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Alpha Centauri Civilizations
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Alpha Centauri
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Choose from 7 Civilizations drawn from the futuristic Alpha Centauri game.

Each faction has unique units and buildings, and traits that reflect their ideological inclinations. Almost all the uniques are activated post-Renaissance, so this is an ideal mod to use with advanced start options. To extend the playable eras, I recommend Beyond the Future.

The Lord's Believers (Sister Miriam Godwinson)
* Trait: Promised Land [Expansion/Religion]
* Building: Conclave (Public School)
* Unit: Fanatic (Great War Infantry)
The Spartan Federation (Colonel Corazón Santiago)
* Trait: Will to Power [Conquest]
* Building: Command Center (Military Base)
* Unit: Hippeis (Paratrooper)
Morgan Industries (Nwabudike Morgan)
* Trait: Profit Motive [Economy]
* Building: Assembly Plant (Factory)
* Building: Energy Bank (Stock Exchange)
Gaia's Stepdaughters (Lady Deirdre Skye)
* Trait: Friend of Planet [Nature/Culture]
* Building: Hydroponics Lab
* Improvement: Eco-Preserve
* Unit: Ecologist (Great Scientist)
The Human Hive (Chairman Sheng-Ji Yang)
* Trait: Police State [Defense/Production]
* Building: Perimeter Defense (Walls)
* Unit: Hover Tank (Tank)
University of Planet (Academician Prokhor Zakharov)
* Trait: Matrix of Minds [Science]
* Building: Network Node
* Building: Bio Lab (University)
* Unit: Needlejet (Bomber)
Peacekeeping Forces (Commissioner Pravin Lal)
Trait: Peace through Diplomacy [Defense/Influence]
* Building: Hab Headquarters (Broadcast Tower)
* Unit: Troopfoil (Mobile SAM)

Requirements and Compatibility
* Gods & Kings Expansion required, Brave New World Expansion optional.
* This mod assumes there have been few changes to the base tech tree, buildings and units. Playing with mods that significantly alter these aspects of the game may cause conflicts.

How do I use this?
* See this guide.

Why doesn’t the mod show up in the mods selection list?
*Best fix:
1. Navigate to C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS
2. Create a new file in MODS called Alpha Centauri Civs and move the alpha centauri civilizations (v.1).civ5mod file to it.
3. Right click the alpha centauri civilizations (v.1).civ5mod file and rename it to alpha centauri civilizations (v.1).zip
4. Unzip the file into the Alpha Centauri Civs folder.

How do I use this with a Mac?
See this CivFanatics forum thread[forums.civfanatics.com] for help on enabling mods.
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[RAID]Nazgul Sep 15 @ 12:58pm 
@framedarchitecture Thanks for the feedback, wanted to point it out. Glad you're still working on the mod. Love it, its the only thing tiding me over till Beyond Earth comes out.
framedarchitecture  [author] Sep 15 @ 4:13am 
@[RAID]Nazgul Thanks for the reminder on these issues. I've fixed a lot of the problems commenters reported below but just haven't uploaded my most recent version yet. Maybe I can get to that soon.
[RAID]Nazgul Sep 14 @ 6:23pm 
Bug note, When playing morgan industries (BNW) It says that "The Lord's Believers cannot take Rationality" on the culture tree and also when I built 3 Assembly Plants it did not trigger ideology selection.
FulhamTarheel Sep 14 @ 6:55am 
Quite good! Thank you!
perseus050783 Aug 9 @ 8:29am 
I would love to have a Alpha Centauri Tech-Tree. Would make the AC Mod a lot better i guess.
dstrelek Jul 27 @ 5:38pm 
Just finished playing this along with the map. I thouroughly enjoyed it. I played the University, and I did come across the glitch with the needle jets, but other than that, everything worked fine. I like the scarcity of strategic resources. City state control becomes HUGE. I will try a game of this later without any city states at all...should be a real challenge to get enough resources to stay strong enough to compete.
framedarchitecture  [author] Jun 25 @ 8:27pm 
@zArkham4269 Thanks for the reminders on the issues with these civs special abilities and units. I'll be updating soon with fixes.
zArkham4269 Jun 20 @ 6:31pm 
Not only is the eco-preserves not working, but a city built with an ecologist doesn't get a hydroponics bay anymore.

This is just weird given how most of the mods I've used before really haven't changed.
Doctor670 Jun 12 @ 12:51pm 
Correction, for me every unique unit is the spearmen, and the needlejet just is glitchy. The needlejet wont go to sleep, it wont attack cities or workers, and it lands in the spot it killed land or water unit and dissapears the next turn.
Doctor670 Jun 12 @ 7:52am 
I had noticed that when I play the hive, the hover tanks do not render as tanks at all, but as spearmen.