War of the Human Tanks

War of the Human Tanks

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Achievements of a Human Tank (100%)
By Jedo and 1 collaborators
Guide Status: Complete

Update 1: Laid out about 60% of the foundation for the guide.

I published this guide early in case anyone would like to assist in providing information and/or screenshots, videos, or anything else that might prove useful for this 100% achievement guide.

Update 2: Finished 60/61 of the guide. I have no idea what I missed.

Update 3: Found that Waldo of achievements. Guide is complete! This guide is open to suggestions for improvements!
Message to the Publishers & Developers
Thank you Yakiniku Oh! Yeah![yakiniku-banzai.com] for creating this game and even more thanks to Fruitbat Factory[fruitbatfactory.com] for helping localize interesting Japanese games.

You guys are awesome!

Episode Achievements - 22
This set of achievements are rewarded for completing episodes/chapters in the game.

You will gain them all naturally if you are going for all 4 endings.

I suggest following Equitas Invictus' 4 Endings guide for this.


By going for the Miou endings first, you can get the following 12 achievements.. Find Your Calling Complete Episode 1: "Daihon'ei Unfrozen" Amasson Regular Complete Episode 2: "Imperial-Capital Conquering Regiment" Trainspotter Complete Episode 3: "Attack the Armored Train!" Tourist Complete Episode 4: "Defeat the Conspiracy and Conquer Castle Matsumoto" Deep Blue Complete Episode 5: "The Blue Sea and the New Tank" Sea of Flames Complete Episode 6: "The General from Hell" Old Acquaintances Complete Episode 7: "Under the Flag from the Past" Major Leaguer Complete Episode 8: "Annihilate All Stray Tanks" Snow Man Complete Episode 9: "Operation: White Wall" When They Cry Complete Episode 10: "Conquer the Northern Area" The Last Samurai Complete Episode 11: "Infiltrate the Nagoya Tower" Radio Head Complete Episode 12: "What the Sword is for"

You get Radio Head whether you win or lose "What the Sword is for". The next scenario will be based on Episode 12's results. The next 2 achievements relate to the Miou endings.

If you lose, you will be on the path to..

A Wish Fulfilled
Complete Episode 13: "Miou Liberation Front"

If you win, you'll be set for..

The General
Complete Episode 13: "Charge! Human Tanks"


These 3 achievements are part of the Kurara path:
Black Death Complete Episode 9: "Kurara Iikura Strikes Back" Almost Human Complete Episode 10: "The Meow-Meow Naval Battle" Ties of Compassion Complete Episode 12: "The End of the Decisive Battle in Shinjuku"

The next 2 achievements relate to the Kurara endings.

The True Enemy
Complete Episode 13: "The Daihon'ei Rebel Unit"

True Enemy requires you to lose Episode 07 (Shadow from the Past).

A Regal Reception
Complete Episode 13: "The Will to Fight"

Regal Reception can requires you to lose 2 battles (Episode 07 needs to be one of them). As Equitas Invictus mentioned, this can be combined with..

Satou's Boot Camp of Hell
Complete Episode 5: "Pass Satou's Test"

..by losing Episode 02 (Imperial-Capital Conquering) or the battle for Yumishirogahara).


The End of the War As We Know It
Finish War of the Human Tanks

You'll get this during the first time you complete the game.

War of the Human Tanks
For Those Who Saw It All

This achievement requires you to see all endings. These 4 endings are all tied to the Episode 13 achievements.
(New Game only) Achievements - 2
These achievements are supposed to be obtained on a fresh game (NOT New Game+).

The only truly problematic achievement here is Nice Kitty. I strongly suggest rushing through your first playthrough (disregard heavy farming) in order to beat the game once and unlock the BONUS maps. One of the bonus maps will allow you to farm the crates necessary to gear up against Mr. Cat (at 300-400k per win).

The following achievements CANNOT be obtained in Free Battle.

Win the Battle for Yumishirogahara Before 5 Minutes Elapse (New Game only)

In order to get this achievement, you need a Shock Tank equipped with a Daisy Bomb. Place the Shock Tank on the top-left cell (X10 Y12) and when it gets a turn, move it NW diagonally (X09 Y11) then detonate the Daisy Bomb.

