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Using PoE.XYZ Effectively
By Teliko
Image-accompanied guide on the fastest way to trade using
Chrome Omnibox
As you begin to start dedicating a lot of your time to PoE, you begin to learn the importance of trading. is an incredibly important resource for this as you can organise quick and simple purchases or sales in a matter of seconds and don’t need to dedicate time to advertising your items constantly, and can avoid in-game public trade chats altogether. But there’s always things that can be done to make it faster.

As some of you may know, you can customise the Chrome Omnibox to personalise keywords for searching websites without actually having to visit it first. For example, you could search the PoE subreddit for a post about currency by simply typing “rpoe currency” in to the Omnibox, or whatever acronym you wanted. This becomes slightly less simple with because their search forms are inconsistent. When you typically search a website, you’ll see your keywords in the URL. We need the location of that keyword to properly use the search engine shortcut, else it has no way of knowing what you’re searching for. xyz’s search forms seem to have absolutely no relevance to your query.

I’m not sure why it redirects to this, but it confuses the Omnibox and gives it the incorrect default search form, causing the shortcut method to work incorrectly.

So, lets fix it. First of all, right click your Omnibox and select “Edit search engines…”

There’ll be two sections, one listed “Default search settings” and the second “Other search engines”. Scroll down through the second section until you reach It’s listed alphabetically by the left-most column. Alternatively, hold Control and press F to bring up the page search and simply type “poe” without quotations, and you’ll be brought straight to it. If you still can't find it or have never used before, you can scroll down to the very bottom and add the new search engine manually.

The left column is the name of the search engine, the centre column is your desired shortcut for using in the Omnibox, so in this case, you could use something like poe or xyz. Completely your choice. The right column is the search form you’ll be submitting your request to. By default, it’s listed as “”, which is incorrect. %s is where your keyword will be entered after submitting a query, so in this case, if you were to search for the item “The Searing Touch”, it would tell to search for items listed in Domination after the dates of The Searing Touch, because it says &time= instead of &name=.

So by now, you’ve realised how to fix it, but there’s still more we can do. For example, when I use, I usually just want a trade as quickly as possible, so I usually search for buyout only trades listed by online members only. Instead of having to check those boxes every time we visit the website, we can include them in to our search engine. To find buyout only users, simply add &buyout=on, and for online, &online=on.

You’ll also want to change the default league based on what league you play on, so simply change the league=Domination accordingly.

So, because I play on Nemesis, I want users who are online and listed buyouts, my full search url is going to be Simply replace the URL that was already listed before with this one, make sure you added your desired shortcut, and click done. Now you’re ready to go. I use the shortcut xyz, so I type “xyz the searing touch” in to my Omnibox, and this is the result.

Simply hit enter and it’ll redirect you to its seemingly randomly generated URL for your desired query.
There are two methods you can go by in Firefox. The easiest is to just go to XYZ[] and first select the specific information you want such as online only, buyout only, max/min affixs etc. Make sure you also set the correct league. Once your preferences are set, scroll back up to "Name" and right click the field. Scroll down to "Add a Keyword for this Search..." (Or press K).

Set the name to something you'll remember, and then set the keyword to your desired shortcut for accessing that trade from the address bar, so something like poe or xyz.

Save it and then go up to your address bar and simply type your keyword followed by your desired item. (Credit to Kalos for this info)

If you'd like to change the keyword at any time, the search will be saved in your bookmarks as whatever name you gave it. If you want to change the specific search information, you'll need to create a new search.

The second method is the use of the addon Omnibar[] which basically replicates the Chrome Omnibox, so the Chrome guide above will still apply to you.
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kazanma Feb 17, 2014 @ 10:36pm 
Thanks for the guide! I used it for other sites as well.
D7eema Jan 23, 2014 @ 3:59am 
Nice work man .
NovaKiller Jan 21, 2014 @ 7:08am 
A feature i completly forgot about on Chrome, this helped me in 2 ways then. Thanks :D