. You can play the Beta by clicking the link below. :)

We would also like to mention that both the Varia Games Home site and the ReVeN website have been remade. They should be a lot easier to navigate.

-Team Varia
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Release date: Early 2015-2016
Pre-Order your copy today or help support us!!store--reven-game/c6xq

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Main Character sprite gets a new paint job!

Animation and Visual Update! 06/12/2014

is a 2D shooter/platformer EVOLVED that will take you back to the good old days of classics like Metroid and Mega man while adding gameplay twists using our EDM system to add RPG elements that can be found in Crysis and Deus Ex. The Game is set in the future on a beautiful and atmospheric planet: XR-Keres. The theme of the game is duality. The planet's outer beauty only shrouds the ominous terrors that await within its depths. As you explore the world you will uncover many secrets and unravel the mystery on what happened to the terraforming colony that resided on Nexum Station.

ReVeN offers a gameplay mechanic that is inspired by RPGs. This mechanic is called the Energy Divergence Module (EDM). The EDM allows the player to divert energy real time to any of the four parts of SyReks body (Weapons, Shielding, Mobility, and Sensors) taking power cores from one system and shifting them into another to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. Want a more powerful weapon? Take energy from your movement speed and increase your damage! Losing health too quickly? Become a tank by increasing your shield power! We want the player to set up their "stats" the way they want to play, but leave them with the ability to change them on the fly. The gameplay balance is in fact that the player must lose energy in one system to overpower another. However, the world is riddled with power cores, many of which are off the beaten path. Find them all to become the ultimate weapon.

Another feature is the crafting of SyRek's abilities from minerals found while digging through the games expansive world. This adds a great deal of exploration and replayability as there will be many secrets and easter eggs throughout the game. The Player will have to make some semi-permanent decisions on which abilities to construct. While there is nothing stopping the player from unlocking both tiers of abilities within a category, it may be worth balancing their other abilities first. Mining areas and minerals are procedurally generated and "reset" every time the player leaves the area. This ensures that the player will always be able to collect enough minerals to construct essential abilities, and also adds replayability to these sections

Depending on how well ReVeN's Kickstarter goes will will be able to add expansions to the games such as Online Multiplayer and Unique Online Cooperative Modes. Please, Help us reach our Funding Goal to make this game a reality. Thank you to all of you that gave our game a thumbs up!

-Sincerely Team Varia

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Angry Video Game Noob Aug 10 @ 5:33am 
Early access?!
variagamesllc  [author] Aug 9 @ 7:37pm 
Surprise everyone! We just released ReVeN: XBridge! A prequel to ReVeN. It is in its beta so their are some features that aren't available just yet. XBridge takes the form of a topdown cosmic space shooter that has you flying in SyReks Ship (The X-Saber) Take a look!

X-Bridge will take you through events that happen right before ReVeN. You will be introduced to pivotal characters and play through key events that lead the story to where it all begins in ReVeN.

-Team Varia
NightCurseX Jul 6 @ 1:02pm 
any chance of an beta release or an early acces this year?
Angry Video Game Noob Jul 1 @ 5:07pm 
Похудевший Боб и пополневший Джей встряхнут рынок Метрований!
variagamesllc  [author] Jun 15 @ 7:13pm 
We can't wait to show everyone of you more of whats to come! :)
atcpenguin Jun 15 @ 7:04pm 
Ok then, I fully retract my comment. This game looks really cool and Iwill most definately be purchasing it!
variagamesllc  [author] Jun 14 @ 10:33pm 
@atcpenguin: We are giving the player the option to swap abilities through the menu or in real time without pausing. If we had swapped abilities outside of the menu then no one would have been able to follow what was going on in the video. :)
atcpenguin Jun 14 @ 12:29am 
This seems really cool, but it seems like there is a lot of sifting through menus to activate abilities. I'm not a huge fan of that
Nightwing Jun 6 @ 5:49am 
Metroid Fusion 2014
Rockmer Jun 1 @ 4:05pm 
when it's ready