Not the Brightest Pea in the Pod
Win the Battle for Matsumoto Railway Without Using Battery Tanks (New Game Only)

Once again you can use a Daisy Bomb for this achievement. The simplest way is to just detonate the bomb on as large of a portion that you can get to and then pick the rest off with Assault Tanks. You can actually take the entire train out if you detonate on the middle of the train (although it's a hassle to pull off).

** For the Nice Kitty achievement, see the Detour Achievements section.
Detour Achievements - 4
A Tankless Job Defeat the... Tank? Think Tank Defeat the Tank-Model Tank

The 2 achievements above are rewarded for taking the first detour on Episode 10.

You will get A Tankless Job if you are following the Kurara path or Think Tank if you are following the Miou Path.

Nice Kitty
Defeat Mr. Cat (New Game Only)

No More Mr. Nice Cat
Defeat Mr. Cat

Mr. Cat's scenario is in the second detour at Episode 11.

In order to beat this on New Game (not NG+), you will have to invest around 4.1 million crates.
  • 1m to develop Curry (200k to develop and assemble Cola to enable development of Curry)
  • 300k to develop Radiotoxic Bomb (minor amount of crates to develop and assemble Daisy Bomb)
  • 2m to assemble 2 Curry for your 2 Gonta (or the shock tank before it)
  • 600k to assemble 2 Radiotoxic Bomb for your 2 Gonta

You will need to have 2 5-speed shock tanks equipped with Curry and a Radiotoxic Bomb each. Once ready, set up your shock tanks according to the screenshots below.

You need to take advantage of mid-battle saves (top right 'pause' button) in order to kill all Anti-tank Cats in 2 turns. Make sure to save before executing the turn.

Battle Achievements (Part 1) - 14
This segment of achievements cover everything related to battle (assembly, kills, etc).

Win a Battle Without Losing a Single Unit

Self-explanatory. You get this naturally when playing by the book or farming wipeouts.

Kill Five Enemy Tanks in a Single Attack

Easy achievement. This becomes easier to achieve further into the story due to higher tier tanks' AoE (Area of Effect) capabilities. You can also get this quite early on by using the Daisy Bomb (see Sherlock achievement).

Blindfire Destroy 25 Enemy Units Without Seeing Them First Shut-In Collect 1.000.000 Crates from Battles Choko Assemble 100 Tanks Unstoppable Force Achieve a Massive Victory Liselotte Win 25 Massive Victories Shoutaro Fight 50 Battles Terminator Destroy 500 Enemy Tanks Blitzkrieg Achieve Ten Speed Bonuses Scorched Earth Achieve Three Wipeouts
All of these achievements are gained over time.
  • Crates - the amount you can farm gets much larger as you get further along the story.
  • Massive Victories - earned for having a large advantage over your enemy (number-wise)
  • Wipeouts - earned for completely destroying the other team (farmable; see All for One for easiest method)
  • Speed Bonuses - earned for winning fast (see Sherlock for easiest and earliest method)

Purple Heart
Ensure a Safe Return for at Least 12 Wounded Units

A unit is considered wounded if one of its cells is damaged. Just keep winning while keeping multi-cell tanks alive after they have been hit in order to add to this achievement.

All for One Kill All Enemies by Using the Same Unit This achievement is easy to get in Yumishirogahara by using any highly modded aoe unit (Cat/Heshiko/etc). One for All Kill at Least One Enemy Tank Using Each of Your Tanks in a Battle You can combine this with Superior Intel.
Originally posted by Asdfplaya:
All for One, One for All and Superior Intel can all be done simultaniously by only using heshiko in the first battle
Battle Achievements (Part 2) - 5
Lord of Flies
Successfully Intercept 10 Attacks

The best map to get this achievement is 'Carpet'. Keep in mind that Interceptors only prevent Barrage attacks. (thanks everyone for clearing this up)

Big Bang
Achieve a Wipeout Using Only Shock Tank Attacks

There are several ways to do this. One of them is by playing the bomb map with 2 5-speed shock tanks (one of them equipped with a Daisy Bomb). The idea is to use mid-battle saves to make sure you get the most 'bang for your bomb'. Use 1 shock tank to detonate the bomb on the closest enemies. Use the other shock tank to force a Hachi to detonate near its teammates.

Check out YdenMkII's video on this method:


Superior Intel
Win a Battle Using Only Heshiko

This is an easy achievement to get if you use +Target Area and +Shooting Range on Heshiko (or any op module really). Just shoot at the general location of the commander in Yumishirogahara (the easiest free battle map) and you'll get the achievement.

Scout's Honor
Kill Five Enemy Units with a Scout Tank in a Single Battle

I recommend doing this achievement with Koharu due to her superior stats.

Sword of the Samurai
Win a Battle Using Only Melee Attacks

Another easy achievement. Just equip +Target Area modules on Sekigahara and lay waste to Yumishirogahara.
Research Achievements - 9
These achievements simply require crate farming to obtain.

** It's impossible to develop Koharu or finish the Assault research line before fighting Mr. Cat on new game (not new game+) since you need Sekigahara to get them. **

Easy Crate Farming:

These 2 maps are unlocked on NG+

Free Battle Map - Colosseum #26 - Killing off your commander nets you 300k each loss.

Originally posted by Asdfplaya:
level 26 300k even if you lose
and you even have the bonus level if you start a new game after finishing the game(100%/all 4 endings)

Free Battle Map - Carpet #25 - Killing off your commander nets you 200k each loss.

Originally posted by h4:
use carpet (#25) imho. place heshiko in front of the enemy melee so she dies quickly. or if you have a high speed unit, use it to execute heshiko and end the battle faster. minimum 200k for doing nothing.

To farm crates for 'New Game only', you'll want to finish the game once first to unlock the Bomb map. See Big Bang achievement for YdenMkII's video on farming this map.

Girl Scout
Complete Scout Research Line

Supreme Commander
Complete Command Research Line

Shock And Awe
Complete Shock Research Line

Steady Does It
Complete Barrage Research Line

Complete Interceptor Research Line

Cookie Cutter
Complete Assault Research Line

Develop the Infinite-Range Battery

Develop the Smart Radar

A Slight Advantage
Develop 30 Modules
Free Battle Achievements - 4
This next set of achievements are gained from beating certain Free Battle Maps.

The Cat Came Back
Defeat a Horde of Cats

This is a harder version of the detour scenario with Mr. Cat. You will be rewarded with 'Cat Ears' upon winning the battle (it allows your unit to mimic the Cat's parameters).

The best advice I have heard so far (and that I personally tried as well), is to try 3 Gontas with the Radiotoxic Bomb+Curry and have a back-up line of Line-mons/cats/etc.

I detonated the leftmost Gonta to wipe out the immedate threats and then moved my 2 remaining shock tanks 1-2 cells forward (remember to save in case you miss or get killed randomly). Once the cats have finished hitting air, I proceed to detonate the last 2 Gonta to cut down the enemy's numbers further.

With all your Gontas gone, you just need to pick off the remaining cats using your back line. Having Tank GPS (+3 sight) x2 on your Commander helps a ton.

See screenshots below for a few examples on what I just mentioned.

Clear Fruit Bat Bonus Maps

The 2 Fruit Bat bonus maps are 'Fruitbat Outbreak' and 'Fruitbat Invaders'.

The first map requires you to kill all enemy commanders using only 1 commander. I suggest doing Kurara's route combined with Satou's lessons (see Episode Achievements) because it unlocks an upgraded Heshiko later into the story.

If you also managed to complete The Cat Came Back, you can equip Cat Ears to make your Heshiko even more powerful and therefore make the first map easier. Just use a +sight module and play safe while going through the left side and killing everything you see. Never rush in too deep and make full use of your sight to pick off enemies that can't reach you.

As far as the second map goes, 'Fruitbat Invaders' just throws a bunch of Gontas at you that can catch you off-guard if you proceed without caution. It's not too hard but you have to take into account that there are a massive number of them. Just make sure to deploy all your units and go with Line-mons/cats because you'll need fast-moving units to counter Gonta Invaders.

(Map 1)

(Map 2)

Meat Grinder
Overcome Megumi's Counterattack

One of the Colosseum maps will be described as Megumi's counterattack. Beat it and you'll get the achievement. Watch out for cats!

Optional: Wiping out one side of the map of a Gonta will make this battle go quicker but it's not really necessary to win. Just stick to using Cats gained from the detour scenario and Line-mons.

Check out Equitas Invictus' video on this battle:


Alter Ready
Receive a Special Token

This achievement is obtained for beating all Colosseum maps in order (top to bottom). You'll be notified with 'Special Save Data Created!' if you get it.

All maps are essentiall the same. Expect cats. The only difference is a slight change in layout each time and slightly harder difficulty.
Miscellaneous Achievements - 1
A Royal Treat
Equip a Command Tank with Curry and Cola

It costs 2.2 million crates to get this achievement.
  • 200k to research and assemble Cola
  • 2m to research and assemble Curry
Contributors & Sources
Special Thanks goes to...
  • Equitas Invictus
  • YdenMkII
  • Asdfplaya
  • h4
  • gomerzillmer
  • Jhonis

Thank you all for helping create this guide!


advice regarding cats

various questions regarding the game


random questions regarding NG+
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Konato_K Jan 10, 2016 @ 11:48am 
As said, you don't need Curry, Cola is enough (possible even not needed if you're sure you can survive the first attcks) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG18X_CVRQU

@S.A.W. That's hardcore .-.
S.A.W. Jan 3, 2016 @ 9:55am 
Annihilated cats with 14 gontas equipped with daisy bomb, so... if you love pain in the ass, you'll love this tactic
Konato_K Dec 4, 2015 @ 8:51pm 
You do not need Curry for the Detour achievement of Mr. Cat, I managed to kill it with Cola and the Radiotoxic Bomb, it's way cheaper, of course, it's still bound to trial and error, I recommend saving beforing sortying since the cats seem to be and attack in different places all the time.
CPT. Dansko Valentine Oct 9, 2015 @ 2:44pm 
Hello there, just thought I should throw this in here for a moment.
I'm having a lot of trouble defeating Mr. Cat on NewGame+. I set up my shock tanks exactly as the pictures specify, both of which have curry and a radioactive bomb (after a lot of grinding) And yet whenever I send them out and detonate them, they don't kill all of the cats.
I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or not. If I try to add more units, they always end of dying before I have a chance to send them out.
I'd appreciate it if someone could lend me some advice with this.
The Festive Potato Aug 28, 2015 @ 8:34am 
I got alter ready just by beating map 28, I did not beat any of the other collosum maps, as far as im concerned. It even says you will get something special for beating it, im pretty sure you just have to beat map 28.
jimreynold2nd Jul 29, 2015 @ 12:32pm 
For "Not the Brightest Pea in the Pod", a cheaper way is to field just Aoba's, since they're cheap (with maybe 1-2 Tsubasa if you have money). I did that with first try and no grinding. It's really cheaper than trying to get daisy bombs.
ZenTori Mar 17, 2015 @ 12:36pm 
For the Nice Kitty achievement, because the cats can spawn in two different sets of locations, you need to move the left Gonta three spots to the right to make sure the radiotoxic bomb can hit them all if the cats don't spawn in the locations in your screenshots.


The right Gonta can still hit three of them, so that doesn't need to be changed.
-.- Feb 9, 2015 @ 1:04pm 
Mr Cat Returns becomes rather easy if you go through the game 9 times to get 9 cats and use them in the battle.
Rod the rocket Stewart Feb 6, 2015 @ 11:53am 
Got 100% following guide. Nice Cat (New Game Only) took me 1.5 hours to get on a new save in case anyone is wondering, that's with me being relatively slow. I had to do it twice (reload) since it bugged, same with the Megumi achievement.
Tämbda Feb 5, 2015 @ 9:26am 
Btw, how do I unlock new colosseum maps? I only have 2 at the moment..